The Story Behind Oro vs Akuma

akuma vs oro
What did really go on when these two legendary warriors battled?

What is the true story behind the battles between Oro and Akuma?

Akuma used to be a regular man, learning the martial art style of Ansatsuken from his master, Goutetsu. He eventually tapped into the Satsui no Hado, the dark killing intent that lies beneath the Ansastuken, and instead of suppressing it, as his master told him, Akuma fully accepted it, killing his master and embarking on a journey of blood and suffering, severing all his ties with others and seeking to test his ever-growing might against worthy opponents.

Oro is well over 100 years old, and a hermit, living isolated from society for decades, honing his skills in the martial art of Senjutsu. He has attained great powers such as telekinesis and has uncovered the secret to immortality, and is looking for a worthy student to whom he can pass over his knowledge. So, when these two legends clash, who wins?


Akuma’s Satsui no Hado

Akuma’s source of power is his embrace of the Satsui no Hado, the evil, killing intent that lies dormant in the martial art of Ansatsuken. Akuma had to make huge sacrifices and life-changing decisions to go down this dark path, sacrificing most of his humanity and killing his master, as well as nearly murdering his own brother in the process.

This has led Akuma to live a secluded life, void of friendships or any bonds. He lives for the battle, and as such he devotes his existence to roaming the world in search of worthy opponents that can push him to his limits, so he can satisfy his hunger not for blood, but for battle.


Oro’s Sennin Ways

Oro lives in the Amazon jungle, secluded from society like Akuma. However, Oro has many pets and he is incredibly close to all of them, especially his pet turtle. He has great respect for life, and he maintains relationships with many characters from the cast, from Dhalsim to Menat.

He has become so powerful that he usually fights with only one arm, as Oro loves to have fun and if uses both arms he wins too easily and will get as easily bored. He seeks a worthy fighter to inherit his fighting style, so in this sense. he is very similar to Akuma when it comes to this apparent search for worthy warriors, although for very different reasons.


The Fourth World Warrior Tournament

The Secret Society, also known as Illuminati, is an ancient organization with aspirations of world domination that has been manipulating and influencing major world events throughout history. In order to fulfill a prophecy, their leader Gill hosted the Fourth World Warrior Tournament so that he could see some of the strongest fighters in the world, to make it easier for him to decide who to spare and who not to upon his predicted apocalypse.

Oro joins the tournament in order to learn more about the Secret Society, as the old master is always willing to go out of his way to prevent great evil to befall the world. Akuma joins the same tournament to get the chance to fight some of the world’s best. At this point, their eventual clash was set to take place.


Oro vs Akuma

The two legendary warriors faced off in the World Warrior tournament, and oh man, what a fight it must have been. As it goes, Oro was forced to use both his arms. He usually only uses the two arms to either activate his infamous Tengu Stone or to launch his massive Yagyou Dama, but to match Akuma’s power he had to go all in.

Akuma too had to use his full power to battle Oro, finding a worthy opponent in the hermit. The two fought each other to a draw, as they both had to stop their battle when they sensed that should they continue, they would murder each other. This is still one of the most legendary and epic tales in the world of Street Fighter.


The Aftermath

Akuma had been hunting Ryu down for years, hoping to awaken the Satsui no Hado within him. After all, Ryu has an apprentice of Gouken, Akuma’s brother, and had taken in the teachings of the Ansatsuken. Akuma had hoped that if he awakened Ryu’s hidden evil power, he would find in Ryu the most extraordinary and worthy opponent he could ever face.

Eventually, Oro would go on to take Ryu under his wing and train the honorable warrior. At this point, Ryu had been able to fully extinguish the Satsui no Hado within him and willingly embrace the Power of Nothingness instead. In the end, even though their actual battle culminated in a draw, it was Oro who took the real win over Akuma, getting the worthy warrior to his side.


This leaves many questions for the future, now that Street Fighter 6 is around the corner. SF6’s Ryu is the version of Ryu after the hard training under Oro, having awakened many powers in him. With Akuma supposedly about to be featured in Street Fighter 6, it will be interesting to see how Akuma will relate to this new version of Ryu, having surpassed the Satsui no Hado but with the twist of having trained under one of the very few men who were able to match Akuma in combat.

Hopefully, this story got you more interested in finding out more about the lore of Street Fighter, which is filled with tales of legend such as this.


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