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 Dark Souls 2 Review and Gameplay
Grueling, Difficult, and Epic

3. Character Customization

You can choose to be a powerful wizard if you want too

Unlike many other games, you really can play Dark Souls however you want. If you want to go without weapons and punch your way to victory, you can do that… Although it’ll probably take a while. The thing about this game is that you can create any type of character and wear whatever equipment you feel like.

Traditionally there are a few different set builds. There is strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith builds which all excel in different areas. However, as you level up you can choose to create whatever kind of hybrid you want, and it will always be viable.

As long as you're skilled enough at dodging or blocking you can play any way you'd like

The character creation is very detailed as well. You get to not only pick race, gender, and starting class, but you can zoom in on your characters face and body and change even the smallest features. This allows you to create both beautiful and… not so beautiful characters.

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