[Top 10] Rust Best Loot Locations

Rust Best Loot Locations
Pull a gun on these guys... If you make it 2 steps you're a gamer....

Why Loot Locations Actually Matter

In Rust, choosing your base location WILL affect your success. If you build too close to a very good monument you're going to run into zergs and experienced players the whole time. AND you'll be one of their first raid targets. Of course, if you build too far from a good monument you'll progress too slowly and will end up trying to fight AK's with a hunting bow. So check out this article with the 10 best Rust loot locations!

10. Powerplant

Powerplant is an abandoned power plant, as the name indicates, which has plenty of radioactive pockets and not the best of loot.

What's good about Powerplant: 

  • It’ll be the least busy of all these monuments. Ideal for a player who prefers a bit of a slower pace, especially beginners.
  • There are usually loot-heavy roads around it.
  • There is no shortage of cover and there are plenty of hiding and ambush spots.

How To Get To Powerplant:

  • Find it on your map.
  • Mark it.
  • Get going.

9. The Dome

The Dome is a dome-shaped monument with loot inside and on top of it.

What's good about The Dome: 

  • The loot spots up on the dome are great for defending if you hold the high ground, meaning you won’t lose all your hard-earned loot.
  • There are military crates on top, occasionally also a locked crate.
  • It is less busy as the climb to the top is pretty hazardous and a fall can easily result in death and loss of a bunch of gear.

How To Get To The Dome:

  • Find it on a map.
  • Go to where it is on the map.

8. Airfield

Airfield is yet another abandoned government installation, also similar to train yard and water treatment.

What's good about Airfield: 

  • There is a relatively high loot density for a distinctly less busy monument.
  • Radiation ensures that only hazzied-up players loot the higher tier loot areas, meaning that if you manage to get yourself a hazmat suit there’s less competition for the higher tier loot.
  • There are plenty of bushes and buildings for cover in case of a hostile run-in.

How To Get To Airfield:

  • Find it on your map.
  • Make tracks.

7. Water Treatment

Water treatment is an abandoned water treatment plant with similar loot to train yard, if a bit less.

What's good about Water Treatment Plant: 

  • It is also generally not as busy as some of the larger monuments, for players who want a little bit less competition.
  • The recycling machine is in a very defensible position, making it almost impossible for enemies to sneak up, kill you, and yoink your loot.
  • The Chinook helicopter drops a locked crate occasionally, which contains high tier loot such as rifle receivers and guns.

How To Get To Water Treatment Plant:

  • Find it on your map.
  • Make sure you get there, somehow.

6. Train Yard

Trainyard is a run down abandoned train yard with a couple of train trucks, buildings and a fair bit of loot.

What's good about Train Yard: 

  • It is a bit quieter than some of the larger monuments such as launch site, but still has a great deal of fairly decent loot.
  • The rail trucks provide good cover during pvp encounters so you aren’t caught out in the open during a gun fight.
  • It’s a great place for adventurous solos who aren’t afraid of PVP and want halfway decent loot.

How To Get To Train Yard:

  • Find it on your map.
  • Head for the spot where you marked it on your map.

5. Military Tunnels

Military tunnels are just that. Military tunnels guarded by blue scientists hiding great guns and gear. There are also loot puzzles to complete, just like at most monuments.

What's good about Military Tunnels: 

  • Military tunnels is doable as a solo, provided you have guns and meds.
  • It’s quite dark inside, giving you the edge should another team or player try to counter you as you raid the tunnels.
  • There are plenty of scrap barrels around the area which are farmable safely out of range of the first scientist guarding the bridge in front of the entrance.

How To Get To Military Tunnels:

  • Find the monument on your map.
  • Use the grid squares and your compass at the top of your screen to guide you there.

4. Launch Site

Launch site is an abandoned missile launch site with plenty of great loot and pvp fun to go round.

What's good about Launch Site: 

  • Launch site has loads of epic ambush points from which you can ambush geared players using a db and then yoink all their precious loot!
  • The size of launch site and the loot density makes it a very popular spot which means that there will be plenty of pvp in the area. No worries about getting bored at this spot!
  • The patrol helicopter lands to refuel at launch site, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Defeating it will leave insane loot on the ground including a bunch of HQM (high quality metal).

How To Get To Launch Site:

  • Look for it on your map.
  • Start running in its direction.
  • You can of course, also use your horse, or car, or helicopter to travel faster!

3. Small Oil Rig

Small oil rig is an offshore monument which is also heavily guarded, but not as hard to beat as large oil rig. It has a ton of lucrative loot for greedy players!

What's good about Small Oil Rig: 

  • There is no radiation to worry about.
  • There are no heavy scientists (provided you don’t hack the locked crate of course!)
  • There is a TON of loot, with the top floor having 10 loot containers and 6 scientists.

How To Get To Small Oil Rig:

  • Look for where it spawned on the map.
  • Get a boat or a minicopter and go for it!

2. Large Oil Rig

Large Oil Rig is a heavily guarded offshore oil rig and is significantly more challenging to beat than small oil rig. I think.

What's good about Large Oil Rig: 

  • You can get high tier explosives and weapons off of it.
  • You can get extremely rare crafting components such as tech trash for C4.
  • It has an army of scientists to make the trip a little more exciting!

How To Get To Large Oil Rig:

  • Find it on your map.
  • Get a helicopter or a boat and get cracking!

1. Cargo

Cargo is a heavily guarded cargo ship that travels around the map twice every 2 hours.

What's good about Cargo:

  • What's good about Cargo: 
  • It has the best loot on the map.
  • It has several high tier loot locked crates.
  • There is an army of scientists to fight in order to get the loot you want. More boom more fun!

How To Get To Cargo:

  • Find it on your map, compare your position to it’s position and start running! 
  • Actually, you’ll need a boat or a minicopter to get to it and to transfer loot back to your base.

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