Top 15 Best Rimworld Seeds (2019 Edition)

Best Rimworld Seeds
Do you have what it takes to escape the planet?

Building your colony in a good location makes all the difference.

Finding a good place to settle in Rimworld can sometimes be a challenge. When selecting you landing site, you can get some info on it, like the biome, the temperature, the kind of stones you can find there among other things. However sometimes that’s not enough, and if you’re looking for a specific map layout, you have to either find it by trial and error or get a seed from someone who did exactly that.

Seeds are parameters you can feed into the world generation to get specific maps. If you use, let’s say, “I love my mom” as a seed, it’ll generate the same map shape every time.

So if you’re looking for a nice defendable mountainous area with good steam geyser positions, you can try to find a seed and coordinates for this colony location from people who have more patience than you. But let me help you with that. Bellow I’ll list my top 15 Rimworld Seeds.

15. “stream” (11.53N, 15.89E) (50% coverage)

Tropical map with a mountain pocket.

I’m generally not a big fan of tropical maps. They’re usually slow to move in, have a lot of soil you need to drain and more predators than usual. But if you want it, redditor Mindhunterz32 has your back.

The pocket in the mountains is easy enough to defend, and the year-round growing period will probably keep your colonists from starving.

What is awesome about it:

  • Easy to defend.
  • Has a hidden eastern area. Hidden areas are always fun
  • Year-round growing period.
  • Mild temperatures.


14. “yuna” (30% Globe Coverage) (24.7N, 8.57W) (30% coverage)    

Temperate map with a river.

Originally posted on reddit by user carsonfray. This one might not look like much when you first look at it. It has a nice river that can be used for power generation, but geyser position isn’t very special. However, once you dig in the mountain a little bit you find this:

Cave revealed by mining.

If you dig inside the mountain you can find this nice defendable open area you can plant in. It’s a great find for a mountain base.

What is awesome about it:

  • River can be used for power generation.
  • Nice valley with soil for planting.
  • Very defendable.
  • Great for mountain bases.

13. “white” (44.77S, 164.95W) (100% coverage)

Mountainous map with river cutting it in the middle.

Two pockets that are easy to defend? Check. River? Check. Good location for geysers? Check. This map has it all. It’s very solid, and almost a bit too easy. But redditor FlamingWeasel’s colony will definitely be safe for a good amount of time.

What is awesome about it:

  • Two pockets to choose from.
  • River and geysers for power generation.
  • Water in the map serves as a natural defense.


12. “pistol” (27.48N, 13.91W) (30% coverage)

Big river with a southern mountain pocket.

Posted on reddit by user depressinglad, it’s a good first mountain-base colony map. With an alright growing period, big river and defendability, the only reason this one is not higher on the list is because of the nature of mountain bases. I mean, they invite bugs. Big bugs. Nobody likes bugs.

What is awesome about it:

  • Big river + geyser will give you a lot of free power.
  • Good enough growing period, although not a lot of defendable land to grow it.
  • Very easily defendable with turrets, since rivers make enemies move slower.

11. “cheer” (46.55N, 37.53E) (30% coverage)

Desert coastal map.

This is another map with hidden potential. If you start on the northern or southern part of the map, just dig towards the center for a little and you’ll find the reason the map is on this list:

Big area revealed by mining the mountain.

By reddit user cheerfulhappy, this is desert map very suited for building. And the best thing about it: the only entrances are in the north and in the south. So you can plan your defenses accordingly.

There is one problem though, it doesn’t have a lot of space for planting, since a lot of the map is sand. You can change this in the world generation by using the max rainfall config, but honestly? I like it this way.

What is awesome about it:

  • Tons of space for building.
  • West and East are closed, so raids will only come from the north or south.
  • Most of the geysers in the map are easy to access.

10. “wilhelmina” (41.80N, 14.37W) (50% coverage)

Coastal map with natural caves.

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited when a map has naturally occurring caves. Honestly, this one is not particularly good in anything. Geyser location is all over the place, it is not particularly defendable, but… I don’t know, I just like it! It looks good.

What is awesome about it:

  • Caves make it challenging.
  • Possibility of drama due to insects.
  • It’s just an interesting, nice-looking map.

9. “devil” (21.45N, 0.79E) (30% coverage)

Mountain valley with river separating the rest of the map.

A pretty straightforward map. A location surrounded by mountains with a geyser and some rich soil. Also comes with a free moat!

What is awesome about it:

  • Water slows movement, so that river will make your colonists and turrets more likely to get those shots in before enemies approach.
  • Geyser and river can provide power.
  • Rich soil will keep you from starving.
  • Highly defendable.

8. “bowler hat” (13.04N, 42.96W) (30% coverage)

Big mountain pocket with natural cave.

This map by redditor Sinnombre124 has a nice valley protected by mountains, with a road going from north to south. It gives you a lot of space both inside and outside the mountain and is easy to defend. An overall good map.

What is awesome about it:

  • Quite defendable, although sappers could be an issue.
  • Lots of space.
  • Hidden area to the northeast has a geyser.
  • Year-round growing period and good average temperatures.
  • Road helps you travel to other maps.


7. “tyu” (28.92N, 24.75E) (30% coverage)

C-shaped area surrounded by mountains.

Posted on reddit by user duckrollin, this one has a nice c-shaped valley with a river cutting from top to bottom. It’s easy to defend, looks good and has the potential to produce power. An easy to play map that is also cool-looking.

What is awesome about it:

  • Fairly easy to defend.
  • A lot of space for crops.
  • Geyser and river can be used for power.
  • It looks nice.


6. “Excalibur” (31.12N, 37.21W) (30% coverage)

Large mountain pocket with a lot of soil.

Submitted on reddit by user Fidelfc, this is a map fitting for a mountain king. It is amazing defense-wise, geyser location is great and has an alright growing period. This one is essentially easy-mode.

What is awesome about it:

  • Extremely defendable.
  • Tons of soil for planting.
  • Inside mountain-base optional.
  • Two easy to defend geysers for thermal power.
  • Easy-mode Rimworld


5. “big ole breath mints” (29.14N, 1.96W) (30% coverage)


Big western mountain with a river coming from north to south.

By reddit user PM_ME_YOUR_FAV_COLOR, this map will give you options. You can either make a mountain-base, going inside the entrance to the west or you can make a hybrid one in the northern part of the map.

The first one will give you a lot of defense, and the second one will give you access to a river and tons of fertile land. Temperatures might be low, but the access to both a river and a road for traveling are great features for this map.

What is awesome about it:

  • Connection to a road, which is good for traveling.
  • Options on where to set-up your base.
  • A long river for power (green energy!)
  • West side of the map has no entrances.
  • Adventure! I’m not gonna tell you where, but this mountain has a cave with insects inside.


4. “settlement” (51.69N, 42.04W) (30% coverage)

Two mountain pockets with geysers and water.

A little more on the colder side, this one also has a very nice entrance from the east to the center of the map, with a geyser, com rich soil and a very defendable position. This cool map by reddit user FlazzleDazzle has it all.

Although my version is a little different from the original post, I found this map to have some good starting locations and everything you could ask for.

What is awesome about it:

  • Very defendable.
  • Rich soil for crops.
  • Nicely placed geysers.


3. “bandit” (39.17N, 14.59E) (30% coverage)

Big mountain pocket with access to river, geyser and rich soil.

Another easy one from reddit user LVL99RUNECRAFTING, this is the map you wanna go for if you want a chill experience. It has three routes in, but two of them are covered by the river and the enemy pathfinding will make sure you’ll never have to worry about those exits. The power sources and rich soil will make this one a piece of cake to survive in.

What is awesome about it:

  • Easy to defend.
  • A lot of safe river space for power.
  • Tons of rich soil.
  • A bunch of safe space do build in.
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


2. “worD” (25.23S, 15.95W) (50% coverage)

Open coastal map with a road.

Look, sometimes you don’t want a defendable mountain base. Sometimes you just want to have a nice vacation colony by the beach, just like reddit user ladyLyric. This one will give you a road, a river and the soothing sound of waves. Just pray the devs won’t patch in any sea-related natural disasters.

What is awesome about it:

  • Challenging to defend but more fun to build.
  • Will allow you to expand with less limitations.
  • River for power.
  • Temperatures are generally mild and harvesting is almost all year long.
  • Beach house!


1. “pumpkin” (54.06N, 32.74W) (30% coverage)

Mountainous coastal map with a very large river.

Wanna be a viking? This map by reddit user Cobra__Commander will let you. I mean, there really aren’t any boats in the game, but you can still raid and pillage, right? This cold map gives you a nice long river you can use as a moat, some good geyser location and some nice northern atmosphere.

What is awesome about it:

  • Vikings.
  • Big river, good for both power and defense.
  • Good geyser locations.
  • Few map entrances.
  • Easy to defend with traps if you know what you’re doing.

Anyway, these are my top choices for seeds in Rimworld. I tried to cover a wide array of kinds of maps while maintaining usability. I hope you can find a seed that is worth your time, and if you have any interesting ones, share them with us in the comments below. So, good luck on your colonies and happy building!

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