[Top 5] PES 21 Best Counter Attack Formations

PES 21 Best Counter Attack Formations
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There are different types of attacking formations on PES21, but this article will be focused on the best counter-attacking formations in PES21. As a distinctive technique, counter-attacking exists in a wide range of sports and is used by amateur and professional athletes. Though the technique is well-known, it is still quite effective, and many teams nowadays will build their whole system around it.

5. 5-3-2

The 5-3-2 Formation

In addition, the three players in the midfield, including a defensive midfielder who will protect the two centre-backs, provide superb defensive cover for the team. The player responsibilities in the illustrated configuration allow the squad to attack primarily down the left side. If you're worried about your opponent's strength, attacking down one side is a good option since it prevents you from being exposed as you're advancing up the pitch.

What Makes Formation Name Great 

  • You’re going to score a lot of goals.
  • This formation works unanimously to maintain their defensive line and the lines in order. 
  • The defence will operate as direct protection for the middle line and accommodate changes in attackers' configuration.

M.PREUSS Wing Formation


This 4-3-3 approach is a major offensive with a powerful classic four back. The midfield three can play with attacking and defending players in various tactical approaches. Three strikers usually make a powerful front line, with the centre-forward extending the opponents’ defensive line. 

Work the Back 4 is a tactical defence practice in which the back four can be structured against attacks by multiple groups. It's a great session to prepare for 4-3-3 on the match day.

What Makes Formation Name Great 

  • You’re going to score a lot of goals.
  • In your master league, your attackers will improve, and you can, in turn, sell them for a profit later.
  • It's a high press, hungry ball philosophy that takes place alongside several other things. 

All-action types are the three central midfielders but rarely give the breadth necessary to achieve a horizontal balance for teams; therefore, back flying is required, the back flying is a requirement.

The Ghen Ghen pressing


3. 2-3-5

The 2-3-5 formation 

The formation is as easy as it seems to be. The defence and organization of the team are carried out in front of the two central backpacks. Midfielders play a more linked role and depend on the ball being passed to the 'front five' of the squad. With two wingers, two inward and one centre’s evident Withforward, it’s evident that this is one of the biggest groups ever. 

What Makes Formation Name Great 

  • You’re going to score a lot of goals.
  • Attacking options
  • Dynamic attack

The all attacking formation

2. 4-1-4-1

The 4-1-4-1 formation

4-1-4-1 is one of contemporary soccer's least used attacking groups because of the need for specific players in specified places. However, the only defensive midfielder plays a significant role in the arrangement between back four and middle field four. 

But a team can concentrate on the attack with a quality defensive midfielder. Wingers on either side of the four middle-field attackers can torment their rhythm. Two central medium fields provide the formation and critical passes for the centre in front of them. If needed, a 2-3-4-1 attacking organisation can be created with the back of four further pushes.

What Makes Formation Name Great 

  • You’re going to score a lot of goals.
  • High line of defensive pressure
  • Perfect for a team with a plethora of attacking players

The Scudetto winning formation

1  4-2-2-2

The all attack major tactic

Due to its organisation during the attack, 4-2-2-2 was a Brazilian favourite formation. This formation is sometimes termed the Magic Rectangle and the Magic Square. The four back comprises two back wingers who can move towards each other when necessary, while the CDM plays the standard duty of the defensive midfielder. But its assault resides in the brilliance of this formation. Depending on their play style, the two secondary attackers can either wing or attack the midfield. The opposites are likely to be occupied for all the ninety minutes if those secondary attackers can cut off inside the wings. The two front is centre with the correct No. 9 inside the box, and the other is more supportive.

What Makes Formation Name Great 

  • You’re going to score a lot of goals.
  • Only if you have quick dribblers and good crossers. 
  • Press the team's defence since the three attackers are not responsible for defending. 
  • Sometimes the midfield leaves a gap, as three midfielders cannot adequately cover space but attack adequately.

Get to know this amazing formation for scoring goals 


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