Black Desert Online Is Currently the MMORPG with Top Level Graphics in the Market

Black Desert Online Graphics RPG MMORPG next Gen visually appealing games like World of Warcraft
Black Desert Online is a visually impressive artistic masterpiece that sets the new standard for MMORPG’s

Incredible graphics finally find their way to the MMO arena

I have long said that the real drawback for MMORPG’s is that you need the games to last, while being accessible to as many people as possible. Usually that means visual quality takes a back seat on gameplay but Black Desert Online proves that no longer need be the case.

Graphics showcase in Black Desert Online

Featuring next generation lighting that is beautifully optimized for PC along with stunning depth of field and high res 4k textures, Black Desert Online offers us one of the most beautiful RPG games ever made.

So what is Black Desert Online about?

Black Desert Online is set in a medieval inspired, high fantasy world where the player is accompanied at all times by their black spirit. This creature takes many forms and functions as a constant companion to the player who is forced to choose their side in the midst of an epic conflict between the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia.

But it’s not just about a good story or quality graphics, how does BDO hold up in PvP and raid gameplay? Well, like most games developed in Asia gameplay is king and BDO has paid special attention to the features necessary to bring this world to life. From complex and robust character creation, to Assassin’s Creed style parkour, almost 0 loading time and a unique weather system BDO provides an incredibly immersive experience that players will love.

So How Big is Black Desert Online?

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell at this stage just how many people are playing MMO games anymore as it has become industry practice for developers to keep those figures close to their chest. However, it is possible with a bit of clever detective work to come up with a guess.

Black Desert Online raked in over $12 million on release alone and seems to have only grown as servers continue to expand and the player base remains healthy and engaged. Based on that we could assume that the number of players for BDO are somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.

These numbers are quite interesting, and suggest another trend that is taking place in the MMO world, while WoW continues to lose players other games are growing. Meaning that if you asked around, you would likely find many previous Warcraft players not taking to the battlefields of Black Desert Online to enjoy the host of new features that the game can provide in its sandbox style, heavily explorable open world.

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