Quake Champions: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay and Latest News

Quake Champions Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay and Latest News
The legend returns...

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Quake Champions Release Date

Time for some real-talk. Quake has been one the most intrepid, innovative and excellent series of games for as long as they have existed. From the first release of the iconic Quake in 1996, it has been a standard that PC gamers hold themselves against for its ability to weed out the noobs from the pros. ID Software pride themselves in the challenge the game creates, and don’t intend to change that at any stage.

It’s not known specifically when it’s due to be released, because the developer’s ideals are that it will “Be ready whenever it’s ready”. In fairness to ID, they want to ensure that the second it comes out, it will be massive hit with both the old, hard-core players, and the newcomers alike.  Ensuring that every minor detail is polished out first when it comes to release is fundamental to its success.

Quake Champions Trailer

The trailer is a short one from the E3, and doesn’t give too much away. This is because ID are being very serious about keeping all the nitty-gritty details to themselves,  and want it to be a genuine release, unspoilt by us lot in the media. If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, the link is down below:

Absolutely epic, wouldn’t you agree?

Naturally, the fan base for the game went absolutely wild online when it was released, and interviews have since been conducted with the developers, in a plight to gain more information. Whilst they do not seem to know enough to share with us yet, QuakeCon 2016 seems to be the place. August 4-7 with tournaments, meet and greets and fun will be where they shall be sharing with us their dirty little secrets that they were still trying to get sorted out when the E3 release came. I’ve left a link to the site below so you can keep yourself informed and maybe attend the QuakeCon, if you’re that way inclined.

Quakecon Link

Also, I thought you’d be interested to see one of the video interviews just for that added extra bit of something to take away with you: 

Quake Champions Gameplay – How The Game Works

Gameplay gameplay gameplay. How frustrating this part of my job is for a game like this. On one hand, we have a wealth of information about it, if you’ve seen the above trailer and the interview. On the other, however, there hasn’t as of yet been any ACTUAL gameplay footage released, so it’s impossible to say for certainty what it looks like. I only have the word of the developers to help you out for now I’m afraid.

We do know it will keep the original spirit of Quake- Rocket jumping; strafe jumping and all other varied forms of jumping are definitely sticking around to be exploited against your foes. We also know for a fact that it is an Action-Arena game, not a MOBA, just as its predecessors were.[ Supposedly there were enough rumours flying around that it needed to be cleared up, so that’s me chipping in. You’re welcome, ID. ]


(Champion’s teleportation ability)

Further, we know that knowledge of the map, the weapon locations (there are no load-outs available, you still have to run about like a lunatic collecting ammunition and armour) is absolutely critical for making the transition from  ‘Good at Quake’ to ‘ Very good at Quake’. If you can plan your route of attack against your foe via a load of weaponry, health and armour, then you’re gonna have a much better time than if you sprint in blindly, on the last clip of ammo and an inch from the underworld’s embrace.

Oh all right then, I SUPPOSE I can mention the namesake of the game here like it’s important or something. So of course the Champions are the greatest difference between this Quake and all its older siblings. Tim Willits (co-developer with ID Software) in the interview said that it is the ‘natural evolution of Quake’. Essentially, your Champions are hero characters that all have their own perks and abilities. Such as in the trailer, you can see the variety of different powers- the seemingly only female character with the amazingly cool blue hair is much faster and far more agile than a normal player; whereas  one of the other beefy looking dudes ( A little like Hulk/Bane) clearly has a sprinting charge attack. The other one that I loved the look of was the short-range teleportation ability being shown off- that looks like it could absolutely annihilate people, if used correctly.

The weapons that are available are looking to be truly deadly. We can see in the footage that the lightning gun is making a return, a fan favourite. Also, in the interview we were told that the railgun and rocket launchers will be included too- paying homage to its heritage. Also, there is a circular-saw looking melee weapon, very similar to Quake 3’s Gauntlet, which absolutely terrifies and thrills me simultaneously. The available weapons will decimate all who stand before you.

The biggest champion we've seen so far

The Champions feature is a good way to help give new players a chance at joining in a veteran-dominated series of games. It allows new players to figure out what style of play they most enjoy and are most good at, and gives them a powerful character to use that caters to their play-style. The hopes with this, is that it won’t dissuade potential newcomers due to the incredibly intense reputation that is inherent with a Quake game.

Also to that effect, Willis brags about the match-making and tournament features, which should theoretically keep the Pros playing the Pros, and the learners playing with the learners.

On the topic of bragging, they are undoubtedly incredibly happy about the 120 FPS rate that they have managed to wrangle for the game. Quake is all about speed- everything from attacking to retreating all centres around the game’s ability for fast-paced action. This is the reason that the game is so far only for the PC- ID do not want to limit themselves to the console version of operating systems because that would only hold back Quake Champion’s potential.  Sounds to me like another win for the PC Master Race, am I right?

Latest News

We’re still waiting on a VAST amount of specific detail about this game. I am so stoked for this, I have subscribed to their Facebook page, and their Twitter account, as well as bookmark the webpage for Quakecon (although being British, it is impossible for me to actually go *queue violins playing sad melody*.)  If you too wish to keep up to date with their news, then I’ve been rather conscientious ( unlike whenever I get to play Quake ) and found links to all those places, plus I’m adding the link to the interview down here if you somehow didn’t click onto it earlier, you crazy plum.

Facebook feed

Twitter account

Interview (Again)

Quakecon website

Quake Champions is going to stand out in gaming history as one of the greatest ever. It will more than hold its own against the upcoming Unreal games, and I for one, am itching to get my grubby little hands all over it and play the hell out of it.

Feedback, theories, and general banter all appreciated below. Let me know what you think about how it sounds- maybe you’re a veteran looking forward to it, or a complete, entry-level newbie who’s just discovered Quake. No matter what your experience, all should get involved.

Snapshot the of E3 release

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