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  Initial Encounter The Aesir God of Light, Baldur... Read More
    15. Kratos Vs. Poseidon, God of the Sea (G.O.W III... Read More
Baldur's Gate 2 Best Builds
5. Kensai / Thief Read More
Jon Irenicus, Sorcerer extraordinaire
15. Chromatic Orb (Wizard Spell) This spell creates a magical... Read More
Baldur's Gate 2 Best Companions
10. Yoshimo How to get Yoshimo (YouTube) Yoshimo is a... Read More
Baldur's Gate 2 All Classes
1. Warrior - Fighter “Me axe be bloody ready!” Korgan Bloodaxe... Read More
Baldur's Gate 2 Best Weapons
10. Taralash “Taralash was a hunter renowned for his ability... Read More
God of War, Baldur. Boss, Trolls. Weak, Tough, Strong, Hard, Easy, Sigrun, Valkyries
Not All Bosses Are Made Equal. PS4's God of War is known... Read More
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