Resident Evil 7: All DLC - Which Is the Best?

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All gamers have felt it - the empty feeling after you've finished a game in its entirety. The story you've so enjoyed is over, and you can't decide what to do with yourself next. For moments like those, it's a blessing to have DLCs available so you can jump back into the story!

Resident Evil 7 fans are lucky to have hours and hours of DLC content available. This guide has everything you need to know about Resident Evil 7 DLCs, with our final entry being the best DLC!

4. Not a Hero

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Chris Redfield Makes a Special Appearance in 'Not a Hero'

The Official 'Not a Hero' Gameplay Trailer

Release Date: Dec. 12, 2017

"Not a Hero" features a veteran character from the original game, Chris Redfield. After the end of the main Resident Evil 7 game, Chris is tasked with finding Lucas Baker, who escaped into the salt mines.

Not only does it have a familiar character, but it also maintains much of the game mechanics from the main game. You encounter new enemies, new weapons, and a new HUD.

What's Great About "Not a Hero"

  • Dedicated fans of the Resident Evil series enjoy seeing an iconic character!
  • It takes a combat-heavy approach by focusing on weapons and enemies more than combat and puzzles.
  • You get more of the twisted schemes you've come to expect and love from Lucas Baker!
  • You'll finally get closure to Lucas' story.
  • It's free to play!

DLC Features

  • Not a Hero was released as a free add-on for all owners of the main game.
  • You experience the game from the viewpoint of Chris Redfield, who is an agent for a re-vamped Umbrella Corp.
  • It includes new variants of Molded that require unique, interesting weapons to take down.
  • The salt mine turns into a giant puzzle, filled with dangerous new Molded and trapped Umbrella Corp agents.
  • 3 difficulty levels: "Easy," "Normal," and "Professional."

Price: FREE

3. End of Zoe

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One of the Amazing Official Photos from 'End of Zoe'

This Trailer Shows Parts of 'End of Zoe.'

Release Date: Dec. 12, 2017

After "Not a Hero," it turns out that the Baker family story still isn't over. After helping Ethan escape, Eveline calcified Zoe. Zoe survives, but she's in desperate need of help. An unfamiliar member of the Baker family shows up for some Louisiana-style brawling to save Zoe!

What's Great About "End of Zoe"

  • After Zoe's instrumental role in Ethan's escape, many fans wondered what happened to her. This DLC expands on Zoe's story and provides more insight into the Baker family.
  • While the roles range from minor to major, it brings back familiar characters, including Jack Baker, Ethan, and Chris Redfield.
  • Combat, weapons, and enemies have several differences from the main game and other DLCs. The changes to the gameplay present a new style that many players will enjoy.

DLC Features

  • You play as Jack Baker's brother, Joe Baker.
  • Combat relies heavily on fist-fighting, melee attacks, and stealth attacks.
  • Even more new variants of Molded, as well as a "swamp man" and gators. The variety of enemies provides fresh elements to the story.
  • 3 difficulty levels: "Easy," "Normal," and "Joe Must Die."
  • This DLC is also available as part of the DLC Season Pass for $29.99. The Gold Edition of Resident Evil 7 also includes all DLC content.

Price: $14.99

2. Banned Footage Vol. 2

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The Full 'Banned Footage' Videotape Collection

Gameplay from 'Banned Footage Vol. 2'

Release Date: Feb. 14, 2017

After a positive response to Volume 1, fans had high hopes for Volume 2. Although it seems that the consensus is that Volume 1 is better, Volume 2 has its fair share of enjoyable content! Like Volume 1, Volume 2 includes 2 new videotapes and 1 new game mode.

What's Great About "Banned Footage Vol. 2"

  • The content offers interesting new information about what else happened to the Sewer Gators cameraman, Clancy.
  • It also shows, from Zoe's point of view, the night that Eveline arrived and infected her family.
  • The new game mode, "Jack's 55th Birthday," has several stages to beat for plenty of extra RE7 fun!

DLC Features

  • "21." This first game shows Clancy playing for his life in Lucas' twisted version of the classic card game "21." For extra fun, try to win against all 10 opponents! This video is available in 3 modes: "Story Mode," "Survival Mode," and "Survival+ Mode."
  • "Daughters." This videotape has you play as Zoe as she watches her family change after taking in a child that survived a shipwreck. Watch as the Baker family transforms from a regular, loving group to the horrific mutants that Ethan encounters. Depending on how you play, 2 different endings are available.
  • "Jack's 55th Birthday." In this mode, you play as Mia attempting to pacify Jack on his birthday by feeding him. You progress through 6 total stages: Guest House 1, Testing Area 1, Main House 1, Guest House 2, Testing Area 2, and Main House 2. Your performance is ranked from C-SS based on how quickly you satisfy Jack.
  • This DLC pack is also included in the Season Pass and Gold Edition.

Price: $14.99

1. Banned Footage Vol. 1

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Get up Close and Personal With Marguerite Baker!

The Official 'Banned Footage' Trailer

Release Date: Jan. 31, 2017

Volume 1 of "Banned Footage" was the first DLC released for RE7. Fans that were hungry for more RE7 welcomed the DLC with open arms, and it remains a fan favorite. With 2 new videotapes and a new game mode, there's no shortage of quality content!

What's Great About "Banned Footage Vol. 1"

  • The 2 videotapes focus on Clancy as he endures captivity and torture at the hands of the Baker family. You'll dive back into the depravity while you struggle to keep Clancy alive.
  • The new game mode puts you back into Ethan's shoes in a test of skills. While the map is familiar, it places ranked item chests into the environment as well as spawning traps and enemies in different spots.
  • This DLC pack sticks closer to the familiar style of the main game.

DLC Features

  • "Bedroom." The bedroom videotape plunges Clancy into Marguerite's grasp. Momma Baker holds Clancy captive in bed while she encourages him to eat the less-than-savory dinner she made for him. You're tasked with finding an escape without Marguerite catching on to your efforts. The anxiety about being discovered leaves you on edge through the entire videotape!
  • "Nightmare." This tape again focuses on Clancy as he's locked in the basement to face the horde of Molded. If "Nightmare" isn't enough for you, the "Night Terror" mode will give you a run for your money! Survive until dawn if you can!
  • "Ethan Must Die." This survival minigame lands Ethan in the yard surrounded by enemies and traps. Armed with only a pocketknife, Ethan must fight his way through the map, searching for more weapons and supplies in chests. Enemies also deal more damage, intensifying your survival experience. "Normal" mode places enemies and chests in fixed spots, while "Strategy" mode randomizes locations for added difficulty.
  • This DLC pack also comes in the Season Pass and Gold Edition.

Price: $9.99

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