Dying Light

Dying Light game rating
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Dying Light (2015)

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Judged by: 34 gamers
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A virus outbreak threatens the existence of an entire city. In between this, a huge conspiracy is taking place. With very little resources, a warlord and tons of infected, it has become a nightmare. Who will you serve, as the city is going into turmoil?

Play as Kyle Crane, an undercover agent, sent to Harran in order to recover a very sensitive file. But the agency is hiding something from him. Through his stay in Harran, he must decide where his loyalties lie!

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Benaldo's picture

Benaldo 2 years 2 days ago

Great game, Here's hoping DL-2 will be as good as the first!

Belwolf's picture

Belwolf 3 years 4 months ago

Parkour around a massive open-world completing quests to help the poor survivors of the outbreak. Customize your gear to deal with hoards of infected however you see fit. Either fights them off with a massive two-handed weapon or fly off and avoid the fights all together with your grappling hook. Invite your friends for an awesome multiplayer experience and enable night hunter for a thrilling competitive experience after the sun goes down.

lucedere's picture

lucedere 7 years 6 months ago

This game brings new experience to parkour and zombie survival games. Must have.

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