PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Guide: Essential Tips To Survive and Thrive

A game of war in which all-for-one is very real and a single mistake can get you taken out. You’re thrown into a vast map with nothing but the clothes, or lack thereof, on your back with a hundred others and told to survive. To be the last one standing. A free for all that can get bloody fast and leave you wondering what happened. A rough thing to handle for newcomers, but luckily I have a few tips that might help.

Before you enter a match

Go with darker clothes, greys and browns. These will give you a minor advantage to blending in with the ground, or darker interiors, avoid white along with any clothes patterned with the Twitch logo. While a bit petty the logo seems to be a beacon for bullets.

Landing site

You start the match in a plane after a short lobby wait. While the area is entered randomly the principle stays the same. Go for smaller jump sites.

Larger cities and areas with lots of building are a highly sought target for most. Instead find an isolated house and go for it!

Hit the ground as soon as you can. The first ones down and in have the first picks.

Remember you can open your chute yourself with F but be aware of the Auto parachute at 500 feet. Missing the mark could cost you the advantage. To control your way down use the FWD key aiming as close to your mark as you can.

On the Ground

Once you’ve hit the ground you need to find cover. Get inside. Don’t forget your manners though and close those doors. By default, the doors are unopened and an unclosed door could lead someone right to you.


Don’t overdo it. Grab what you can and keep moving. The largest issue you’ll face when choosing gear is the fire rate on the guns available. Pistols and melee weapons are fine in a pinch but over all are rather useless as they have no spread and you’ll have to be far too close to an enemy to hit. (A frying pan is an exception as it blocks low caliber bullets when on the back.) Instead you’ll want to grab a shotgun and a long-range rifle with a scope of some kind.

Armor wise go for what you can get. The higher the level the better but don’t waste your time searching. Most sniper rifles and shotguns power through armor making it one of the last things you need to focus heavily on.


Even when outdoors don’t leave cover. Find a balcony or a roof with a protective lip and stay alert. A good vantage point will not only let you see the enemy but will give you a chance for a sneak attack.


With the current game mechanics third person view is the best to keep a wider eye on the field. First person limits your perspective too much and while you can rely on sound there is always a chance for someone to sneak attack your blind spot.


  • Laying traps for other players is a rather simple task. If you need to trick an enemy then leave a door or two open and find a hiding spot nearby. Chances are they’ll either avoid the building entirely or try and find you. With them distracted aim for the head if possible and the body mass second. This maximizes damage, especially if they are not wearing a helmet.

  • Another route to take is to leave a door open into a house with only one exit and an item of decent use, such as an energy drink or first aid kit. When the enemy enters the room toss a Molotov or stun grenade at the base of the door. This works two ways, one to trap another to damage.
  • Avoid using a vehicle early on and stay away from motorcycles. Finding gas is a chore and while cars are fast they are loud and will make an easy target. If you need a car and are playing solo then be aware that you can’t shoot a gun from the driver’s seat, but can switch into a passenger seat while the car is moving to shoot if necessary.
  • When the barrier wall is closing in make sure you stick closer to it than the center of the circle. This will act like a shield to your back and cut down on a lot of sneak attacks. Keep moving forward with it and let the barrier fence in your opponents.

  • If you find yourself pinned in and need a silent escape then wait for a plane to go by. This noise masks most sounds and will let you get out quietly.
  • Airdrops are another target for survivors and are full of high quality weapons and items. If you find yourself close enough with a sniper rifle you might have a chance to not only pick off some rivals but to grab a better gun. Aim for the head and try to target the players without helmets first.
  • Using the Page Up and Page Down keys you can change the zeroing of your scope to reduce your bullet drop and give you a higher accuracy.
  • X puts away your weapons to give you a bit of a speed boost when running.
  • When in a car use SHIFT to activate the Turbo, and give yourself a quick boost. This uses a lot of gas and should be used only when aiming for a player or running from one.
  • You never know when a sniper is watching. Even if it’s a small twitch or side to side step it will help keep their sights off you. Use bushes and high trees as a barrier if you find yourself under fire and always watch for the direction a bullet comes from.

  • If it is a car that is heading your way you need to run for the nearest tree. Use this as a solid barrier between you and the vehicle and aim for the tires.

  • Bathrooms make for a haven. The windows are small and there is only a single door.
  • Sounds come from the direction of your camera, not the direction you are facing. Make sure to sweep the camera from time to time when you are hiding to get an idea of those around you.
  • When hurt use energy drinks and bandages first. Save first aid kits for last. This will help maximize the healing you get.
  • When using a bandage wait a few moments before using another. The effect doesn’t stack and you will waste some points if you use them too quickly.
  • Molotov’s have their place but avoid using them in closed in areas such as houses and balconies.
  • If you are swimming or near water and are being targeted use the C button to dive. This prevents bullets from being able to hit you.
  • Some, but not all, rivals will have their settings set on low to cut down on foliage. This makes hiding in grass rather useless. Instead go for bushes. These are always there and provide a reprieve though little protection.
  • One for the road, Ctrl + T will save your ears. Or at least cut down on the trash talk. It might very well be the best tip I have left you with.

I hope a few of these will help save lives and grant the victors their rightful poultry. Just remember to enjoy the game and have fun. There will always be another match and another chance so don’t ruin your fun or anyone else’s by moping. Jump back in and try again!

Sources: Photos courtesy of Twitch streamer Jailbyrd

Sources: Tips collaborated by Youtubers from Geekstyle


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