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XCOM 2 (2016)

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20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aliens rule the planet. XCOM have gone into hiding and most of its members have left behind their past or submitted to alien rule.

Assume the role of a commander, who has been awakened from an alien stasis, along with his allies to try and regain control over Earth. XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactics game and will allow the commander to direct his squad in battles against the alien enemy to retake Earth. 

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Harley's picture

Harley 5 years 1 month ago

I don't understand why everyone thinks that XCOM 2 is bad. I think that it is much better than its predecessors. I can understand that it is annoying when you only have a limited amount of time to complete an objective but that is not a whole reason to dislike a game. I honestly love this game. There is more diversity in XCOM 2 than in XCOM: Enemy Within or XCOM: Enemy Unknown. They may have taken meld out but they added "supplies" and "Intel". There are more mission types too. The sectoids being more evolved and "Thinmen" turning into Vipers add more back story to the aliens invading Earth. Despite what everybody says, I recommend this game to any casual gamer.

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