[Top 5] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes For Hearts

A very happy Link looks over his homemade meal.
Link appreciating his finely crafted cuisine.

Top 5 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes For Hearts

Being Hyrule’s Hero is dangerous work, and that’s to put it lightly. A Game Over is just around the corner constantly for Link. Whether it be from being burned, frozen, zapped, sliced, chomped, blown up, crushed, or just falling ill to the Gloom damage dealt by certain enemies. It won’t be enough for you to just arm yourself with a reliable weapon and shield, you’re going to need some good food too. Not just for taste, but also for its magical healing benefits and boosts. With enough foraging and cave spelunking, you’ll have plenty of ingredients to use in your dishes. Grab the legendary Master Fork and Apron, and we’ll get you hooked up with the best recipes!


Number 5: Mighty Steamed Fruit

The Steamed Fruit rests on a bed made of acorns and leaves.

Introducing the Mighty and Fighty, Mighty Steamed Fruit. Yiga Clan members rejoice, because you’ll get your fill of Bananas in this dish for sure. It’s pretty easy to make too, and has lots of bonus benefits. For this recipe you’re going to need a couple of different things:

  • 3 Mighty Bananas.
  • 1 Mighty Thistle.
  • Any Dragon Horn.

The majority of these ingredients are very easy to come by, and you probably have most of them already. The only one that might be a challenge to get is the dragon horn, which is going to require you to get all the way up to the head of a dragon. With a careful eye on the sky, you should have the horn in no time at all, just make sure you’re ready to jump off of a Sky Island. Once you have everything gathered, throw those ingredients in the pot. Let’s get cooking!

Here are the benefits of eating this meal:

  • 30 Minutes of Increased Attack Power.
  • Provides Nearly 10 Extra Hearts.

I definitely wish I had heard about this one sooner. This recipe’s attack power bonus is great to have when you know you’ll be battling larger enemies. 


Number 4: Tough Steamed Mushrooms

The Steamed Mushrooms look to be made of many different kinds of mushrooms!

Here’s one that’s a bit tough to swallow. The Tough Steamed Mushrooms are similar to the previous entry, but this time the focus is on defense instead of offense. Once again, you won’t need any complicated ingredients, mainly things you’ll already have on hand. The only ingredient that will pose a small challenge is again the Dragon Horn. All together, you’re going to need the following ingredients: 

  • 3 Ironshrooms.
  • 1 Armoranth.
  • Any Dragon Horn.

Keep watching the skies and you’ll be able to find a Dragon very quickly. Now, take all the ingredients in hand and toss them into the pot. You can find the Ironshrooms and Armoranths in the forests and fields of Hyrule.

This dish offers you the following benefits:

  • Nearly 7 extra hearts.
  • 30 minutes of defense boost.

You’ll be able to withstand plenty more hits after eating this dish. Link will get the buffs he needs to venture into enemy camps, gather resources in the depths, and take on tough bosses. You can’t go wrong by stopping to cook this dish before big adventures.


Number 3: Enduring Fried Wild Greens 

Maybe our parents really were right about all of that eating healthier stuff.

They always say that it’s important to eat your greens, it’s true for even the Hero of Hyrule. This recipe is great for when you’re in a pinch. You’ll need to get your hands on the following ingredients for this recipe:

  • 5 Endura Carrots.

Yep, that’s it. What could be better than a meal that uses one ingredient that’s easy to get your hands on! Now that you’ve got your carrots, throw them into the cooking pot. These are the benefits this meal offers you:

  • 20 hearts after eating.
  • 2 full extra stamina wheels.
  • Extremely simple to make.

This meal is an incredible addition to the recipe book. The 20 hearts recovered from this meal is nothing to scoff at, it’ll heal you right up when you need it. The extra stamina wheels will allow you to glide for miles, spin attack until your enemies are down, or climb until your heart's content. Be prepared to keep one of these meals handy at all times, because eating your greens is always good.


Number 2: Sunny Steamed Meat

This meaty meal will quite literally brighten your day.

Things are about to get brighter for you, even in the darkest depths. This dish is a delight, and it’ll keep you safe from gloom damage too. It’s simple to make and you can be almost certain you’ve already got all the ingredients on hand. Here’s what you’ll need to make this dish that serves up a bit of sunshine:

  • 4 Sundelions.
  • 1 Raw Prime Meat.

A simple and hearty recipe using only two ingredients! If you’ve explored the Sky Islands at all, you’ll definitely have a decent stock of Sundelions on hand. As for Prime Meat, just defeat any of the larger animals of Hyrule and they’ll drop it once defeated. It’s time to turn on the cooking pot to full heat. Here are the benefits of this bright meal:

  • 12 hearts recovered from Gloom damage.
  • 7 health hearts recovered. 

This meal will become very helpful as you approach the later parts of the game. As you explore the depths of Hyrule, every hit you take from an enemy will be gloom powered. When being struck by an enemy that deals gloom damage, you can’t recover the hearts you lose until you once again reach the surface of Hyrule. This meal changes the game by allowing you to recover hearts that have been taken by gloom.


Number 1: Hearty Mushroom Skewer

A simple meat skewer can really beef up your health that much? Yes, believe it!

The number one pick is packing that mushroom power! What could be any better than a hearty meal? It may sound a bit plain, but this one knocks the competition way out of the park when it comes to sheer healing power. It’s very simple to make, as it’s composed of one ingredient, but it may take you some time to come across enough of it. In order to make this master class healer of a meal, you’ll need the following:

  • 5 Big Hearty Truffles. 

Then that’s all you’ll need. These Big Hearty Truffles are going to be hard to come by, they are very rare items. If you enjoy exploring the caves of Hyrule you should find a few of them. In any dish, adding a Big Hearty Truffle will guarantee that you’ll be able to recover all of your health. When adding five of them together in a dish, you’ll find some of the most potent health benefits in the game. Here are the hearty, healing, and helpful benefits:

  • Full health recovery.
  • 20 bonus golden hearts. 

This dish does require a rare item, but if you frequent the lands of Hyrule, you’ll find these delicate truffles in due time. Saving them up for a while and using them in this recipe is the best way to ensure that you can recover your health in any tough situation.


There you have the Top 5 Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes for Hearts!

 Link's got his hands full, but he's glad he was able to share his recipes!

In a game as large as Tears of the Kingdom, it’s amazing how in depth the cooking system is. The possibilities for your cuisine are as large as the world you can roam. I’m sure that there is a meal here in our list that compliments every play style. Get out there with Link and help him feel the power of these legendary meals.


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