[Top 10] Pokemon Scarlet Violet Best Items In The Game

1 Expert Belt please, I have a Mightiest Mark Tera Raid coming up!

 What are the very best items in the game?

This article will cover a wide category of the best items in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This list will contain regular training, catching, battling, and EV training items. Some of the best include Quick Balls as the best Pokéball and Bottle Caps as the best EV training items.

10. Soothe Bell (Best Normal Training Item)

The Soothe Bell is a training chime that makes tough Pokémon more friendly to train. 


The Soothe Bell is crucial in the game because you will eventually run into a strong Pokémon in the wild or a Tera Raid. Many of those strong Pokémon have specific natures where they won’t obey your commands, and the Soothe Bell can calm them to trust you.

Why the Soothe Bell is one the Best: 

  • Most of the time, you want to catch stronger Pokémon. But many of them are so strong that they disobey your commands during battle, which means your friendship level with them is low. A Soothe Bell can calm them and make them listen to you while you can increase friendship levels with them.
  • The Soothe Bell can be used for many Pokémon you can catch in the game, especially catching tough Pokémon in their first evolution. They’re commonly used on Pokémon such as Pichu, Evee, Chansey, Igglybuff, Azurill, Snom, Riolu, and Gible. For example, give Riolu a Soothe Bell and develop friendship levels. It will be easier to train it when it evolves into Lucario. It will also soothe Lucario’s preferred adamant nature.

Soothe Bell stats: 

  • In-game description: An item to be held by a Pokémon. The comforting chime of this bell calms the holder, making it friendly. 

Give a Pokémon a Soothe Bell if they have the following natures: 

  • Bashful 
  • Hardy 
  • Docile
  • Quirky 
  • Serious 
  • Lonely
  • Adament
  • Naughty 
  • Brave 
  • Bold 
  • Impish
  • Rash 
  • Sassy
  • Timid 
  • Hasty 
  • Naive

Where to get the Soothe Bell:

Buy the Soothe Bell at the Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.

Select “General Goods.”

Buy the Soothe Bell and get to training! 

9. Quick Balls and Ultra Balls (Best Catching Item)

Quick Balls and Ultra Balls are types of Pokéballs with higher catch rates than most others. Buy Ultra Balls once you earn your 5th Gym Badge in Paldea. Buy Quick Balls once you earn your 6th Gym Badge in Paldea.


Quick Balls have a 5x Catch Rate when first attempting to catch a Pokémon. Ultra Balls have  2x Catch Rate. Use them together because if the first catch with a Quick Ball doesn't work, you should resort to the Ultra Ball.

They're made to catch all Pokémon and emphasize increasing the odds of catching Pokémon. Though the game and the item's description don't tell you, using a Quick Ball before an Ultra Ball may increase the Ultra Ball's standard catch rate.

Why the Quick Ball and Ultra Ball is one of the best: 

  • They're frequent, affordable, and more reliable than most other Pokéballs, and you can catch Level 50 and up Pokémon easily. Catching Pokémon Level 50 and up is more valuable, and you'll need a ball that can catch them in fewer throws.
  • Both of these Pokéballs aren't made for specific Pokémon, and they're suited for all Pokémon, which is why they are higher on the list. There's not much work to obtain these items other than completing all the gyms. No other strings attached. 
  • Suited for all catching situations, you don't need a complicated catching strategy for catching Pokémon in the wild. They work in all environments. Though not guaranteed, catching legendaries with a Quick Ball on the first toss is possible.
  • Using a Quick Ball first may double an Ultra Ball's first capture rate. And if it doesn't, depending on the duration of catching a Pokémon, the Ultra Ball will naturally increase its chances.

Quick Ball Stats: 

  • In-game description: A somewhat different Poké Ball that is more effective at catching Pokémon used first thing in a battle. 
  • 5x Capture rate on 1'st toss 
  • 1x Capture rate after 1'st toss

Ultra Ball Stats: 

  • In-game description: An ultra-high performance Poké Ball that provides a higher success rate for catching Pokémon than a great ball. 
  • 2x Capture rate on 1'st toss

Where to get Quick and Ultra Balls:

Ideally, complete all the Gyms in Paldea to achieve them.

Get Quick and Ultra Balls at Poké Marts. They’re the most convenient because they are also fast travel points. 


You can get it for the same price at Delibird Presents. 

8. All Power Items (Best EV Training Method)


Power Items increase a Pokémon’s specific base Effort Value (EV) during and after a battle based on the Power Item they hold.

EVs are stats your Pokémon gain from defeating or catching specific Pokémon.

All those stats include HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack. 

To view a Pokémon’s EV, go to their summary page, displaying their moves, and press L. 

The EV is the golden diagram within the hexagon. 

There are specific Power Items to increase these stats and make the golden diagram bigger.

For example, if a power weight increases HP, the EV diagram will grow in the HP direction. 

It's necessary to have high-value numbers in each stat so the Pokémon can grow stronger and make their EV more visible. 

You want high EV’s because after, you can apply mints and bottle caps to increase your Pokémon’s strength exponentially. 

For example, a Power Bracer will allow a Pokémon to increase its Attack after battling a Chancey. 

Give a Pokémon a Power Bracer before any battle to make that happen. 


Power Items save time and money, as vitamins and feathers are the worst and grindiest way to raise a Pokémon’s EV. 

Vitamins increase EV’s by 10. For example, 1 capsule of Carbos can increase Pikachu’s Speed by 10. 

Feathers increase EV’s by 1. As an example, 1 Swift Feather increases Pikachu’s Speed by 1. 

Power Items increase EV’s by 8 after battling, and Pokémon get some Exp.

You will eventually want to buy Power Items because to buy 1 whole set requires a budget of $60,000, and they are reusable. 

Power items will make your Pokémon’s EV more visible when they reach level 100. 

Level 100 Example with applied math: 

A level 100 Talonflame without any EVs in Attack would have an Attack Stat of 276. 

Another Level 100 Talonflame with 252 EVs in Attack, would have an Attack Stat of 339. 

This is why building EV’s is important, and to build EV’s means battling other Pokémon. 

Why Power Items are one the Best: 

  • Though expensive at $10,000, they are reusable. For example, to train your Pikachu to gain more HP, use a Power Weight to increase its HP during and after battle. Reuse the Power Weight on another Pokémon in your party or box so they can build HP too. This goes for every stat and power item. 
  • There are unlimited battles in Scarlet and Violet wherever you go, such as battling wild Pokémon.  
  • They’re useful for Chancey battling. Chancey’s helpful in increasing Exp as well. Battle 32 Chansey and you’ll have your chosen stat maxed out at 252 EVs, with Chansey providing 2 HP EVs per battle for a total of 64 HP EVs on her own. After switching your team to the HP Power Item (Power Weight), you’ll only have to complete 19 more battles to max out HP at 10 EVs per battle. 
  • One of the best ways is to return to the Academy Ace Tournament to expedite EV training and gain money and prizes. Give the Power item to the Pokémon you want to battle with.

EV Stats: 

  • Pokémon can gain 510 EVs total, with a max of 252 per stat
  • 4 EVs rounds out to a one-point increase for a specific stat.

Power Item Stats:

  • Depending on the power item, per battle, they give 8 EVs to one of the 6 main stats. 
  • They reduce the Pokémon’s Speed while using the item. 
  • Power Weight        HP Stat grows more quickly
  • Power Bracer        Attack stat grows more quickly. 
  • Power Belt             Defense stat grows more quickly. 
  • Power Lens           Special Attack stat grows more quickly. 
  • Power Band          Special Defense stat grows more quickly. 
  • Power Anklet         Speed stat grows more quickly.

How to get Power Items:

Go to the Delibird Presents west of the plaza. 

From this Pokémon Center, Mesagoza West, go straight from here.

Go across these stairs. 

You made it to Delibird Presents! 


Select “General Goods.” 

Select the Power Weight, and get to training! All Power items are fantastic, but the most important Power item early game is to make your Pokémon build more base HP. 


As an example, here is Fuecoco’s HP stats before facing Team Star. It’s equipped with the Power Weight. 


Fuecoco’s HP slightly increased after battling Team Star. It progressed from HP 31 to HP 34. 

7. Mints (Best IV Training Method) 


Mints change a Pokémon’s nature by applying increasing and decreasing specific stats on the EV’s. 

Mint’s help tweak a Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses and maintain the original EV. 

You can apply mints as often as you like on a Pokémon, but the diagram always shows the original mint that the Pokémon naturally has.

Example and analysis: 

Here’s an example of a Heracross that doesn’t have a mint yet. 

This Heracross below has a gentle nature, increasing its Speed and decreasing Special Attack.

Heracross is a Bug and Fighting-Type + Fighting Tera-Type.

It mostly specializes in physical Attacks.

It can learn a few Special Defense Moves such as Endure, Leer, and Swords Dance.

Heracross, as a species, could learn Special Attack moves like Focus Blast and Bug Buzz.

Based on this Heracross’s Special Attack stats, 45 Sp. Attack may not be as valuable as 139 Attack. You may not want to enhance Special Attack for this specific Heracross.

Apply an Adamant Mint to get the best out of its Attack, and keep lowering its Special Attack because it’s not as important.

Here’s what giving a mint to Heracross looks like. 

Here’s what it looks like after.

1 point of pressure will increase one of the EV stats, such as Attack. (Up Arrow)

The Attack grew from 139 to 152.

The 2’nd pressure point will decrease one of the EVs, such as Special Attack. (Down Arrow)

The Special Attack stayed the same.

The Speed decreased while using the mint. You can always increase that stat if desired.

By viewing Heracross’s nature again, it will only show its original nature even though the Adamant nature is applied to its EV’s. 

Usually, stats with a “Pretty Good” caption mean your Pokémon's prepared for hyper-training.

Why Mints are one of the Best: 

  • For example, a Pokémon may not learn enough Defense moves, and its Defense is 52. However, it learns a lot of Special Defense Moves, and its Special Defense is 117. Use a Gentle Mint to increase all the Special Defense moves it can learn. 
  • Mints will prepare you for Hyper Training before attempting Online Tera Raids and Online Battle. Hyper Training is when you use Bottle Caps to increase a Pokémon’s greatest strengths to their fullest potential. The mints help identify which best stats should be Hyper Trained. 

Mint stats: 

  • Serious Mint: All stats grow at an equal rate

For Increasing Attack stats: 

  • Lonely Mint: Increase Attack / Decrease Defense
  • Adamant Mint: Increase Attack / Decrease Special Attack
  • Naughty Mint: Increased Attack / Decrease Special Defense
  • Brave Mint: Increase Attack / Decrease Speed

For Increasing Defense stats: 

  • Bold Mint: Increase Defense / Decrease Attack
  • Impish Mint: Increase Defense / Decrease Special Attack
  • Lax Mint: Increase Defense / Decrease Special Defense
  • Relaxed Mint: Increase Defense / Decrease Speed

For Increasing Special Attack stats: 

  • Modest Mint: Increase Special Attack / Decrease Attack
  • Mild Mint: Increase Special Attack / Decrease Defense 
  • Rash Mint: Increase Special Attack / Decrease Special Defense 
  • Quiet Mint: Increase Special Attack / Decrease Speed 

For Increasing Special Defense stats: 

  • Calm Mint: Increase Special Defense / Decrease Attack
  • Gentle Mint: Increase Special Defense / Decrease Defense
  • Careful Mint: Increase Special Defense / Decrease Special Attack
  • Sassy Mint: Increase Special Defense / Decrease Speed

For Increasing Speed stats:

  • Timid Mint: Increase Speed / Decrease Attack
  • Hasty Mint: Increase Speed / Decrease Defense
  • Jolly Mint: Increase Speed / Decrease Special Attack
  • Naive Mint: Increase Speed / Decrease Special Defense

Where to get Mints:

Buy mints at the Chancey Supply Shop in Mesagoza. 


It’s located here. 


Face this way from the Battlefield.

Enter here. 


Buy all the mints you want. 

6. Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps (Best IV Training Method) 


Bottle Caps are Individual Value (IV) Items, increasing all stats individually by 31. 

You use them on your Pokémon. 

It increases the hidden value that calculates the stats based on a Pokémon’s base stats and EV’s.

IV’s are genes that make up a Pokémon and determine a Pokémon’s potential.

After you EV train your Pokémon to their fullest and give them a type of mint, they're ready to Hyper Train by using Bottle Caps.  

Your Pokémon have to be level 50 and up. All their stats should at least be more than 100 when starting hyper training.

Regular Bottle Caps Hyper Train a Pokémon’s specific stats, while Golden Caps will Hyper Train all of a Pokémon’s stats.

Example and Analysis: 

Buy Bottle Caps at Delibirds and go to this NPC dude in Montenevera. He’ll Hyper Train your Pokémon.


Select your Pokémon.

Your stats for going to Hyper Train should either say "Pretty Good" or "Great."

Don’t Hyper Train stats which read "Decent", it may need more EV training.

Usually, you don’t Hyper Train the stat that the mint is decreasing.


Select how many you want to give to the dude. 


In this example, you should use bottle caps to increase Heracross’s Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special Defense. 


After the dude uses the bottle caps on your Pokémon, go to your Box.

The stats used by bottle caps will say “Hyper Trained!”

Now, you can see the difference. If you look at the IV Diagram’s sharp points, it’s stretching towards HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special Defense. 


As another result, Heracross’s EV created another layer pointing toward Special Defense.

Swords Dance is a Special Defense move boosting Attack stats by 2 stages, meaning at 100%.

After using bottle caps, moves like Swords Dance become more effective during battle and increase the stat capacity of Attacks like the moves of Megahorn, which has 120 Power.

Mathematically it looks like this: 300% x 120 = 360 Power. 

That is the max power of Megahorn’s move.

Whereas 300% x 75 = 225. That is the max power of Brick Break’s move.


Here’s what the stages look like when Swords Dance boosts all Heracross’s Attacks.

1'st use of Swords Dance is 2 glowing triangles in the Attack stat, raising Attack by 100%. 

2'nd use of Swords Dance is 4 glowing triangles in the Attack stat, raising Attack by 200%.

3'rd use of Swords Dance is 6 glowing triangles in the Attack stat, raising Attack by 300%. 

The image above displays the maximum that Swords dance can reach. 

Why Bottle Caps are one of the Best: 

  • Bottle Caps make your Pokémon stronger by Hyper Training their IV’s. The IV’s will increase the capacity of all their stats. When your Pokémon reach level 100, their IV’s will largely stretch out. 
  • They prepare you for 5- 7 Star Tera Raids and Online Battle. You want to revisit the NPC dude in Montenvera plenty of times so all your Pokémon can become overpowered and withstand a tough battle. 
  • Hyper Training with Bottle Caps is not necessary to beat Scarlet and Violet's overall story or DLC. If you plan to, it will help you knock out many battles efficiently if you choose to spend lots of time Hyper Training your Pokémon.

Bottle Cap stat: 

  • In-game description: A lovely silver bottle cap. Certain people are delighted to be given one of these. 
  • The NPC dude in Montenevera will increase each stat per bottle cap by 31. 
  • $20,00 each at Delibird Presents
  • #15,00 or $100,000 for Golden Bottle Caps at Porto Marinada Market
  • Golden Bottle Cap hyper trains all of a Pokémon’s stats.

Where to get Bottle Caps:

Go to the Delibird Presents in West Mesagoza and select the General Goods category.

 Earn Bottle Caps by completing your Pokédex. 

Where to find Gold Bottle Caps: 

There are 2 ways to earn Bottle Caps.

1.  Enter the Academy Ace Tournament inside Uva Academy, by talking to this guy. 

Say “Yes'' and win the Tournament. By winning, this guy will give you any reward. 

There’s a small chance that he might give you a Golden Bottle Cap. 

2. Go to the Porto Marinada Market and use a time travel trick on your Nintendo Switch console. 

Fly to the Porto Marinada Poké Center, and save at the Porto Marinada Poké Center. 


Before you even walk and enter the market, turn the autosave off. 

Press X, select options, and select autosave off. 

This is to allow the sellers to sell different items when restarting the game. 


Go to the market. 

If they don’t sell Gold Bottle caps, keep closing the game by pressing X on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet software and select close. 

Go to Nintendo Switch System Settings, then to System, and then to date and time. 

Turn “Synchronize clock via Internet” to off. 

Skip a day ahead and add 30 more minutes from your original time. 

As an example if it is June 3, 2024, 1:38pm expedite the clock to June 4, 2024, 2:08pm. 

Restart your game, and enter Porto Marinada Market again if they’ll sell Golden Bottle Caps. 

Here’s the result of fast forwarding the clock. Now, it’s going to take a lot of time and patience, if you’re really dedicated. 

You’re going to need a lot of money if you’re lucky. 1 Golden Bottle Cap costs $100,000. 

Which method is better? 

Speeding up the Nintendo Switch’s clock is a much less productive amount of time for a rare award to force different auction results. If you have lots of money in the game, you can keep trying all you like. The amount of time to force a Golden Bottle Cap auction will differ for all players.

Players are much better off entering the Academy Ace Tournament as they can level up some of their Pokémon during battle, earn money, and hopefully get a Golden Bottle Cap as a reward. If not, they can keep making money doing the tournament and buy regular Bottle Caps.

Where to find the Hyper Training Dude: 

Fast Travel to the Montenevera Poké Center. 


You’ll find the NPC behind the Poké Center in this area.

5. Ability Capsule 

Ability Capsules are items that you use on a Pokémon so it can learn a rarer ability. 

You can get them after completing the story and enter post-game events. 

Example and Analysis

Ability Capsules are items that may require extra internet searching because there are so many Pokémon with awesome abilities. 

For instance, you should know all the abilities that Ivysaur can learn. 

Not every Pokémon can learn the same ability. 

Below is an example of how to use Ability Capsules.


Heracross has the Guts ability.

This ability is useful during Tera Raids, where status conditions make Heracross stronger.

Heracross is a Bug and Fighting-Type weak to many types known for status condition moves such as Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy. So it doesn't need to face those types of Tera Raids.

Heracross is great against these Pokémon: 

  • Dark
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Grass

Some of these types, such as Dark, Rock, and Bug, are lesser known to have status condition moves, and their moves may partially damage Heracross by only a little.

Another Fighting Type, however, could be powerful against Heracross.

Let’s say you need a Pokémon to face Dark-Type and Grass-Type Tera Raids. 

Heracross can be more useful if you switch its abilities to a Bug-type ability since Dark and Grass Types are weak to Bug-Types. 


This is how to change abilities. Select the Ability Capsule and select Heracross. 

Now it learns Swarm!

This ability is better because Hercross has 186 HP. The goal is that Heracross can withstand some ineffecitve hits from a Dark or Grass Tera-Type Pokémon, and when Heracross's HP gets low, it should Attack.

If 186 HP gets too low in battle, it will power up its Bug-Type moves when its HP is orange (moderately low HP) or red (super low HP).

Based on its stats, its Swords Dance can increase bug moves like Megahorn, which has 120 Power and 85 Accuracy. Its physical Attack stat is very high.

The Swarm ability can increase Heracross’s Megahorn during a Tera Raid since it's Heracross's powerful Bug-Type move. It can use Megahorn to break the Tera Shield.

Heracross would be most effective against Dark Tera Raids since Dark-Types are weak to Fighting and Bug-Types. It will be most effective against Grass Tera Raids since Grass-types are weak to Bug-Types.

Why the Ability Capsule is One of the Best: 

  • Use Ability Capsules to prepare for offline and online 5 - 7 Star Tera Raids. 5 - 7 Star Tera Raids are challenging because the opposing Tera Pokémon has a special ability. However, you don’t know what it is and must dive head-in first to find out. You would use Ability Capsules on your Pokémon to counter the Tera Pokémon’s Ability. 
  • You can prepare for Online Battles. Online players will have difficulty defeating you if your Pokémon has a challenging Ability. It always depends on what Ability you and their Pokémon have. It makes Online Battles interesting, demanding, and fun. 

Ability Capsule stats:

  • In-game definition: A capsule that allows a Pokémon to switch its current Ability to the other Ability its species can have. 
  • Sells for $100,000

Where to get Ability Capsules:

You buy Ability Capsules at Chancey Supply in Mesagoza, Levincia, Cascarrafa, and Montenevera.

4. Metronome (Best Supporting Battle Items)

The Metronome is a battle item that boosts a repetitive move’s power.


Metronome is designed for Psychic and Fairy Pokémon such as Gardevoir during competitive Online Tera Raids. 

Psychics and Fairies learn a wide variety of repetitive moves. These examples are their best:  

Normal moves: 

  • Helping Hand: 20 PP / User boosts the power of an Ally’s attack

Psychic Moves

  • Calm Mind: 20 PP / User boosts Special Attack and Special Defense 
  • Psychic: 90 Power / 100 Accuracy / 10 PP /  Lower Target’s Defense
  • Confusion: 50 Power / 100 Accuracy / 25 PP / Could confuse Target 
  • Psyblade: 80 Power / 100 Accuracy / 15 PP / Boosted by 50% on Electric Terrain
  • Psychic Noise: 75 Power / 100 Accuracy / 10 PP / Target can’t recover HP in 2 moves

Fairy Moves: 

  • Moonblast: 95 Power / 100 Accuracy / 15 PP / Lower Target’s Special Attack
  • Charm: 100 Accuracy / 20 PP / Harshly lowers Target’s Attack 
  • Draining Kiss: 50 Power / 100 Accuracy / 10 PP / User steals HP from target (½)  

Water Move: 

  • Life Dew: 10 PP / Life Dew: Restores the User’s HP and its allies during battle

Grass Move:

  • Energy Ball: 90 Power / 100 Accuracy / 10 PP

Ghost Moves: 

  • Shadow Ball: 80 Power / 100 Accuracy / 15 PP / Lower’s Target’s Special Defense

Fire Moves:

  • Mystical Fire: 75 Power / 100 Accuracy / 10 PP / Lower Target’s Special Attack

Depending on their Tera-Type, they should keep repeating their Tera-Type move. 

Psychic and Fairy-Types have a unique ability where some of their Special Attacks can regain health. Draining Kiss is one of them.


Why Metronome is one of the Best: 

  • It’s perfect for Online Tera Raids at an advanced level. It’s most suited for supporting Pokémon that can repeat a move that can lower the target’s Special Attack or Special Defense stat.
  • Supporting Pokémon can repeat Special Defense moves to assist their team by healing them, such as using Life Dew as an HP recovery move. They can repeat moves such as Helping Hand to increase their allies' attacks.
  • The metronome is better with supporting Pokémon such as Gardevoir because moves such as Moonblast can lower the target’s Special Attack stat. Keep using that move so the Tera-Target’s Special Attacks become weak every turn. Other moves, such as Life Dew, can become powerful so your team can get higher health when the Tera Raid gets super-challenging.

Metronome Stats: 

  • In-game description: An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts the power of a move that’s used repeatedly. Once the chain is broken, the moves power returns to normal. 

Where to get the Metronome:

You can get the Metronome at Levincia (North).

Head in this direction from the Poké Center. The Delibird Presents is below the billboard. 

3. Expert Belt (Best Aggressive Battle Item)


The Expert Belt is a battle item that increases a Pokémon’s super effective moves. 

The Expert Belt becomes available when you gain 4 Gym Badges. 

Example and analysis: 

The great thing about the Expert Belt is that you can give it to any Pokémon. 

Always pay attention to their Tera-Type because the Expert Belt should increase a Pokémon's Tera-Type move.

The Pokémon should either have strong physical Attacks or strong Special Attacks.

For example, a Level 100 Garchomp has an Expert Belt. 

Garchomp, as a Dragon and Ground-Type species, usually specializes in physical Attacks.

This Garchomp's most useful moves are Dragon Claw, Earthquake, and Iron Head.

They are physical Attack moves, and Swords Dance boosts physical Attack moves.  

Dragon Claw is super effective against Dragon-Types.

Earthquake is super effective against Electric-Types.

Iron Head is super effective against Fairy-Types.


Here's an example of how to use the Expert Belt correctly on your Pokémon:

Garchomp should face a 5-Star Tera Raid Rhyperior with an Electric-Tera Type since Earthquake is super effective against Electric-Types.

Garchomp takes very little damage from Rock and Fighting-Type moves.

This Tera-Raid is perfect. Here’s the flow of battle as Garchomp uses Earthquake 4 times.

Max out Swords Dance. 


Now use Earthquake 4 times. 

Garchomp defeats Rhyperior! You can see Rhyperior’s HP lashes out a white bracket indicating that you wiped it out. 

Why the Expert Belt is One of the Best: 

  • It’s one of the most aggressive items, as you can defeat battles with brute force. Using as few physical Attack or Special Attack moves as possible in any battle is so satisfying. 
  • It’s perfect during Tera Raids as it will boost a Pokémon’s super effective moves. You want to make the Tera Raid as efficient as possible while playing the attacker role. Ensure your Pokémon’s move has a “Super effective” note under that move, and that move reflects your Pokémon's Tera-Type.
  • It’s perfect for challenging battles in Post-Game events such as the Elite 4, Battling Nemona for the last time, and the Academy Ace Tournament. Give the Expert Belt to Level 65 and up Pokémon during those battles.

Expert Belt Stats: 

  • In-game description: An item to be held by a Pokémon. It’s a well worn belt that slightly boosts the power of the holder’s super effective moves. 

Where to get Expert Belt: 

You can get the Expert Belt in Mesagoza’s Delibird Presents. 

2. Shell Bell (Best Versatile Battle Items)

The Shell Bell is an item where a Pokémon can gain HP throughout battle using attacks that inflict damage.

Example and Analysis: 

The Shell Bell is useful to all Pokémon during a Tera-Raid. 

It’s especially valuable when Fighting-Type Pokémon equip them, such as the iconic and formidable Lucario.


A Fighting-Tera-Type Lucario ideal Tera Build is Swords Dance, Drain Punch, Reversal, and Meteor Mash.

The Shell Bell will ensure all these attacks gain some of Lucario’s HP back.

Using Meteor Mash boosts physical Attacks by attacking the target. 

It will boost other moves, such as Drain Punch, which should come next. 

Meteor Mash boosts stats while charging up when to Terastalize.

The Shell Bell will increase the move of Drain Punch as Lucario may gain higher HP if it's HP is super-low.

Reversal is a last resort move when Lucario’s HP is red, and it can retaliate  with a more powerful Attack. 

At the same time, it could gain more HP from the Shell Bell's effect.

Why the Shell Bell is one of the Best: 

  • The Shell Bell is a super-useful battle item in 5 - 7 Star Tera Raids and official Pokémon rare Tera-Raid events. Your Pokémon can lose health rapidly before you know it. Staying alive during battle is crucial, as getting knocked out quickly will cause you to lose time catching the Tera-Target. 
  • The Shell Bell is also useful throughout the story if you have low HP Pokémon and need to survive challenging battles. Every player's gameplay is different. 
  • The battles for becoming Champion are the most difficult, such as the Elite 4 and the Academy Ace Tournament. Some battles in the DLC are brutal, like double battles in Blueberry Academy. These challenging battles will put a heavy load on your Pokémon's HP! 
  • The Shell Bell is also great during Online Battle. An online opponent will be extremely annoyed if your Pokémon gains HP with every attack you make. The Shell Bell can also heal your Pokémon's HP when it's poisoned, burned, cursed, and confused. Your Pokémon can still perform moves due to these negative status conditions. 
  • If your Pokémon is under asleep effects, it can only use the Shell Bell's effects if they learn the move Sleep Talk.

Shell Bell Stats: 

  • In-game description: An item to be held by a Pokémon. The holder restores a little HP to itself every time it inflicts damage with an attack.
  • Sells for $20,000 at Delibird Presents

Where to get Shell Bell:

You can get the Shell Bell at the Delibird Presents located at Levincia North. Refer to #4 directions to get there.

Another way to get the Shell Bell is to defeat 6 trainers in the South Province Area 3. 


The trainers have level 11 - 17 Pokémon. 


Upon success, talk to the Pokémon League Representative standing by the South Province Area to receive the Shell Bell.  

1. Exp Candy XL (The King of All Items)


Experience Candy XL is an item you use on your Pokémon for them to level up by 30,000 Experience Points (Exp).

Example and Analysis:

Getting Exp. Candy XL is super-super-difficult to get. 

It’s more preferred than Rare Candy because the Experience candy will give Pokémon EVs.

Here’s a Level 10 Whooper. 

Let’s level it up with Exp Candy XL. 


It grew to Level 31! That’s awesome. 


It can evolve when using Exp Candy XL. 

Clodsire still has plenty of progress to become a strong Pokémon who needs more Exp Points.


Its base stats slightly grew as a Clodsire in every stat. Its HP significantly increased with 126. 

Whooper’s usual base stat, based on it’s Pokédex, has a total of 210 stats: 

  • 55 HP 
  • 45 Attack 
  • 25 Defense 
  • 25 Special Attack 
  • 25 Special Defense 
  • 15 Speed 

Why Exp Candy XL is the Best: 

  • Level up Pokémon fast and make them powerful. The more your Pokémon level up with Exp Candy XL, the more they will gradually increase their base stats. 
  • It’s the best candy compared to the others because 30,000 Exp is a lot. It can expedite the training process, too, by giving Pokémon EVs. Rare Candy doesn’t give Pokémon Exp, but it will increase their level by 1. The Exp is much more important. 
  • Allow your Pokémon to evolve and learn useful moves. For example, your Pichu just evolved into a Pikachu. It wants to learn a move called Spark, a 65 Power / 100 Accuracy Attack. Pikachu no longer needs to keep baby moves, such as Nuzzle, which has a 20 Power / 100 Accuracy Attack. Forget Nuzzle and replace it with Spark.

Exp Candy XL Stats: 

  • Levels up Pokémon by 30,000 Exp

Where to get Exp. Candy XL:

The only way to get Exp Candy XL is by joining challenging 5 - 7 Online Tera Raids and participating in official Pokémon special event Tera Raids. 

Go to the black Tera Raid crystals anywhere on a map. You can get some LP by going online. 


If you can’t join any, start one. Don’t be shy, you got this.

Bulbasaur and I want to thank you for reading!

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