[Top 10] Tears of The Kingdom Best Weapon Fusions

Link wields his Fuse ability. He dreams of powerful Weapon Fusions for when his trusty blade runs out of power.

Top 10 Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapon Fusions

The massive world of Tears of the Kingdom will pit you against fearsome and unforgiving monsters. How can you best defend yourself against the King Gleeok or free yourself from the grip of the terrifying Gloom Hands? Luckily, you can gather up strong materials and parts after defeating your enemies. With the help of the ever useful FUSE ability, and the prized monster parts you have gathered up so far, you can create some powerful weapon fusions. Here are the Top 10 best weapon fusions you can equip Link with!


Number 10: Puffshroom Club

Link strikes the air with the trusty Puffshroom club.

I know it sounds silly, but don’t judge this one too quickly! This weapon has an interesting quirk no other base weapons in the game have. Using the Forest Dweller’s sword or spear as the base weapon, and then fusing a one-time use material like a Chu-Jelly, Puffshroom, or Icefruit, will allow for you to use that material as many times as you like before the weapon breaks! The material you’re going to get the most use out of here is the Puffshroom. As for the forest dweller’s sword itself, you can grab the weapon at the top of the Great Deku Tree. This fusion is great, here’s why:

  • The puffshroom cloud prevents all enemies in its area of effect from attacking you.
  • You can instantly sneak strike attack each enemy caught in the cloud.
  • If you are low on materials, this fusion allows you to get more use out of each one.
  • You can combine this weapon with a shield of your choosing.
  • Dealing with crowds of enemies is much easier with this fusion.

It may have sounded silly at first, but I’m sure the puffy possibilities have come into clear view for you now! Have fun slashing your foes from the cover of the clouds.


Number 9: Light Dragon Reaper

Link wields a beautiful blade that shines in fragments of color.

This blade gleams with a dazzling and multi-colored light. It doesn’t have the largest power increase when compared to the other weapons on this list, but it has something incredibly special. With each strike you land, you can recover a quarter of a heart. Grab a broadsword and fuse it together with this horn to receive an additional bonus of increased attack power during flurry rushes. You can get a horn from the Light Dragon for yourself by gliding near its head and firing an arrow at one of its horns! Here’s what’s great about this weapon:

  • An additional +20 attack power.
  • You can heal without consuming any food or materials.
  • During a flurry rush, a large number of health can be restored at once.
  • When you land a flurry rush, switch back and forth between this weapon and other weapons for maximum effect.

This fusion is very special. It’s rare for a weapon to allow you to heal while also dealing offensive damage. The Light Dragon must be looking after us from up there in the sky, huh? With this weapon at the ready, you won’t have to worry so much about keeping food handy!


Number 8: Silver Lizal Tail Whip

Look at that stretch!

Go, go, gadget arms! The Lizalfos tail is a resource that can be dropped whenever you defeat any variant of Lizalfos. The tail is a material you might not expect to be so useful. It can make dealing with enemies that keep their distance much easier, especially when combined with spears as the base weapon. The tail allows Link to nearly double the length of any spear it is attached to. When pressing the attack button, the tail stretches outwards! If you head to the Depths, you can obtain weapons that are undamaged by gloom, making your fusions even stronger with pristine spears. Here’s why this fusion will be a great asset to your arsenal.

  • An additional +31 attack power with the silver variant.
  • Allows you to create distance between yourself and enemies.
  • Has elemental variants when using the Ice-Breath, Fire Breath, or Electric Lizalfos Tails.
  • Using a Zora spear fused with a Silver Lizalfos Tail allows it to deal +84 attack power when Link is wet or in the water.

Not only is this fusion very fun to watch, but it’s also incredibly useful as the game progresses. It’s a great idea to keep one of these weapons on you as you progress through the game.


Number 7: Silver Boko Reaper

The hero wields a blade with an interesting shape. Wait, is that a pom-pom?

Here's one that may look sort of deadly. Though, you may end up being reminded of an angler fish or a Santa hat due to its strangely curved design. This curved blade can be obtained by defeating silver bokoblins, which should happen pretty quickly during your playthrough as these are the most common enemy type in the game. Just keep defeating them until the silver ones begin to pop up! Grab a Gerudo scimitar, a royal broadsword, or a royal guard sword if you have one, and fuse it to create this Reaper! Here’s why it’ll be one to remember.

  • An additional +31 attack power to any weapon.
  • A powerful one-handed weapon you can combine with any shield.
  • Easily obtainable as Bokoblins will appear more often than other enemies.

This one is good to carry around, fun to look at, and it makes you feel like your sword swipes are quick and efficient. That +31 damage boost is nothing to scoff at. This will be a great weapon to begin taking on some of the game's more fearsome enemies. The Silver Bokoblin may be the first silver enemy that appears in your playthrough, so you can create this weapon faster than you may have initially thought.


Number 6: Silver Moblin Hammer

The most reliable tool for anyone, the hammer. It solves any problem, even monster problems.

It sounds wrong to knock someone down and steal their hammer shaped horn, but hear me out. This spiraling thorny weapon resembles some sort of a vine. It is obtained by defeating the silver Moblin, and then grabbing the horn it drops. You should begin to encounter this enemy after defeating its previous color variants. Moblins are the second most common enemy in the game, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. Grab a trusty broadsword and fuse it! Here’s what you can gain from keeping this weapon around:

  • An additional +33 attack power.
  • You can equip a shield of your choosing while wielding this weapon.
  • You can not only smack enemies around with this weapon, but you can smash mineral rocks and wooden crates too.

Clobber a couple of enemies and make some money for the trouble by using this weapon to mine for resources too. This is one of the most useful fusions you can keep in your inventory. This is because it allows you to keep yourself safe from enemy attacks, and allows you to mine for ores or destroy any breakables that stand in your way.


Number 5: Silver Lizal Reaper

This should keep things from getting grim.

The crimson blade of this weapon will surely strike fear in the eyes of those who catch sight of it. It may look a bit like an extra deadly garden tool, but this is a great weapon to keep handy. You’re going to need a Silver Lizalfos Horn for this weapon. It's dropped by Silver Lizalfos once defeated, they show themselves often down in the depths of Hyrule. Fuse this one with any spear or stick you have handy. Here are some more details on this fusion:

  • An additional +34 attack power.
  • A wider strike zone than that of a regular spear.
  • An excellent weapon for keeping enemies a good distance away.
  • You can earn an extra damage boost when using Gerudo or Zora spears as the base weapon.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your enemies away, look no further. On top of being a deadly weapon for dealing damage, it almost makes you feel like some sort of Grim Reaper. It’s an added perk to feel cool when defeating enemies.


Number 4: Silver Boss Boko Reaper

Watch out, he's armed with an axe. It's not just any old axe though, the blade is entirely round!

Bokoblins will cower in fear at the sight of this weapon! This is the natural evolution of the Silver Bokoblin Reaper from the earlier entry. As you journey through the ruins of Hyrule, you’ll come across a marching band looking troop of Bokoblins lead by an extremely large behemoth of a bokoblin called the boss bokoblin. Once defeated, the boss will drop its horn. This is the ticket to creating a powerful hybrid weapon, it acts as both a sword and an axe. Fuse this horn to an undamaged royal broadsword, claymore, or royal guard sword ideally, but any sword will work.

  • An additional +37 attack power when using the silver variant.
  • Great for closing in on enemies with a charged spinning attack.
  • Also works for quickly downing trees and smashing wooden crates.

This circular blade is sure to become a favorite. It’s visually appealing, multi-purpose, and it’s a great weapon to keep handy for when you need to strike down Evermean trees!


Number 3: Thunder Gleeok Reaper

Where there's rain, there's bound to be thunder. Rain always follows Link in these games.

This fusion adds less fuse attack power than the last few picks, so it may come as a surprise when you see it so close to the top of the list. There are good reasons for this crown shaped horn to be at this spot, just watch that you don’t get zapped when handling it. You can obtain a Thunder Gleeok Horn by defeating a Thunder Gleeok or a King Gleeok, it’s a tough fight but the rewards are well worth it. Here’s why this electric combination earned it’s spot:

  • An additional +30 attack power, combine it with a strong base weapon like a claymore for maximum effect.
  • Striking a foe with this reaper will shock them, this leaves them open to attacks for a brief time AND causes them to drop their weapon leaving them defenseless.
  • A larger area of effect when striking enemies in or around water.
  • Holding the attack button and letting it go allows for powerful electrically charged attacks.

If your hair is standing on end reading about this fusion, just wait until you can try it out on the monsters of Hyrule. You’ll be shocked at how helpful it is having a weapon that disarms and dazes your opponents. Show them the lightning!


Number 2: Silver Lynel Smasher

As the sun rises over Hyrule, a powerful weapon enters the scene.

It’s time for the second best fusion in Tears of the Kingdom. The Silver Lynel Smasher, complete with its deadly antler-like branches. You’re going to need a Silvery Lynel Mace Horn. This is one of the most powerful materials in the entire game, and it’ll be a challenge in order to get one. You must defeat a Silver Lynel, and these are debatably the toughest enemies in the game. After playing the game for a while, you can encounter a silver Lynel in the Nautelle Wetlands in the southern edge of Hyrule. In order to get the maximum effect from this weapon you’ll want to use the Biggoron’s Sword, this can be found in the depths and purchased with poes from the bargainers statues. More on the Silver Lynel Smasher:

  • A whopping +51 attack power.
  • When using the Biggoron’s Sword, it becomes a highly durable weapon.
  • As a blunt weapon, it can smash through boxes, barrels, and other obstacles.

  This is a truly deadly weapon. If you don’t want to use the Biggoron's Sword, combining it with various base weapons can allow for other attributes to be added, like bonus water damage for Zora weapons, or the fuse bonus with Gerudo weapons. Go show those monsters why they should feel fear!

Number 1: Silver Lynel Blade

With a motion that resembles the crescent moon, Link swings his most powerful fusion overhead.

The top pick is as deadly looking as it sounds. You’re going to need to obtain a Silver Lynel Saber Horn in order to create this weapon, which means that you’ll need to defeat a Silver Lynel just like in our previous pick. Thankfully, upon defeating a Silver Lynel, it will drop both the Mace Horn and the Saber Horn. I recommend fusing the Saber Horn to a weapon like the Fierce Deity Sword because of its default high attack power. You can obtain the Fierce Deity Sword after completing the “Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity” sidequest line. Defeating a Silver Lynel is a challenge, but now that you know that you can create two deadly weapons afterwards, it may seem more worthwhile. Let’s detail why this katana shaped blade is part of the best fusion in the game:

  • The highest fuse attack power addition at +55 attack power.
  • When fusing with strong base weapons, the full attack power will be above +80 attack power. With that, even strong enemies will be downed in no time.
  • Swinging attacks accomplished by holding down the attack button will catch multiple enemies in the path of your sword, meaning you can easily deal with swarms of monsters.

This weapon will make you look as powerful as you are. The katana shape your weapon will take on is worth the trouble of defeating a silver Lynel on its own. After you create this weapon, not much can stand in your way. Go, and show Hyrule that you have accomplished it all.

There you have the Top 10 Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Fusions!

WIth the knowledge gained in this article, you can help Link take on gargantuan foes.

We showcased 10 different and fearsome weapons here today, and I hope that you will find a way to incorporate some of them into your personal adventures. This massive world offers materials and weapons that accommodate for many different play styles, so I’m certain whatever weapon you prefer most, there is something here for you to add to your weapon arsenal. Now you should be able to stand up to those Gloom Hands and Gleeoks!


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