[Top 10] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes To Sell

Let him cook. Then let him sell too. No, this isn't Breaking Bad, this is Hyrule.

Top 10 Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes to Sell

When it comes to the mountain of opportunities Hyrule provides you with in order to earn rupees, you may not expect cooking recipes to be in the running for one of the best Rupee making methods in the game. As surprising as it may be, in order to rake in the Rupees of Hyrule, you may want to keep the fire lit under the cooking pot. Let’s talk about the best recipes you can create to sell for rupees, and trust me, you’ll be turning a serious profit.


Number 10: Sunny Steamed Meat

Need something to brighten your day?

Starting off our list with a bright entry. Sunny Steamed Meat is a simple and easy recipe, it may even be one you have made already. You’ll earn 120 Rupees for selling this recipe. The majority of these ingredients can actually be found in the tutorial area, The Great Sky Island. So if you’re looking for a quick way to make some decent Rupees after reaching the surface of Hyrule, you’re in luck here! Here’s what you’ll need in order to craft this recipe:

  • One Raw Gourmet Meat.
  • 4 Sundelions.

Yes, that’s it. The hardest ingredient to acquire is going to be the Raw Gourmet Meat, but even that is relatively easy to find. You’re just going to have to explore mountains or snowy areas until you encounter a larger animal, like a Bear, a Snow Fox, a Wolf, or a Moose. Once you defeat one of these large beasts, you’ll earn your gourmet meat. As for why this is a good choice to sell, it’s very simple to make and for most players, you’ll have an abundance of sundelions already. This recipe also sells for around the same price as most of the rare ores you can sell in Hyrule, which is great because you may want to save the ores for powerful fusions. As an easy recipe to make, selling a few of these will make it easier to afford those early game armor sets.


Number 9: Meat Skewer

Good for cookouts and for turning a profit.

Next up is one that could be a staple at Hylian Cookouts, the Meat Skewer! Not only does this recipe look delicious, but it also sells for a solid 135 Rupees. This one is also simple to make, even more so than the previous entry. All you’ll need to make this recipe is:

  • 5 Raw Prime Meat.

A one ingredient recipe that’ll net you a decent profit. This one is going to become a staple when you’re low on pocket change. In order to get Raw Prime Meat you’ll need to defeat a Wild Boar, a Buck, Foxes or Wolves. Once you’ve done that a few times, just toss all five pieces in the cooking pot. This recipe is extra simple, one trip to the forest can earn you all five ingredients that you need. It also sells for a bit more than rubies and just a tad less than sapphires, so instead of selling those you can sell this meal.


Number 8: Bright Elixir

Your smile will be glowing.

Once again, a bright entry makes it to our list. This recipe is for an Elixir, the first of a few we’ll discuss today. An Elixir differs from a Meal because instead of ingredients, it is created by combining monster parts and critters, though it is still considered a recipe. This Bright Elixir will net you 158 Rupees, which is a great profit. Here’s what you’ll need to create this Elixir:

  • 1 Hinox Guts.
  • 4 Deep Fireflies.

This is a fairly simple recipe once again. If you enjoy exploring the depths, you’ll know that’s where you can find all the Deep Fireflies your heart desires. The tough parts to find for this recipe are the Hinox Guts. As you can imagine, you must defeat a Hinox first. Don’t worry yourself too much though. 

The Hinox may seem scary when you first encounter them, but after a few battles with them, they can quickly become the easiest boss fight in the game. So once you have all you need, just toss those parts in the pot and you’ll have yourself this bright Elixr. The 158 Rupees you get from selling this Elixir is more than you’ll receive from selling both the Ruby or Sapphire ores. It’s also a quick and easy recipe for the late game. Hinox fights can be brought to an end before the Hinox even makes its first attack once you progress far enough in the game. That makes the Hinox Guts relatively easy to get after a while of playing.


Number 7: Hearty Mushroom Skewer

Who doesn't love kebabs?

This one is full of heart. Introducing the Hearty Mushroom Skewer! If you’re already stacked up on plenty of meals, and need a few Rupees to spare, this recipe is great. It’ll net you 180 rupees. This is another one ingredient recipe. This time the ingredient is a bit more sought after, so you may have to weigh your options when it comes to selling this meal. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5 Hearty Truffles.

That’s right, truffles. In Tears of the Kingdom, Hearty Truffles are a prized treasure. These little guys will always provide you with full recovery when used in a recipe, so they’re usually worth holding on to. Though, if you’ve progressed far enough into the game, and explored plenty of caves where these mushroomy delights lay in wait, you might have more Truffles than you have use for. That’s where cooking five of them for this recipe comes into play. The 180 Rupees will certainly be helpful, especially if you’re looking to complete armor set upgrades or sidequests. 


Number 6: Bright Elixir (Improved Recipe)

It's back, back again. Time to make your day even brighter.

It’s our grand return to the Bright Elixir here, and this time we have an improved recipe. This time, you’ll earn 284 Rupees from this Elixir. That’s quite the profit there! For this improved version, the ingredients are a bit more challenging to come by. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Thunder Gleeok Horn.
  • 4 Deep Fireflies.

That’s right, while it’s a simple recipe, you will need to take on a fearsome Thunder Gleeok in order to make the Elixir. The Deep Fireflies can again easily be found in abundance down in the depths. For the Thunder Gleeok, head over to the colosseum on the surface of Hyrule. The thundering foe waits for you there. It can be very threatening, but if you come prepared with a multishot bow and plenty of elemental Keese Eyes, you shouldn’t have too much trouble downing the Gleeok. Once you have them, toss those ingredients in the pot and sell that Elixir. The 284 Rupees can help you purchase armor, upgrade your favorite sets, or even help Link purchase rooms for his dream home in Tarrey Town.


Number 5: Meat Skewer (Improved Recipe)

I've changed, I promise! (No really, the recipe is different!)

The long anticipated sequel to our Meat Skewer entry, Meat Skewer 2. In this improved version of the recipe, you’ll need some ingredients that are a bit harder to come by. Though, you will make a pretty big profit of 315 Rupees when sold. Here are the ingredients:

  • 5 Raw Gourmet Meat.

It’s just one ingredient, well five of it, but it’s still very simple! Just head into the mountains of Hyrule and take on a Moose or two, or maybe a Bear. Once you’ve got the goods, it’s time to cook and sell. The 315 Rupees are a notable improvement over selling the majority of the rare ores, which is a benefit as you can find other uses for the ores. This Rupee income makes everything easier, from armor upgrades to shopping for your dream outfits.


Number 4: Energizing Elixir

This will ​perk you right up!

Need something stronger than your morning coffee? Try the Energizing Elixir, our latest entry to the list. This one will earn you a grand total of 579 Rupees. This may take some time to craft, but gathering the ingredients should be a fun little challenge, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 Hinox Guts.
  • 1 Restless Cricket.

Once again, the tough ingredients here are the four Hinox Guts. As mentioned earlier though, Hinox battles do quickly become rather easy, and it can be fun to see how quickly you can down the towering beasts. The restless cricket can be found scrounging the fields of Hyrule. Now that you have your ingredients, craft that Elixir and sell it. The 579 Rupees will help you upgrade armor, purchase new armor sets, and push you further to becoming the richest man in Hyrule.


Number 3: Bright Elixir (At its Brightest and Best)

The final show for our Bright Elixir!

Okay, this is the last time I promise. The Bright Elixir makes its final return, blindingly bright this time. This time, the improved recipe will earn you 1,083 Rupees. That’s quite the profit. However this will be incredibly challenging to craft due to the ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need to get your hands on:

  • 4 Silver Lynel Saber Horns.
  • 1 Deep Firefly.

That’s right, four Silver Lynel Saber Horns. The Silver Lynel is quite possibly the toughest enemy to battle in the game, but if you enjoy the challenge, the fight against this beast can be really fun and enjoyable. The Deep Firefly will again be easy to gather up in the depths. So if you put in the time to take on the Silver Lynel four times and want that large profit, toss the ingredients in the pot. Over 1,000 Rupees is a larger profit than selling any ore in the game. This can help you wrap up sidequests and upgrade your favorite armor sets.


Number 2: Spicy Elixir

It's getting hot in here!

This one is taking the heat factor up a notch. Meet the Spicy Elixir, it’s going to net you 1,443 Rupees. This is an incredible profit, but it won’t be easy to craft this Elixir. If you enjoy heated battles, you might be able to pull off the hunt for the ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 Lynel Guts.
  • 1 Warm Darner.

Just like the last entry, this one is going to require that you battle some Lynels. This time they don’t have to be Silver though, any type will do as long as they drop the guts. Lynel fights are fun and rewarding, especially if you’ve been playing for a while. For a late game recipe it’s worth it. The Warm Darner can be found by exploring the Eldin Region. With the large sum of Rupees here, you can wrap up some side quests and purchase any missing armor sets you may not yet have.


Number 1: Sticky Elixir

This one will stick with you for sure!

The final pick on our list is a very potent Elixir. This is the Sticky Elixir, It’s once again going to be tough to scrounge up the ingredients but it will net you 1,458 Rupees. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to craft this Elixir:

  • 4 Lynel Guts.
  • 1 Sticky Frog.

Similarly to the last entry, you’ll have to earn four Lynel Guts. These fights are a fun challenge once you have your footing in combat, so if you’re fearless and prepared, you shouldn’t have too rough of a time getting these fearless foes to fall. You can encounter a Sticky Frog in many of the caves of Hyrule. Grab those hard earned ingredients, and chef up this Elixir. The amount of Rupees is whopping, at nearly 1,500 Rupees there isn’t much you can’t afford after selling a few of these. So get out there and cook, in due time you can have a completed dream home and fully upgraded armor sets. 


There you have it, the best recipes to sell in Tears of the Kingdom.

Liquid Gold.

Now you know how well selling recipes can work as a way to make Rupees. I was surprised when researching for this article, selling recipes can be one of the best ways to make rupees in this game. It’s a relatively hidden aspect of the cooking and selling systems of the game. I’m sure that if you have quests to finish and armor to upgrade there are a few recipes you’ll use to sell for rupees here. Have fun out there making loads of Rupees in Hyrule!


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