[Top 10] Onmyoji Arena Best Marksman That Are Powerful (Ranked)

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Are you looking for the best marksman to master? Understanding which marksmen are good and which are bad is one of the most difficult parts, especially for newcomers. What's more, aside from becoming familiar with the controls, the flow of the matches, and the fundamentals of the game, becoming acquainted with the cast of players or characters is one of the most important aspects of winning matches, as this knowledge will allow you to prepare accurately to counter the enemy's advances. Additionally, by not wasting your Coins or Summon Amulets on unnecessary Shikigami, you can save a ton of time and resources by knowing which markmen to use at any given time.

Here are the top 10 of Onmyoji Arena Best Marksman! Play and master them now!


10. Komatsu

“Now you've made me really mad!”

Due to her random chance, Komatsu is more akin to a secondary control. Compared to many of the well-liked CC units, she is not a very trustworthy control. However, if you are familiar with her skill set she is mad-crazy in PvP. Yes, she might be small but she is terrible. Komatsu requires what other controls would require in PvP as a control Shikigami. 

SPD to be swift enough to dispatch enemies as soon as possible. A high Effect HIT is necessary for this situation. HP is also important because Komatsu must survive if she is to have any impact. HP isn't exactly the top priority for sub-stats because she has a dodging mechanism. If the enemies possess Senecio, I might well aim for Effect RES for sub-stats.

What makes Komatsu a Great Marksman:

  • The primary function of Komatsu would be as a crowd control unit in PvP. Her Morph has a high initial Effect HIT, but the skill's randomness makes it less effective. It is unlikely that a 42%+ Effect HIT will successfully impose control in the late game. For even more consistent results, I could further apply an additional control

For further details about Komatsu, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Komatsumaru


9. Futakuchi

“Oh, I'm sorry...!”

After the recent upgrade, Futakuchi is much better with her skill set. Her Bullet Marks were no longer reduced by enemy attacks. Random targeting, on the other hand, is still insufficient for PvP. She's better at PvE, in my opinion.

She is a reliable marksman with high single target damage and AOE, as well as mobility to match. The only thing she lacks is CC, which she can get from her friends. Choose her as your ADC for early damage dominance and harass build.

What makes Futakuchi a Great Marksman:

  • Excellent for PVE She has 8 bullets and is fairly effective in PVP. Use Claws or Seductress. Because of the ignore defense, I slightly prefer Claws.

For further information about, click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Futakuchi


8. Hakuro

“Where is my target?”

Hakuro isn't the best option in PvP or PvE, but with the right strategy, she can be helpful. She might be the simplest to build with Crit damage because of her skill sets. All you need for success is a 70% chance to critically hit. 

The Shadow Soul set was used to build "Hakuro," which is best for nuker DPS. You can safely build crit damage in slot 6 and just stack about 60% of crit from substats. Her final attack increases her crit by 30%. She would have at least 239% crit damage and a guaranteed crit with a g6 crit damage slot 6 and just under 60% crit, which means her third skill deals insanely high damage. 

What makes Hakuro a Great Marksman:

  • Hakuro is unquestionably the best ST DPS for F2P. She's all about inflicting damage, so using her should be simple. One concern is that increasing her move bar may disrupt the team's attack sequence

For further comprehensive details about Hakuro, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Hakurou


7. Kubinashi

“Hey, hey, hey! What're you doing?!”

He is an expert shooter and can play either an assassin or a marksman in your game. Onmyodo can have +20% Crit damage, which can be useful for bursting your target in the middle to late game because he isn't very reliable in the early game. Overall, Kubinashi has a great burst ability and deals more damage quickly than any other ADC shikigami.

What makes Kubinashi a Great Marksman:

  • Very effective in PVP, he can deal a lot of damage with crit souls without necessarily using his 3 orbs skill; Add a powerful healer to your team, and he'll be a real asset.
  • Kubinashi is a powerful ST DPS for R Shikigamis. His function is very comparable to Hakuro's. She is therefore perfectly capable of taking his place

For further details about Kubinashi, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kubinashi


6. Youko

“You wish to see this beautiful face angered?”

Youko is tended to be one of the most played marksmen in the game. He is not just flocked by players because of his stats but also because of his design. Trust me, I fall in love with him.

Youko needs the luck to be effective, so I gave him a build that is comparable to Shuten Doji rather than the suggested Seductress x4 + Crit% x2 Souls. The Soul Taker x4 with Crit% or Attack boost works well for that added chance of another turn and heavy damage because both of them function in combat like machine guns that fire rapidly. Though not guaranteed, the extra turn is still preferable to none.

What makes Youko a Great Marksman:

  • Youko focuses more on massive DPS marksman, but to maximize the effectiveness of his ult, you must fully stack your passive.
  • Youko can have a high ST damage unit but erratic output. But even so, with each attack, he gains strength. It just gets CRAZY until his big move.

For further details about Youko, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Youko


5. Kikyo

“Next, it'll be your head!”

Although her numbers aren't the most stunning among SSRs, Kikyo's special attack alone will make her the game's most lethal single-target DPS. As a result, Shadow would be her best Soul.

When her Shadow skill is fully activated, Kikyo has the power to one-shot an enemy. Her special attack has an extremely high direct damage multiplier, putting her on par with the game's top attackers. She'll have little trouble easily dispatching opponent DPS. She'll be able to take them out in two turns even with tanky units. Soul stats should be geared toward ATK. To get the most damage out of Kikyo, ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg is your top choice.

What makes Kikyo a Great Marksman:

  • Kikyo has a good DPS, but not as good as Onikiri in PvP or Ibaraki or Tamamo no Mae in PvE. At this moment, she is better suited to going all-in and attempting to take down one opposing unit right away.
  • She excels in dissecting defensive units. She is particularly effective against teams who rely on domains, shields, or self buffs. Her shield also protects her from numerous soul CC effects because most soul CC units are too weak to break her barrier.

For further information about Kikyo, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kikyou


4. Chin

“Give up already! There's no point in running!”

Chin, which has one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use kits, is our top pick for hard carry in this category. Her special abilities revolve around the use of deadly poisons coupled with her basic attacks to deal constant true damage to the enemy while also slowing them and depleting their armor.

You might think of one of the Souls that will give her more opportunities as a Soul Taker. She can stack Poison Feathers much more quickly and start dealing significant damage because of her ability to react quickly. An additional benefit of soul takers is that they can help counteract control spells.

Chin must move quickly to increase the damage from her poison. ATK is important because her damage is directly proportional to her maximum ATK. The effect of RES is very important in higher-level PvP. HP is less desirable if it means sacrificing ATK, but Chin may occasionally need enough strength to combat against turtle teams. Chin's ATK limits total damage while crit increases DOT damage.

What makes Chin a Great Marksman:

  • Queen of the Poisons. She reclaimed her position as the top poison damage producer with her skill adjustment, dealing twice as much indirect damage.
  • A counterattack by the defensive team. To defensive teams, Chin is seen as a counterargument. The enemy is effectively under pressure from her DOT damage, which also keeps the healers busy. The only problem is that, because her damage is based on the enemy's DEF, she frequently does not deal the damage you expect. Because Chin's poison damage was unbeatable and Chin teams were frequently composed of multiple individuals, she was once known as the DOT's queen.

For further comprehensive information, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Chin


3. Miketsu

“I can see a crack in your armor!”

Miketsu has no lengthy queues, which makes her a popular choice in PvP. Her control unit attributes are excellent, so she can stack high Effect RES with Soul with ease. Unlike other control units, which would be counter-controlled if the status effects did not arrive, this one is not. 

Miketsu can be just as effective a control Shikigami as Kaguya with an S rank HP and an A rank DEF because she has a higher base chance of skill than other control Shikigamis. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to defeat her in the first round. Not to mention the ongoing status effects she has been using against the opposition ever since the conflict started.

What makes Miketsu a Great Marksman:

  • Medium-to-slow moving attacker. Miketsu should be able to deal critical damage with his soul set to a light-armored opponent and take them out. Kagura's help made it more so. In this scenario, you should focus on the standard ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg maximizing Crit% stats.
  • One of the versatile Shikigami. Due to her adaptability, Miketsu can join many different teams. She is frequently employed as a control unit in teams that move at a medium to slow speed to extend the conflict and give themselves time to gain enough ATK boost to make a serious dent.

For further information about Miketsu, please click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Miketsu


2. Kidomaru

“Your name is on my chains. You can never get away.”

Kidomaru is the game's most recent top-tier attacker. Kidomaru is the new favorite of fast teams, but he also works in mid-speed teams. Having the right teammates is essential when using Kidomaru. 

We'll need to make sure he's not under control and can use his skills. For example, you might want to use dispelling shikigami to deal with Hoshiguma Doji or a faster team to deal with SP Hannya, and so on. Kidomaru's key damage comes from Asura State, so knowing when and how to enter that state is crucial to success. We'd also like to focus on how he can use his Hidden status effectively to avoid being targeted.

He can negate move bar skills and deal high damage while hiding from being targeted in battle. He can, however, be defeated in a variety of ways. AOE attacks/controls continue to work on him. Because he has sealed his passive, he will not survive a lethal attack. True Damage works in the same way.

What makes Kidomaru a Great Marksman:

  • He is a dangerous ST DPS (that eventually becomes AoE) and would help you out a lot more if you could extend his time on the battlefield. He is extremely weak and is easily eliminated because of his poor HP and DEF.

For further details about Kidomaru, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kidoumaru


1. Enma

“Time to face death…”

Enma is a shikigami with powerful magical attacks and burst damage, as well as mobility and self-buffs. She is one of the most powerful Marksmen and hard carriers on the market. Unlike most hard carries, she relies heavily on her abilities, so the user must be skilled to control her.

She currently has the fastest speed after awakening; Soul Crush is designed for PVP and has 100% silence (though it can still be avoided), and Loot Soul is an excellent antidote to Revival Teams. Her most recent update confirms her role in eliminating a key enemy unit.

What makes Enma a Great Marksman:

  • In PvP, She is a Shikigami Killer. She is extremely useful in PVP due to her speed, which is the base speed when Evo is at its highest, and she can be one of the game's fastest units with more speed souls. Her invisibility effectively counters those two units and has the potential to disrupt their squad flow/combo.
  • The silent death threat. You can also choose to silence their DPS if they pose a threat. Her passive is also quite useful; even though the damage is minor, who cares about damage when you can effectively kill anyone who uses Momo or another revive unit? It's also a good reason to taunt your opponent, and it's fun to watch the ghost explode.

For further information about Enma, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Enma

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