[Top 15] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Side Quests To Do

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What Are The Best Side Quests in Tears of the Kingdom?

In this article, I will be going over the best side quests to do in Tears of the Kingdom. I’m ranking them based on what side quests are available from early (1) to late game (15). Let’s get to it! 


1.  Today’s Menu


Burmano, Lookout Landing's cook, needs your help establishing their first menu, which consists of apples and mushrooms. He claims that they "rev you right up!".

Why it's a good quest:  

This is an essential side quest so you can  learn how to cook an early dish! You'll need to survive through your travels somehow. In the end, you get a free meal from Burmano.

Today’s Menu allows you to meet Burmano, who is a funny and light-hearted character. He's assigned as a chef in Lookout Landing even though he has no cooking experience.. He’ll encourage you to make more dishes with apples and mushrooms.

Advice and Helpful Information:

Be prepared to have 1 apple left in your inventory to give Burmano. You can find apples early in Great Sky Island or at Hyrule's woods.

Why you should do it:  

You should do this side quest early in the game because you'll learn about cooking! The quest will give you a free meal and a recipe for it. This side quest should excite you and make you wonder what valuable meals are in the game, such as attack up, defense up, or speed up recipes.


2. Where Are The Wells? 


Fera is a water well enthusiast and wants to find all 58 wells in Hyrule. She’s trying to seek all the locations. She makes a deal with Link, offering 10 rupees every time he jumps into a well.

Why it's a good quest:

You can explore the map early and earn some easy rupees by finding the well locations. It may be time-consuming early in the game. Some players may want to find all the wells in one take by ignoring everything else, treating this as a serious side quest. Some players may treat this as a soft side quest, loosely finding wells over time while being involved with other aspects of t

Fera is a strange and down-to-earth character. It’s fun to share information about the wells with her and earn some rupees. Sometimes, she’ll share detailed fun facts, such as informing you that ore deposits can live inside wells.

Advice and Helpful Information:

You don’t have to find all the wells in one go to enjoy this side quest. It is possible to do the quest in one go. You can do it in doses while playing the game. The best thing about this side quest is that as you go into the wells, you should collect the items you find, including the treasure you find. Some of those items could be brightgloom seeds, brightcaps, bomb flowers, mineral deposits, frogs, treasure inside Like-Likes, etc.

Why you should do it:

Finding all the wells will help you establish making rupees while also gaining items that reside in those wells. The treasure in those wells is worth finding, including Brightgloom seeds. After visiting all 58 wells, you’ll receive a cute trophy for your troubles.


3. Gloom Borne Illness

In Kakariko’s armor shop, Claree needs your help because her grandmother is sick from the gloom. Offer help and achieve the ingredients to make Sunny Veggie Porridge.

Why it's a good quest:

You'll learn about cooking dishes that can heal your health affected by gloom. After completing the quest, you can buy armor in the armor shop. Claree will reduce the price.

You help a desperate family worried about their grandmother's health from the Gloom Borne Illness. You learn from the characters, Lasli, Claree, and Nanna, that the Gloom Borne Illness significantly impacts other villages..

Advice and Helpful Information:

Rely on a Great Sky Island fast travel point to get Sundelions.If you have much more exploring to do, such as looking for shrines or villages, this side quest will help you. You can find the rest of the ingredients at Hateno Village.

Collect valuable items during your travels, such as mining lots of mineral deposits, creature parts, or food if needed. You may need to sell to Claree to afford the armor in the shop.

Why you should do it:

Do this quest very early because you'll learn about cooking a dish that can heal your hearts affected by gloom. You'll also get  early armor, such as the Stealth armor. You unlock fast travel points in Kakariko and Hateno Village, such as the Skyview towers and shrines. Fast traveling to shops for quick needs will be super helpful as you progress through the game.


4. Codgers Quarrel 

Why it's a good quest:

You investigate the Ring Ruins in the hills and find rare treasures like a Mighty Zonaite Sword. After ending Olkin and Steen’s quarreling, you open Kakariko’s market early in the game.

The Sheikah people in Kakariko are known for stealth, and ironically, Olkin and Steen are so full of hubris that offense or defense is the best strategy. Trissa and Drenja depend on the gentlemen yet pity their nonsense.

Advice and helpful information:

Have a few good weapons with you to take down the monsters. You will need strong weapons such as a soldier reaper IV to take down 1 Silver Bokoblin. Raid the loot in the Ring Ruins for early weapons.

This quest opens 2 other side quests. Upon clearing their ring ruins on the hills, Drenja will translate the stone slab. Read it to progress through a side quest called A Trip Through History. 

After defeating the monsters and talking to Olkin and Steen, talk to Trissa. She’ll give you another side quest called Follow the Cuccos to stock her shop fully.

Why you should do it:

You should do this quest because it involves getting early weapons in the ring ruins. You unlock Trissa’s market with more food items. She rewards you in the end by giving you an endura carrot. You can explore the Ring Ruins’ Zonai lore and progress through the story. 


5. Legacy of the Rito 

After completing Hebra’s regional phenomena, Teba is willing to make Link a Great Eagle Bow. Acquire a swallow bow, 5 bundles of wood, and 3 diamonds to complete the side quest.

Why it's a good quest:

You explore more of Hebra after defeating Colgera and progress through the story by visiting Eldin next. Finding the materials will accomplish an ultimate reward.

Teba is a cool character to talk to because he can make the Great Eagle Bow. He’s direct in the quest, offering you a valuable weapon. What makes this quest fun is that if the Great Eagle Bow breaks, he can recreate it with the same materials anytime.

Advice and helpful information:

There are many ways to acquire a Swallow Bow. Sometimes, a Like-Like has it in the Hebra Caves. A Swallow Bow hides in treasure in ice south of Hebra Peak. You can also get a Swallow Bow from the Flight Range if you participate in Kaneli’s Flight Training.

You can find pieces of wood anywhere in the forests around Hebra. You can travel back to Hyrule Field if you want, but there are plenty of trees to cut down around Rosporo’s Pass.

The game prompts you to find diamonds in Eldin. Diamonds cost 1,000 rupees in Eldin. Sell many monster parts, insects, items you find in caves, or even Zonai charge if you have to.

After getting the Great Eagle Bow, stock up on some arrows in Rito’s general store.

Why you should do it:

You should do this quest because you will have an excellent and powerful bow early in the game. 


6.  Teach Me a Lesson 1 and 2 

Symin is trying to teach the children some school lessons. One is teaching them a history lesson about the Great Calamity, and he needs proof to show the children that it is accurate. The second lesson is a home economics class cooking a monster extract dish, and he needs the ingredients to make it for the children.

Why it's a good quest:

You get some early ingredients in the game and learn more about controversial Zelda lore and cooking.

The first lesson that Symin teaches is one of the most essential NPC dialogues in the game. Lesson 1 recaps the story in Breath of the Wild, explaining that the hero fought the Great Calamity a century ago.

Symin’s dialogue breaks a major continuity error because Symin should acknowledge Link's heroism in Breath of the Wild. Symin helped upgrade Link's Sheikah Sensor and is Purah's mentor. Many players may overlook Symin's dialogue in Teach Me a Lesson 1, as the details of the Zelda timeline are more than meets the eye.

Advice and helpful information:

The Hateno School is north of the Armor Shop and west of Zelkoa Pond. The best time to go there is around morning and noon.

You can find the engraving of the Great Calamity in Kakariko village upstairs in Lady Paya’s house in her bedroom.

If you don’t have Goron Spice, buy it at Goron City’s general store for 16 rupees.

If you don’t have Monster Extract, buy it in Tarrey Town’s general store for 50 rupees.

Talk to Uma, west of the school's entrance, to set up the field. This will start another side quest called "Uma's Garden."

Why you should do it:
You should do this quest to farm your food ingredients! At the end of the 1st lesson, Symin will give you 10 pieces of Hylian rice. At the end of the 2’nd lesson, Symin will allow you to use the school field for farming. Also, infuriate yourself by over-analyzing Symin’s dialogue in Lesson 1 and question where Tears of the Kingdom belongs in the Zelda timeline.


7. Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity

Misko’s Treasure for the Fierce Deity opens when you talk to 2 raider brothers, Domidak and Prissen, guarding Cephla Lake cave. They’re looking for treasure. A specific treasure chest in that cave will prompt you to find the Fierce Deity Armor set.

Why it's a good quest:

You’ll get early armor! Also, you explore Eldin and Akkala more in-depth before or after encountering Eldin’s regional phenomena. There will be opportunities to mine and find shrines or skyview towers while journeying the Fierce Deity side quest.

There’s not much NPC dialogue in the side quest. After finding a piece of the Ember armor, a riddle prompts you to find the missing Fierce Deity pieces. After you complete the side quest, Domidak and Prissen provide locations of other armor sets.

Advice and helpful information:

Go to the Foothill Stable south of Cephla Lake and talk to Gaile. Give one of her dogs 5 apples, and one of them should lead you into Cepla Lake cave, revealing valuable treasure. 

To get to the Fierce Deity armor locations, have access to the following:

Hyrule Field Skyview Tower 

Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower

Kamatukis Shrine (near Skull Lake)

Domizuin Shrine (near Akkala citadel ruins)

If you see any opportunities to mine mineral deposits, do so. Building lots of income before continuing the other regional phenomena will be very important.

After getting the full Fierce Deity set, return to Cephla Lake cave to gain a bonus weapon. Talk to Domidak and Prissen again to unlock more Misko Treasure Quests.

Why you should do it:

You should do this quest to get aggressive armor! The Fierce Deity is one of them, and the armor grants an attack up ability. You should explore parts of Eldin and Akkala before or after Eldin’s regional phenomena and unlock some quick travel points.


8. Mired in Muck

Located near the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, Bazz is stuck in sludge and can’t move! He needs your help to wash it away with water. Find splash fruit!

Why it's a good quest:

This is a good quest because if you save Bazz, he'll give you a Zora spear. You learn how the sludge impacts the Lanayru area by talking to him. You can unlock the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

The side quest shares important dialogue as Bazz informs you that sludge has been falling from the sky and impacting the waters and the lands in Zora’s domain. Zora are fish people, and the sludge significantly affects their ability to swim, slowing them down and making them feel unclean.

Advice and helpful information: 

After helping Bazz, use a splash fruit to get rid of the muck blocking the entrance of Upland Zorana Skyview Tower.

You don't have to use splash fruit if you want to, as an opal-fused weapon can eliminate the muck, too.

Take a picture of the splash fruit! If you haven’t unlocked it already, use the Hyrule Compendium and Sheikah Sensor to trace more splash fruit in the area. Be prepared for Zora's main boss by collecting many splash fruits in the Lanayru surface and archipelago areas.

Take a picture of the Zora Spear too! Add it to your Hyrule Compendium and use the Sheikah Sensor to trace more Zora spears hiding in the Lanayru area.

Cook with splash fruit to give you a swim speed up ability. 5 splash fruits make a Rapid Simmered Fruit, granting 2 hearts with a 10-minute swim speed.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this quest because, in the end, Bazz will reward you with a Zora Spear.

You can unlock the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, which will be very important to travel back to once you visit Zora’s Domain. 


9. A Token of Friendship


After you save Zora's Domain from its regional phenomena, talk to Yona, who is walking around Zora's Domain's 2'nd floor. She's rewarding you by telling you that the Zora Greaves reside deep within the Ancient Zora Waterworks.

Why it's a good quest: 

It's a good quest because finding the Zora Greaves is a 2'nd completion of the Zora armor set. You'll learn more about Sidon's "obsession" with Link from her.

Yona confirms that Jiahto found the texts about the ancient greaves. She tells you where it is deep within the Ancient Waterworks. After completing the quest, talk to Yona again to find intriguing details that Sidon may be gay for Link in a positive way.

Yona will prompt you to find Chroma and Khira, giving you more information on where to find the Zora Helm. They are in the throne room on the left-hand side.

Advice and helpful information: 

Complete Sidon of the Zora, The Broken Slate, and Zora’s regional phenomena to activate this side quest.

If you don't like swimming around because you have low stamina, you can throw Ice Fruit in the water and walk on ice instead.

In the Hyrule Compendium, select a treasure chest that you have taken a picture of. Use the Sheikah Sensor to trace a treasure chest nearby. Feel free to get more treasure.

If you want, you can skip speaking to Chroma and Khira. The Zora Helm is in a cave under the Floating Scales Island on its left side.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this quest to find armor and complete the Zora Armor set.

You should revisit the Ancient Zora Waterworks and find more treasure.

Stick around Zora's Domain after completing “A Token of Friendship” to find the Zora Helm, and start “A Never Ending Lecture.”


10. The Missing Owner and Pride of the Gerudo

Cara is filling in for the Jewelry Shop Owner, Isha. Cara only makes accessories. She says that Isha could make more jewelry than she could. She’s waiting for Isha to return from visiting the Toruma Dunes for adornments. Help her out and find Isha there.

Why it's a good quest: 

This is a good quest because you get several awards, such as diamond, Scimitar of the Seven, and the Daybreaker Shield. After completing Gerudo's regional phenomena, there is much to explore in Gerudo Town and the Gerudo Desert after clearing the storm.

You learn how devastating the desert is when talking to Cara, who tells you that the dunes are home to Modulga. After saving Isha, she'll prompt you to find 4 diamonds, 10 pieces of flint, a Gerudo Scimitar, and a Gerudo Shield so she can repay you with a gift.

Advice and helpful information: 

Complete Gerudo’s regional phenomena and Lightning Temple to have this side quest available.

If you still need to unlock it, activate the Miryotanog Shrine, south of the Toruma Dunes. 

To face the Modulga, have a good bow such as a the Gerudo Bow, Royal Bow, or Dusk Bow. Have lots of plant bombs or time bombs. Decent weapons like the Gerudo Scimitar or the Soldier IV Reaper can defeat it swiftly.

Before starting Pride of the Gerudo, ensure you have saved a Gerudo Scimitar and Shield from starting Gerudo’s regional phenomena. You can find them in the Gerudo ruins if you haven’t. In addition, have 4 diamonds and 10 pieces of flint in your inventory to continue Pride of the Gerudo.

Quick travel to Goron City to buy diamonds for 1,000 rupees each. Alternatively, you can crush a lot of mineral deposits in wells and caves or all around the Eldin area. Salt and Flint are the most common items that respawn.

Why you should do it: 

These side quests are threaded together, and you should do them simultaneously because you’ll get several awards. Cara will give you a diamond after saving Isha. Isha will provide you with a Scimitar of the Seven and a Daybreaker Shield if you're willing to find the materials.


11. Home On Arrange

After completing “Mattison’s Independence”, Rhondson can offer you your dream home. Visit Grantéson north of Kaepora Pass and near the Rasitakiwak Shrine. Speak to him and build your home!

Why it's a good quest: 

After collecting many weapons from completing all 4 regional phenomena, you should have time to save some of your weapons before continuing the main story. "Home on Arrange" allows you to store important weapons in your home.

Rhondson is very happy you helped Mattison and offers a discount for your dream home. Grantéson is the guy to talk to about your home's needs. Talk to Grantéson to start and end construction, including seeing the list of room choices.

Advice and helpful information: 

Complete “Mattison’s Independence” side adventure by talking to Rhondson and Hudson, and then you can start “Home on Arrange” instantly.

Do this side quest after completing all 4 regional phenomena and before starting the "Find the Fifth Sage" main quest. The timing will allow you to strategize what weapons, shields, and bows you want to take with you and save for later, especially if you don't have lots of space in your inventory.

You should have 5,000 rupees or more to design your dream home. First, by paying Rhondson 1,500 rupees and lastly, by buying the rooms you want with Grantéson.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this side quest because you will have a dream home! You can rely on sleeping, cooking, and comfortably getting hearts and stamina at home. You don’t need a travel medallion, as it's close to the Rasitakiwak Shrine. Also, Link needs a break.


12. Seeking the Pirate Hideout

Sesami is on a mission on Eventide Island to locate the pirates’ hideout for the monster control crew. He needs your help to clear out the 3 monster strongholds.

Why it's a good quest: 

Seeking the Pirate Hideout is a fun side quest because you can raid monster strongholds and explore what Eventide Island offers , from mighty bananas to treasure. It prepares you for a side adventure located in Lurelin Village.

Sesami is an interesting NPC to greet because all he is doing is scouting and reporting for his mission. He is just a guy who wants to go back home and wants to get the job done. He’s thankful for you when you finish defeating the monster strongholds, exchanging a prize for your troubles.

Advice and helpful information: 

Collect as many things on Eventide Island as possible, such as raiding treasure from the monster strongholds.

Eventide Island contains rare food items like razorclaw crabs, water buffalo, mighty thistle, and mighty porgy. Make lots of mighty dishes with attack up abilities.

Visit the Eventide Island Chasm and enter the Lone Island Coliseum. Fight the monsters. This battle is medium-difficulty and takes some effort. You can receive Midna's Helmet as treasure, offering you Gloom Resistance.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this quest because you get a Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn from Sesami when you finish it. This item is scarce and best with a fused weapon like the Master Sword.


13. Ancient Blades Below

The Mining construct’s research for Mineru was interrupted by the servant of the Demon King in the Spirit Temple. It wants to continue excavating for Mineru by collecting Zonaite. 

Why it's a good quest: 

This is a good quest because you are rewarded instantly after beating the Seized Construct. There’s not much to do unless you don't have 50 Zonaite pieces and need to collect them.

The Spirit Temple is the only place to get Zonai weapons and ancient blades by talking to the Smithing and Mining Construct. The Mining Construct will always be available to trade ancient blades for Zonaite.

Advice and helpful information: 

This quest is triggered right after the Guidance of Ages Past main quest and after the Seized Construct boss battle in the Spirit Temple.

After the boss battle ends, the Mining Construct is on the right side of Mineru's throne, who will reward you with 1 free ancient blade. The Smithing Construct is on the left side of Mineru's Throne, offering Zonai weapons.

If you don’t have 50 Zonaite, explore canyon mines or monster camps in the depths to find and crush Zonaite Deposits!

Around the Spirit Temple, collect a lot of poes! Also, spiked balls are available to fuse to a weapon or shield.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this quest because you will receive a highly overpowered item, the ancient blade with a fuse attack power of 50. Pay many visits to the Mining Construct in the Spirit Temple to buy many ancient blades. 


14. The Mother Goddess Statue and the Goddesses of Wisdom, Power, and Courage

The Mother Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple needs your help to restore her power.  To help her, you must find the goddesses of Wisdom, Power, and Courage and offer them the correct dragon pieces. 

Why it's a good quest: 

This is a good side quest because you will be able to locate dragons Naydra, Dinraal, and Farosh. You will explore Hyrule more deeply by finding the statues and springs around exciting areas where shrines lurk nearby.

The gifts that the goddesses give you reflect the dragon's powers and are a soft easter egg. In past Zelda games, Wisdom, Power, and Courage are relevant to the triforce.

The Goddess of Wisdom gives you Sapphire because Naydra is an ice dragon. The Goddess of Power gives you Ruby because Dinraal is a fire dragon. The Goddess of Courage gives you topaz because Farosh is a lightning dragon. You can use these minerals on a magic rod to deliver forceful elemental magic.

Advice and helpful information: 

Use the following nearby Skyview Towers to reach the dragons: 

Sashara Slope Skyview Tower 

Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower 

Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower

Popla Foothill Skyview Tower

Equip a nice long-range bow such as the Dusk Bow for aiming for dragon parts. If on the ground, use rocket shields or Zonai trampolines to get to the dragons if you have to. Flying auto builds such as the air bike is another way to reach the dragons.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this side quest because you will get super items such as dragon parts and receive awards from goddesses Wisdom, Power, and Courage. If you fully help the Mother Goddess Statue, she can increase your health and give you the White Sword of the Sky.


15 The Shrine Explorer

The Shrine Explorer is a special side quest for when you have found all the shrines in the game. For clarity, this does not count Skyview Towers.

Why it's a good quest: 

It's a good quest to do because it's a simple quest. When finding all the shrines, go straight to your treasure!

The Last Shrine of Light informs you to travel to the Temple of Time, which will reward you for all your hard work. It’s fun to upgrade health and stamina when finally gathering all the Shrine's light of blessings.\

Advice and helpful information: 

A treasure in the Temple of Time will be waiting for you behind the Goddess Statue.

After obtaining the Ancient Hero’s Aspect, you should fully upgrade your health and stamina immediately with the Goddess Statue nearby. Do this before fighting Ganondorf!

Visit a Great Fairy to fully upgrade the Ancient Hero’s Aspect armor to get a bonus ability called the Master Sword Beam Up.

Why you should do it: 

You should do this quest because you will receive the Ancient Hero’s Aspect for finding all the shrines in the game. Your shrine hunting will finally pay off with the best armor in the game.


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