Pokemon Arceus: How To Level Up Fast (Top 10 Ways)

What are the very best ways to level up?


10. Breaking Ore Deposits and Harvesting From Trees

Apricorns abound

This method is a long con, however the benefits of consistently doing along a playthrough add up to lots of experience. All you need to do is break every ore deposit and harvest berries from every tree you come across. Each one gives 15 EXP to the Pokemon you choose to throw out, which doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it will add up.

Doing these tasks also has the added bonus of giving many useful materials such as Tumblestones, Iron Chunks and various berries. The ore deposits and trees even sometimes contain Pokemon to be battled, offering even more experience.

How it works:

  • Send out your Pokemon in the general direction of a colorful ore deposit or a berry tree
  • Watch as the Pokemon you threw out harvests the material and gains 15 EXP


9. Battle Alpha Chansey

Alpha Chansey stares menacingly

This method uses Chansey’s high EXP payoff and the candies it drops to gain lots of levels quickly.

Simply locate Alpha Chansey on Tombolo Walk in the Cobalt Coastlands and hit it with a back strike with your Pokemon of choice. Defeat the Chansey and reap the sweet experience points as well as an EXP Candy M. This can be done an infinite number of times as Alpha Chansey respawns when you return to the village.

How it works:

  • Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands
  • Traverse your way to Tombolo Walk 
  • Find Alpha Chansey
  • Back strike Chansey with the Pokemon you wish to level up, or a strong Pokemon if the Pokemon you want to level up is too weak to battle 
  • Defeat the Chansey and gain tons of experience and an EXP Candy M
  • Use the EXP Candy to give your Pokemon experience or save it for later
  • Head back to the village and repeat


8. Battle Final Stage Pokemon in the Early Game

Early bloomers

This method can be done as early as the Obsidian Fieldlands and is mainly to build your party up to level 20 or so. 

All you will need to do is locate any Pokemon who has already reached its final stage of evolution, as they give much more experience than basic or middle stage Pokemon. Examples of this include many Bug types such as Beautifly and Parasect, as Bugs tend to evolve the fastest of any type.

How it works:

  • Place your Pokemon in need of leveling up at the front of your party
  • Battle fully evolved Pokemon, using back strikes to get a leg up
  • Watch your levels shoot up to gain an early-game advantage


7. Rebattle Dialga/Palkia

Relive your nightmare

This method is quite straightforward. After beating the game, simply return to the Temple of Sinnoh and choose to rematch either Dialga or Palkia. 

Win the fight and you will receive 5 EXP Candy M, which go a long way in leveling up Pokemon.

How it works:

  • Travel to the Temple of Sinnoh in the northwest of the Coronet Highlands
  • Once their, your Arc Phone will beep and you will have the option to select a rematch with the three legendaries
  • Select Dialga or Palkia and defeat them
  • Receive 5 EXP Candy M 


6. Battle Alpha Blissey

Farm that sweet candy

This method is similar to battling Alpha Chansey, albeit a little tougher with bigger rewards.

All you’ll need to do is locate Alpha Chansey in the Obsidian Fieldlands, battle it, and gain an EXP candy L. This can be done an infinite number of times, as Alpha Blissey respawns when you return to the village.

How it works:

  • Travel to the Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Head to a spot just east of Obsidian Falls, where you will see the imposing Alpha Blissey
  • Throw out your chosen Pokemon, preferably a back strike on the Blissey
  • Defeat the Alpha Blissey, gaining tons of experience and an EXP Candy L
  • Use the candy or save it for later
  • Head back to the village and repeat


5. Completing Massive Mass Outbreaks

I'm just in it for the shinies

This method has the added benefit of upping your chances of seeing a shiny Pokemon, on top of gaining you tons of EXP.

All you need to do is exit the village. The man at the door will tell you if and where there are any Massive Mass Outbreaks. If there are any, simply go to that area and defeat or catch as many Pokemon as possible before the rainstorm ends. You can easily gain thousands of EXP, earn lots of money, and beef up your Pokedex, all with increased shiny odds.

How it works:

  • Go to an area where there is currently a Massive Mass Outbreak
  • Rush through the area to defeat or catch as many Pokemon as possible
  • Head back to the village and repeat


4. Purchasing EXP Candies

Pay up

After completing request number 54, you will have access to Bonn in Jubilife Village, where you will be able to purchase EXP candies of all sizes.

To earn money quickly, you can go to massive mass outbreaks, sell valuable grit items, or battle the Miss Fortune sisters for the Nuggets they give you. The best bang for your buck is EXP Candy XL, so save up at least 50 thousand Pokedollars if you want to get the most out of your money.

How it works:

  • Complete request 54, Serving Up Swap Snacks
  • Gain Pokedollars through the various ways of making money in Legends: Arceus
  • Talk to Bonn in Jubilife Village and purchase EXP Candies to use on your Pokemon, preferably EXP Candy XL


3. Rebattle Arceus

Relive your worst nightmare (but worse)

This method is identical to the one for re battling Dialga and Palkia, albeit more difficult and with a bigger payoff.

Simply head to the Temple of Sinnoh in the northwest of the Coronet Highlands and walk towards the Temple of Sinnoh until your Arc Phone beeps. Select a rematch with Arceus, win the challenging battle, and receive 1 EXP Candy XL.

How it works:

  • Head to the Temple of Sinnoh in the Coronet Highlands
  • Select a rematch with Arceus
  • Use your skills to win the battle
  • Receive an EXP Candy XL


2. The Eternal Battle Reverie 

Battle forever

This method may be the hardest to unlock, as it requires you to not only have completed the entire game, but to have caught every Pokemon in Hisui, even Arceus. You must also have completed request 102, Daybreak.

After doing all of this, a cutscene will play in Jubilife Village. After watching the cutscene, sleep in your bed for any amount of time and you will be asked if you want to begin the Eternal Battle Reverie. By this point, your team should all be near level 100 if you want to stand a chance in the Eternal Battle Reverie, as the challenges within are daunting.

By progressing through the Reverie and winning battles, you will be rewarded with tons of EXP Candies, Rare Candies, and other valuable items which can be sold to buy more EXP Candies.

How it works:

  • Beat the main story and catch every Pokemon, including Arceus
  • Complete request 102, Daybreak
  • Sleep in your bed for any amount of time and enter the Eternal Battle Reverie
  • Survive as long as you can without your 6 Pokemon fainting
  • Gain tons of EXP Candies, Rare Candies and other valuable items


1. Progressing Through the Main Story

Just play the darn game

This may seem like a cop out, but the best method to level up your Pokemon is to progress through the main story, defeating bosses, catching Pokemon, and completing tasks along the way. 

By the time you reach the end of the main story, your 6 Pokemon of choice should be well above level 50. The experience you get from the main game can be supplemented with any of the above methods. 

How it works:

  • Choose your starter
  • Have fun traversing the Hisui Region while progressing through the main story and gaining experience

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