Quake Champions Best Champion (All Quake Champions Ranked Worst to Best)

Quake Champions Best Champion
One of the many murderers you can play as.

It's Time To Countdown To The Best Quake Champion

So, which champion in Quake Champions is going to give you the most bang for your buck? 

Before deciding from this list, it’s important to remember that the champion you choose is not going to dramatically change how you are playing; large or small, fast or slow, you are still trying to land those rockets, keep that lightning gun trained on your opponent, or hit those railgun headshots. 

However, choosing a champion will add unique flavor to this formula. 

Before making your own decisions, understand that in public matches, just about any character can defeat another character, provided one player is better at the game’s fundamentals. Instead, this ranking is based on competitive duels and 2v2 performances, with professional players ultimately being able to show which champions perform best at the highest level of play.

15.  Scalebearer (Weakest)


This is Scalebearer, a champion who has the playstyle of a freight train.  He’s a heavy class champion whose playstyle involves running fast and smashing faces with his considerable bulk.  His unique passive allows him to gain ground running speed if he continuously runs without turning too sharply, and the damage he’ll deal on impact increases with his speed.  His ability is simple; it immediately puts him in a high-speed running charge with much better turn rate and a much higher speed cap, but you are unable to use any weapons during its duration.

While this may sound strong, his large hitbox and the predictable paths a player will have to take to keep his movement speed high make him an easy target in a tough matchup.  Don’t get me wrong, I love playing this guy in public free for all matches, but a large hitbox moving towards an experienced player is simply going to get creamed by long distance fire, and if you are charging, you won’t even be able to return fire.

Champion Power Rating:  65/100

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