[Top 15] Best Rimworld Mods For A Brand New Experience

Best Rimworld Mods
Some mods are big and some are small for exactly the experience you want.

Rimworld is an amazing game and you could easily invest hundreds or even thousands of hours goofing around in the base game. After that huge amount of time you might feel like the game gets a little stale. Even as huge a game as Rimworld can get old if you invest enough time. Once you get even the slightest hint of tired of the base game there are thousands of mods available on the Steam Workshop to spice things up or improve the way things are played. 

15. EdB Prepare Carefully-

Manually set the branches of the pawns family trees. 

This quality of life mod improves and expands the scenario editor so that you can be as particular as you’d like when you start a colony. You can give pawns a specific level of skill and passion and even connect the branches of family trees. Your start can be made as easy or challenging as you want with a well-structured point economy. 

How does EdB Prepare Carefully make Rimworld more fun?:

  • Makes the startup a bit more like an RPG.
  • Less random pawns and equipment. 
  • Full customization.

EdB Prepare Carefully Steam Workshop page Here

14. Hospitality-

Run a successful BNB to earn some extra silver for your colony.

Hospitality is an awesome mod that adds a lot of new interactions with pawns that visit your colony. It adds a dynamic relationship system for nearby factions, and it makes it possible to recruit and arrest visitors. You can also set up rooms that visitors can rent for a steady source of silver for your colony. 

Rimworld southern Hospitality:

  • You can charge as much or little as you’d like for rented rooms.
  • Populate your colony faster by recruiting friendly guests.
  • Sell old junk to visitors to clear storage and get some spare silver.
  • Happy visitors might help out around the colony. 

Get Hospitality on Steam Here.

13. Realistic Rooms-

Finally able to give each pawn a reasonably sized room to themselves.

In base Rimworld your pawns will often expect a decent-sized bedroom or dining room. This mod adjusts what the pawns consider to be a good-sized room for most rooms. The preset room sizes are reduced slightly to make building your colony slightly easier. 

Why should you subscribe to this mod?:

  • Much easier colony management.
  • Buildings can be constructed smaller. Thus conserving valuable space and resources. 
  • Easier to keep pawns happy. 

Subscribe to Realistic Rooms Here.

12. Simple Sidearms-

Carry your melee weapon and ranged sidearm at the same time!

In combat, you’ll often find your pawns vulnerable if their weapons aren’t made for a particular situation. As the mod name might suggest, your pawns can carry more than a single weapon. This way your sniper can keep a knife or whatever on their person for emergencies.

Add Simple Sidearms to your mod list!:

  • More inventory slots for weapons.
  • More dynamic combat.
  • Pairs well with other weapon mods.

Find Simple Sidearms Here.

11. Blueprints-

Speed build your colony with saved blueprints.

Construction in Rimworld can be pretty tedious. Especially when you reach a higher population colony. This mod will allow you to copy and paste existing constructions.

Streamline construction with Blueprints mod:

  • Easy construction.
  • Housing plans in seconds. 
  • Colony management is made easier.

Get Blueprints mod Here.

10. Vanilla Furniture Expanded-

Many of the mods in this mod pack have actually inspired updates to the base game.

I thoroughly recommend the entire series of mods produced by Oskar Potocki. They’re all a dedicated DLC with how much content is used to expand on the vanilla game. Everything from animals, to beds, and utility constructions are added to Rimworld in this mod-pack. 

How does Vanilla Expanded improve Rimworld?:

  • So much added content.
  • All together these mods are an official expansion to the base game.
  • A huge quality of life boosts with these mods.

Get started on Vanilla Expanded Here.

9. Humanoid Alien Races 2.0-

Add a little diversity to your campaign.

In a game that features space and intergalactic trade, you might assume there would be races other than human. This is not the case in base Rimworld, unfortunately. In this mod, you’re capable of custom making your own alien races with as wild features as you care to design.

A more in-depth Rimworld experience:

  • Totally custom races.
  • Everything from sci-fi to fantasy races.
  • The only restriction is your imagination.

Subscribe Here.

8. Share the Load-

Everyone gets to pitch in to building the spaceship.

In Rimworld some construction projects could take days for a singular construction. Especially if one pawn is forced to work on it by themselves. Share the Load allows pawns to do that. Larger project construction time can be cut down with the help of multiple pawns.

Share the Load, improving the Rimworld experience:

  • Much easier to invest in larger constructions. 
  • Everyone participating gains construction experience. 
  • Teamwork!

Get Share the Load, Here.

7. Save Our Ship 2-

Fully expanded late game strategies.

For a game where the primary objective is to escape the planet, there’s surprisingly little to do once you get to space. Save our ship 2 is a complete overhaul of how space is looked at in Rimworld. From quests to space stations, to becoming a freaking space pirate this mod adds so much!

How does SOS 2 improve the fun?:

  • Store extra resources in your fancy space station. 
  • Go on Space quests.
  • Travel to other planets for intergalactic trade.
  • Attack other settlements and ships as an outlaw space pirate!

Subscribe Here.

6.  Z-Levels Beta-

Expand your storage with a basement and and attic. 

You’d think in a game where you can travel to space and make advanced missile systems that you could construct a second floor to any building in your colony. Unfortunately, in the base game, every building is only a single floor. Z-levels is a mod in development at the moment, but it allows you to dig down for underground construction and add an additional above-ground floor to your constructions.

What Z-Levels adds:

  • 3d mountain ranges.
  • Subterranean defenses and storage. 
  • More efficient buildings.

Support Z-Levels Beta Here.

5. Map Reroll-

Never get stuck with a bad map again.

As you start a colony you could spend several minutes carefully selecting a starting location on the planet only for the map to suck. This mod introduces the option for you to totally reroll the starting map. It allows you to choose from several options loosely fitting the locations parameters. 

Map Reroll benefits:

  • A bad map can make fun difficult so just reroll until you get the one you like.
  • A map without any heat vents or very little ore deposits can cripple a colony.
  • Reroll maps until you get the best defensible spot.

Get the Map Reroll mod Here.

4. Death Rattle-

Keep those spare kidneys for emergency surgery.

Combat in Rimworld can be extremely dangerous and losing a pawn can to a stray shot can be devastating. Some injuries are instantly lethal with no chance at all of rescuing your beloved pawns. Adding the Death Rattle mod gives your doctor a brief window to tend to your critically wounded warriors. 

Why add Death Rattle to your subscriptions?:

  • Losing a good pawn to a lucky shot can be tragic. Give yourself a chance to save them.
  • Slightly more dynamic combat.
  • Experienced medic required. 

Find and Subscribe Here.

3. Colony Manager-

Deligate the small stuff to your pawns to deal with.

Certain aspects of running your colony can be rather tedious. With this mod you can designate specific goals for certain resources and your pawns will automatically work to those goals. You’ll never have to manually tell them to chop wood or go hunting again if you manage wisely. 

Improving the Rimworld experience with Colony Manager:

  • Easier to manage some of the more tedious aspects of running a colony. 
  • Set a minimum amount of wood and meat you’ll have in storage and watch your pawn automatically fulfill those demands.

Subscribe to the Colony Manager Here.

2. Pick Up And Haul-

Cut hauling time in half by actually filling your inventory.

In the base Rimworld experience, it can get pretty silly watching your pawns haul stuff one item at a time. Pick Up And Haul allows pawns to completely fill their inventory with as much as they can regardless of different items. 

  • A mod of incredible convenience:
  • Streamlined hauling.
  • More efficient pawns.

Pick Up And Haul Steam Workshop Here.

1. Multiplayer-

Goof off with your best friends ruining the lives of several pawns!

For those of you like myself, single-player games can get boring pretty fast even if you’re absolutely in love with the game. This mod does something magical to Rimworld. It allows you to host a Rimworld server and play with as many friends as you care to connect with. All players are given equal control over the colony so it can be weird and fun to have an extra set of eyes on your pawns.

Ten times the fun with friends!: 

  • Host through Steam for easy connection.
  • Play with all your friends for maximum fun.
  • Learn to play with other people’s playstyles.

Subscribe to Multiplayer mod Here.

It is important to remember that many mods require you to start a new save file, so if you’re invested in your current colony you should hold off until you’ve finished that playthrough. Another important factor to keep in mind is that not all mods are compatible with one another. You can install as many as you’d like, but you may not be able to play with conflicting mods. 

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