Rainbow Six Siege New Operators, Ranked

New Update Means New Operators! (Copyright Ubisoft)

Last month Ubisoft released year 3, season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege. 3 years is a long time to continuously evolve the same game, especially titles like Call of Duty that come out with a new title every year. However, Ubisoft keeps giving players new content almost every season and for year 3 season 1 they gave players 2 new operators and a new game mode, Outbreak. Which was an unprecedented release, as it was the first new game mode that was released for Rainbow Six Siege. So what else can Ubisoft do? What is to come for the rest of year 3?

According to Ubisoft’s year 3 panel review, they have a few aces in the hole to keep gamers glued to their chairs trying to obtain diamond rank (I need to get out of copper first). There will be 3 more season releases for year 3 so let’s dive in.

Season 2: 2 new operators from Italy’s GIS Unit. As well as a brand new map located in Italy.

Season 3: 2 new operators, one will be from the UK’s Scotland Yard. The other will be a US Delta Force Operator. There will not be a new map accompanying these operators. Instead Ubisoft has said they are going to rework the existing maps. From Ubisoft, “considerable changes to level design and art direction. The essence of the map will remain the same, but the gameplay and tactics will be completely different. “

Season 4: 2 new operators from the Moroccan GIGR unit, as well as a new map featured in Morocco.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Roadmap (Courtesy of Ubisoft)

Now with new goodies on the way for year 3, we will take a step back to the last couple of seasons and rank the newest operators that have joined the Siege team since operation White Noise (for consistency with Polish operators, Ela will be included in this ranking). As always Rainbow Six is ever changing with updates, so these rankings are subject to change. You can thank Rainbow Six’s in-game menu for the following stats. You may also see the Pro League Season 7 Week 2 pick rate, courtesy of Siege.gg (via cubeupload)


1. Finka – Attacker (Released 06 March 2018, Operation Chimera)







Gadget: Nanobot Shot

Season 7 week 2 Pick Rate: <15%

Finka is a Spetsnaz operator with a very unique ability to make all of her teammates stronger, faster, and more steady on the gun. With one tap of the gadget button Finka will release nanobots into the blood stream of her allies increasing health by about 20 HP (if you have 100 then you will receive a health boost), movement speed (even through barbed wire), faster aim down sight reaction time, and faster reload time. Finka’s Nanobot Shot is also able to revive down but not out (DBNO) teammates, they will revive with 5 health after the surge wears off. Finka can use this ability 3 times per round, last for 20 seconds, and has a 20 second cooldown. Finka’s ability has immense benefits to her team and is very easy to use, just hit the gadget button….that’s it, there is no emplacement or aiming. The only thing your Finka must do is be observant to use the nanobots at the right time. Using this ability in the first 10 seconds does not do anything for your team (I have seen it done). Pending any nerfs this ability puts Finka number one on our list.

Finka’s loadout gives you some pretty good volume of fire. Since she is a Spetsnaz operator you can equip her with a 6P41 light machine gun, which gives you 47 damage and 100 rounds to play with at a decent 680 round per minute (RPM) pace. Finka can run with the Spear .308 assault rifle that comes with a 30 round clip and a 780 rounds per minute rate of fire. The damage output (38) is not that great compared to other assault rifles, but the recoil (or lack thereof) is what really makes this weapon great. I do not have the steadiest hands in the gaming world, but with Finka’s assault weapon coupled with her nanobots, even I can hit headshots like I play for Evil Geniuses. Finka comes with 2 sidearm choices, the PMM and GSH – 18 pistols. The PMM is the same as the other Spetsnaz operators and has a high damage output (61), but it only comes with 8 rounds. The recoil is not as bad as Montagne’s six shooter, but you still have to be conservative with you shots. You can equip either breach charges or stun grenades when playing Finka.

2. Dokkaebi – Attacker (Released 05 December 2017, Operation White Noise)






Gadget: Logic Bomb

Season 7 week 2 Pick Rate: <15%

Dokkaebi is a South Korean operator that comes with a technologically savvy ability that will make you question your Samsung devices. Her gadget is the Logic Bomb and with it she will be able to “call” defender’s phones 2 times per round. Though she is not calling to just talk about the weather, oh no, she is trying to give away their positions. When the defenders’ phones ring they are on vibrate, admitting a fairly loud buzz that will continue to go off until the hacked defenders take a few precious seconds to turn it off. This ability is great for setting up a push on to the objective or moving your position since the defenders will be dealing with their phones. But, it is more than just distracting your opponents, Dokkaebi can actually hack into the defenders’ cameras as well. This ability is the first one to give the attackers access to the security cameras, as well as any Valkyrie cameras that might be spying on you. Dokkaebi is a medium difficulty operator, you have to be communicating with your team to sync up calling phones (remember you only get 2 calls) and you have to get to an eliminated body of a defender to hack the cameras. However, the versatility and increase in situational awareness makes Dokkaebi number 2 on our list.

Dokkaebi’s Loadout options are few, but she has some powerful ones. The Mk 14 EBR is a marksman rifle that hits hard at 60 damage and has a 20 round clip. The recoil is extremely manageable for a hard hitting rifle, especially compared to Buck’s rifle. If shotguns are more your playstyle you have a unique option with Dokkaebi. The BOSG.12.2 is a top break, over under double-barrel shotgun. Basically it looks like a shotgun your grandpa would take to go skeet shooting. Now the damage is extremely high, like the highest in the game at 125. The obvious down fall is you only have 2 rounds to expend before you reload. Dokkaebi comes with 2 SMG sidearms. The C75 Auto SMG has a modest 35 damage for an SMG and a 26 round magazine. The recoil will take you way off target if you let it, so shorter burst is best. Then there is the SMG 12, this beast SMG has 28 damage coming out at a 1270 rate of fire to take your opponents health straight to zero in no time flat. You are going to have to still control that recoil though. Finally, Dokkaebi can run with smoke grenades to perhaps help a Glaz or plant the bomb. Or, she can protect the flanks with a claymore.

3. Zofia – Attacker (Released 05 December 2017, Operation White Noise)






Gadget: KS79 Lifeline

Season 7 Week 2 Pick Rate: 21.5%

Zofia’s ability is a KS79 Lifeline, essentially it’s a grenade launcher, sound familiar? It should, Ash also has a grenade launcher, however, Zofia’s comes with 2 barrels instead of 1. Naturally, this tells you that you have got 2 options to shoot out of this launcher. You can either fire an impact grenade, which acts almost the same as Ash’s launcher round. This round will make an entry way in soft walls, boarded up doors or windows. The next round is where Zofia is different with her concussion grenade. The switch between rounds is very quick, which makes Zofia pretty versatile coupled with her 2/3 speed and armor. Zofia can open up another avenue of approach and launch a concussion grenade in right behind the impact grenade for a calculated push. In order to play as a good Zofia you need good map knowledge in order to really effect the opposing team and be most effective.


Zofia’s main attraction in her loadout is the LMG-E, it has a 32 damage output at 720 rpm. Also, she has 150 round drum magazine to feed her LMG. The M762 is her assault rifle and at 45 damage, 30 round magazine, and 730 rpm it is not a bad option as far as firepower. Be sure to add a grip to this guy though he kicks quite a bit. Only 1 pistol can accompany Zofia on the battlefield and that is the RG15. It has 38 damage with 15 rounds to blow through and a custom reflex scope to help get the perfect shot when you need it. The biggest downfall with the RG15 is the spray pattern….it’s all over the place, so attach a muzzle break to keep the grouping somewhat together. Breach charges and claymores are great choices to close out this loadout.


4. Ela – Defender (Released August 29 2017, Operation Blood Orchid)

Ella (Courtesy of Mp1st)





Gadget: GRZMOT Mine

Season 7 week 2 Pick Rate: 13.1%

Some might gripe about this ranking of Ela, but she has received a few nerfs since her release. At the beginning of Ela’s reign she was almost a default pick amongst Pro League players because of her ridiculous SMG. The nerfs were a reduced damage output to her SMG with an increase recoil, and finally they gave her a deployable shield instead of impact grenades. Ubisoft has to be careful with giving an operator a deployable shield and saying that it is a “nerf”, that could make the community question if that gear should even be in the game in the first place. Ela is still a good choice for a defender, but Ubisoft should also look at buffing her concussion grenades, attackers can easily shoot through its effects and get the kill (I have done it, and had it done to me….very frustrating). Really because of the nerfs Ela falls to our number 4 new operator.

Ela’s once much overpowered SMG is the Scorpion Evo 3 A1, a mouthful I know. The nerfs took the damage down to 23, but it still can be very effective with a 1080 rpm rate of fire and a 40 round clip. The recoil has been increased as well, but it is still straight up and down with no drift to take you off target. Ela’s second primary weapon choice is the FO-12 shotgun. This shotgun has pretty low damage, at 35, but has 10 rounds in the magazine. Oh, and you better land that first shot, the recoil is a doozy. The sidearm is the same for Zofia, so nothing new here. Barbed wire and the recently swapped deployable shield are what you have to help out your defense.

5. Lion – Attacker (Released 06 March 2018, Operation Chimera)

Lion (Courtesy of Gameplaying)





Gadget: EE-ONE-D (Drone)

Season 7 Week 2 Pick Rate: 100% (Yes, you read that right)

Yes, I know there was a 100% Lion pick rate in week 2. However, the pick rates are Pro League stats, meaning a select few teams that have players that “main” with those operators. These rankings are based on what we think the overall best operators are, not based on who the pros use. Now, Lion has a drone that will outline the silhouette of opposing players. How it works is that once you activate the drone there will be a 3 second count down for both teams. If the opposing players move their feet after the countdown they will be seen by your team, the drone lasts for 3 seconds and has a very short cooldown. Lion is another operator that is a good setup for your team’s push. If you throw up the drone opponents can’t move (unless they want to be seen) for almost 5 seconds. That is a long time to move your position or open up an angle to get the drop on them. There is supposed to be a nerf coming Lion’s way that would not target enemy players once they stop moving, a longer cooldown from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and 2 drone uses instead of 3. For this reason Lion slipped to number 5 on our list until we know truly how this nerf will affect his play.

So far Lion’s primary loadout is not like other GIGN operators. The V308 is an assault rifle the looks like an SMG, but is far more powerful. This weapon comes with 44 damage and a 700 rounds per minute rate of fire. It also has a 50 round clip, but the catch is a pretty unforgiving vertical recoil even with a grip. You can use a shotgun in this loadout with the SG-CQB, but this is your standard high recoil, 53 damage, and 7 shells per reload shotgun. Lion also has a long range option in the 417. This marksman rifle has a high 68 damage output and a pretty low recoil for a semi-automatic long range rifle, but it only comes with 10 rounds in the clip. No worries though, you can switch to your P9 pistol or the LFP586 “Six Shooter”. The P9 has a 45 damage output with a 16 round clip and low recoil (just put a muzzle break on it for good measure). Now, the Six Shooter is a whole new beast. It has a very high 78 damage output with all the recoil in the world that most don’t dare to handle. Yes, it comes with 6 rounds if you didn’t get that by now. Lion can stun his enemies with stun grenades or lay down claymores.

6. Vigil - Defender (Released 05 December 2017, Operation White Noise)






Gadget: Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7)

Season 7 week 2: 23.4%

Vigil is a great roaming option. The ERC – 7 will make Vigil invisible to drones and if Dokkaebi hacked your cameras he will be invisible to them as well. However, if you interact with a reinforcement or put Rook's armor on, then your cloak will come off. Also if you shoot or get shot, your cloak will come off. Vigil’s main counter is Twitch, if her shock drone knows where he is and she shoots him, his cloak will come off as well. Vigil’s ability lasts for about 30 seconds and you can use it as many times as you want, but it does have a 10 second cooldown. So, drones (or cameras) can’t see you and Vigil is a 3 speed operator, great for roaming and catching attackers off guard, plus his mask is pretty cool. Despite a great roamer ability, (Vigil is so very dependent on the player using him) it is a selfish, one dimensional ability. This is why Vigil is number 6 on our list.

Vigil has an SMG or a shotgun for primary options. The K1A is the SMG at Vigil’s disposal and only does 30 damage, not bad for an SMG. 30 rounds per magazine that comes out at a 720 rpm rate of fire. Throw a grip on it and silencer on it and you have a great roaming weapon to pick off the other team. Like Dokkaebi Vigil can wield the BOSG.12.2 double barrel shotgun. If I did not mention it before this thing has kick, but it does have some good range on it as well. You can follow up the surprise shotgun attack with the same sidearm loadout as Dokkaebi (scroll up for those details). Essential to any roamer Vigil does have impact grenades to open up escape routes, or you can slow enemies with barbed wire.




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