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 Dark Souls 2 Review and Gameplay
Grueling, Difficult, and Epic

2. Characters

Here you meet Lucatiel resting by a bonfire

One thing you will quickly notice as you venture forth in Drangleic is that there is an extreme lack of friendly NPC’s. The game does an excellent job of truly conveying the loneliness and despair of all those afflicted with the undead curse. You last for an indefinite amount of time before you lose your mind and go hollow. You can postpone the progress of the curse by consuming humanity, although humanity can only be taken from others. So it’s no wonder that people are hostile and reserved.

You do run into a few allies early on though. There is a blacksmith, the Emerald Herald, a couple of other merchants, and all of the covenant holders. Some of the characters that you meet will become very dear to you and you’ll get to follow their journeys throughout Drangleic. A great example is Lucatiel of Mirrah. She is like Solaire from the first game. You’ll encounter her several times throughout the game and follow her as she loses her memory and struggles with the curse.

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