[Top 3] Best Rimworld Schedules To Follow

Get your colonists working under the best work schedules.

A schedule is a plan your colonists follow to do their daily tasks. The schedules of your colonists will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your colonists. Schedules are important because it makes it easier for your colonists to run the colony more smoothly.

1. Early Bird

This is the early bird schedule. Colonists will wake up and work early in the morning. Like us, your colonists can’t work all day. They will need time for recreation at the end of the day. This helps your colonists keep their moods high and avoid mental breakdowns. 

This schedule is a good baseline to follow especially for new players. It allows your colonists to maximize their time for both work and recreation. Think about it, the average person in real life would like to relax at the end of the day after working for several hours. Also, you might want to consider your colonists’ travel time. It would be better for your colonists to travel to their workstation and work straight for hours or have them fill their recreational needs in one session than to have them jumping from work and recreation.

Advice and Helpful Information

  • - No need to touch the default sleep schedule as the game sets every colonist to sleep starting from 10 p.m. (22:00) to 5 a.m. (5:00)
  • - The straight working hours and straight recreation hours ensure that your colonists waste no time traveling from one task to another.

Early Bird Details: 

  • Set work hours starting from 6 a.m. (6:00) to 3 p.m. (15:00)
  • Set recreation hours starting from 4 p.m. (16:00) to 9 p.m. (21:00)
  • Don’t change the default sleep schedule. It’s set from 10 p.m. (22:00) to 5 a.m. (5:00) which is what you want.


2. Night Owl

This is the night owl schedule. Your colonists who have the ‘night owl’ trait love spending time awake at night, and hate spending time in the day. You’ll need to change their sleep schedules to suit their needs. 

You might want to set your night owls’ schedules to suit their needs. Your colonists with the ‘night owl’ trait will get a mood debuff when they are awake from 11 a.m. (11:00) to 6 p.m. (18:00). But you’ll be pleased to know that these night owls will get a mood boost when they are awake from 11 p.m. (23:00) to 6 a.m. (6:00). If your night owl gets into a romantic relationship with an early bird or quick sleeper, then you might want to change that colonist’s sleep schedule to match the night owl’s sleep schedule. This ensures that they receive the ' got some lovin’ ’ mood boost which is great for colonists who have romantic partners.

Advice and Helpful Information

  • - Night owls are great for stealing insect jelly from insect hives because the insects are asleep at night.
  • - Match the sleep schedules of your night owl and their romantic partner. 

Night Owl Details: 

  • Change the default sleep schedule and set it at 11 a.m. (11:00) to 6 p.m. (18:00).
  • Set the work schedule starting from 1 a.m. (1:00) to 10 a.m. (10:00).
  • Set the recreation schedule starting from 7 p.m. (19:00) to 12 a.m. (0:00).


3. Quick Sleeper

This is a great ‘quick sleeper’ schedule. Quick sleepers need 2⁄3 's of sleep that the average colonist needs. It means that they’ll recuperate faster than colonists who don’t have the same trait. 

Quick sleepers don’t work well with the default sleep schedule. You might want to change that so they don’t wake up too early for work and end up falling asleep due to exhaustion at random hours in the day. What you’ll want to do is to set their sleep schedules apart with 8 hours in between. Your quick sleepers will only need only about 6 hours of rest per day. Setting their sleep schedules at 4 hours per sleep session within the day ensures that they have at least an hour to walk to their beds. 

Hey, did you notice something? That’s right, all three schedules intersect from 7 p.m. (19:00) to 11 p.m. (23:00). This is to ensure that your colonists, whether they are early bird, night owl, or quick sleeper, will interact with one another in the recreation room you built for them. Your colonists need to socialize too, you know. This three-hour window allows your colonists to build social bonds with one another and raises the odds of colonists liking one another.

Advice and Helpful Information

  • - Quick sleepers don’t work efficiently with the default sleep schedule of the game. 
  • - Set your quick sleepers’ sleep sessions at least eight hours apart. 
  • - You can set two different work sessions and two different recreation sessions if you prefer. 

Quick Sleeper Details:

  • Set two different sleep schedules. One starting from 10 p.m. (22:00) to 1 a.m. (1:00) and another starting from 10 a.m. (10:00) to 1 p.m. (13:00).
  • Set their main work schedule starting from 2 a.m. (2:00) to 9 a.m. (9:00). And an additional one starting from 2 p.m. (14:00) to 3 p.m. (15:00). 
  • Set recreation schedule starting from 4 p.m. (16:00) to 9 p.m. (21:00).


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