[Top 10] Onmyoji Arena Best Mages That Are Powerful (Ranked)

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Mages are built different! All of them are demonic with angelic face.

For the first starter, when you played Onmyoji, have you ever had trouble choosing who is the best mage to play? Well, there are certainly mages that are better than others. Each shikigami has its statistics, unique ultimate, and passive skills which strategically speaking will help you to win the game. Thus being said, choosing a hero based on the meta can make a difference at higher ranks, but in the lower ranks, it's all about your skill on the champion, no matter which tiers the shikigami belongs to. 

Behold the top 10 best mages that are powerful!


10. Oitsuki

“Be grateful for my decent!”

This shikigami has high stats and more utility compared to Zashiki. Oitsuki is godly for PvP with her attack buff and speed. The battles with her are more endurance-based, so the tip is to consistently supply orbs for maximum damage output. To be honest I have a love and hate relationship with her. It is because I love playing her with the right team and I hate her if the opponent is using her as a mid-lane shikigami or support.

SPD is a must-have in terms of stats. She can get ahead of her team by being quick and using her special ability to generate orbs. HP and Effect RES are present to ensure that Oitsuki survives enemy damage and maintains control. Though Effect RES is less likely because her skill, when upgraded, can mitigate control effects once. In some ways, this Shikigami is quite simple.

What makes Oitsuki a Great Mage:

  • Godly for both PvP and PvE. Most players wanted Oitsuki for PvE, however, her abilities and attack buffs are useful for PvP, in my opinion. 
  • She is solid in PvE, because of her steady orb supply and the rise in ally ATK and SPD. After all, PvE is more attack-focused than control-focused.

For further details about Oitsuki, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Oitsukigami


9. Susabi

"I shall punish you for entering my realm!"

Susabi's build is fairly simple because he is only an attacking machine. Character design will cause Susabi to have a big fan base. If he is used properly, he is strong.

He is challenging to construct and use, which is the trade-off. To be more dependable, he needs at least two of his three skills to be at their maximum. Players should also be more careful with orb management. If you can get past all the obstacles, playing his character is a lot of fun.

What makes Susabi a Great Mage: 

  • He is a pure attacking machine. He is given a spot on the slower turtle team because he can take more damage. Apart from that, he is too slow to play on quick teams. Additionally, he needs too many orbs to work for numerous teams. In the right teams, he can certainly cause a lot of harm, in my opinion.
  • Got high Crit damage for a mage. He will rely on Seductress to deal damage because his subsequent attacks would deal less damage. Seductress would deal insane damage to the high HP bosses with 8 critical hits. Because of his high DEF, he can take significant damage from the bosses. Again, players must keep this in mind when assembling the team because he requires tombs and many orbs.

For further details about Susabi, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Susabi


8. Higanbana

“I will turn this battlefield into a sea of Lycoris!”

With her blood-red flowers, Higanbana is a difficult opponent with a straightforward Soul build. Her ultimate skill is such a chef’s kiss because she will turn the battlefield into a sea of Lycoris. She has two build options: DPS or Control. 

She is a great mid-lane contender with a lot of control skills, some survivability, and a lot of area of effect. She excels especially in team fights. Higanbana will be a very effective DPS with Souls-like Shadow, Seductress, and Claw. She would be built in the same way as other DPS, with ATK and Crit%. 

What makes Higanbana a Great Mage:

  • Queen of low-to-medium-range PvP. Your team must be at least G5 and have good souls to stand a chance against her. You must have a strong team dynamic and a well-planned strategy to defeat her.
  • She's an AOE DPS, but she moves too slowly to finish Soul 10 runs. Because she can solo Sougenbi with Nightwing, she can carry fodders.
  • She is a silent killer in combat with DPS shikigami, making her useful for defeating bosses. Totem, Secret, and even Sougenbi can be used in this situation because they are relatively quick.

For further details about Higanbana, click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Higanbana#:~:text=A%20beautiful%20and%20elusive%20spirit,seldom%20shares%20this%20with%20others


7. Menreiki

“Forget everything; become a blank slate.”

Menreiki is a unique Shikigami with a remarkable mechanism. However, I wouldn't advise concentrating your efforts on her. She'll need to maximize her special attack if she wants to be a strong puller. Her passive should also be maxed for duel use. She was once a key component of a buff deck that was so well-liked that it was nerfed. She is comparatively well-suited to the combat zone when compared to other blue units because of her effects and stats.

Other decks are better able to consistently boost stats or eliminate opponents, but her SSR Mask of Reincarnation form deals damage and grants buffs. When other Shikigamis are more worthwhile to level up, this uses too many resources. She will be a fun Shikigami to use, especially if you like the way has looks or have access to a lot of resources, especially when other people are still unaware of what she is capable of.

What makes Menreiki a Great Mage: 

  • The Lethal Fast Shikigami. In PVP, she's useful as a speed boost and finisher, particularly because her indirect damage can bypass most, if not all, shields, including Seimei. She can deal massive damage even if only one mask is stacked on each enemy if you give her a fortune cat and high attack sub-stats.

For further details about Menreiki, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Menreiki#:~:text=Profile,They%20became%20Menreiki


6. Kiyohime

“You can’t escape me."

She is the best poison damage dealer because her passive permanently reduces the enemy's defense. Snow spirit appears to be the most suitable soul for her.

What makes Kiyohime a Great Mage: 

  • She is an excellent choice for PvP and PvE. In PvE, she's mostly useful for Demon Encounters, particularly Oboroguruma, because there are a lot of summoned enemies to deal with; in that case, use a 4-Set Snow Spirit and Tsuchigumo, but it's better if she's Evolved. A puller is required for PvP if she is not fast enough to poison the enemy's team.
  • She's an incredible Shikigami, in my opinion, the best SR CC Shikigami. Snow Spirit is still a good choice for souls, though other souls such as Mimic are also very good; evolve her if you want the enemy to have 0 DEF and be able to use a critical attack on them, so focus on Crit/Crit DMG.

For further details about Kiyohime, click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kiyohime#:~:text=Kiyohime%20breathes%20fire%20at%20all,ATK%20after%20the%20target%20moves


5. Hana

“Behold the sweet fragrance of my flowers!”

She has a wide range of abilities, including the ability to heal, attack, and dispel. Hana can be used by any team that requires a healer. She's also very easy to integrate into a variety of teams. In terms of skill upgrades, I wouldn't worry about whether to fully upgrade Loyal Flock before evolving because Painting Realm is also extremely useful. If you want to use her healing faster, upgrading Loyal Flock first is also acceptable. Finally, having a fast SPD is essential for her performance.

Unlike many other attackers, Hana requires a high skill level to be useful. You'd like her to keep three birds instead of two, and to be able to accelerate herself more quickly and frequently.

What makes Hana a Great Mage: 

  • She is excellent in all of her roles. If your PvP requires a healer, she is the pick one. Hana is so versatile that she can fit into 99% of teams as a healer or DPS. She is particularly effective at keeping team units alive. Unlike many other attackers, Hanna requires a high skill level to be useful. You'd like her to keep three birds instead of two, and to be able to accelerate herself more quickly and frequently.
  • Hana is the queen of healing. In difficult boss fights, you frequently require at least two healers. In these situations, I strongly prefer Hana due to her ability to move quickly and heal without the use of orbs.

For further details about Hana, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kachou_Fuugetsu


4. Ootengu

“The power of the wind shall be engraved into your flesh!”

What distinguishes Ootengu from other shikigami is his status effect shield. His disadvantage is his poor defensive statistics. 

Ootengu spell shield, in my opinion, needs a buff in that it needs to block all instants of status effect in a single enemy turn, as soul and passive seal shikigami are becoming more common, thus when Ootengu attacks a Senacio enemy. He is still stunned even when the shield is up. It's strange because Ootengu was designed to be a DPS who can counter hard control effects with his shield and deal consistent damage.

What makes Ootengu a Great Mage: 

  • Ootengu is a well-balanced all-around DPS. There is no task he cannot complete, no scenario in which he does not fit. PvE skills are unquestionable. Ootengu's power isn't limited to dealing with damage.
  • He's a multi-purpose shikigami with a variety of builds. Because of his 4 hit AOE attack, Seductress will be an excellent choice; stack him with Crit%. Blade storm's ability to crowd control stems from the fact that he *attacks each enemy four times*. Indeed, Temptress/Mimic Ootengu's 120% effectiveness can devastate the entire enemy team.

For further details about Ootengu, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Ootengu


3. Tamamonomae

“I have to punish you!”

Tamamonomae, as the most deadly attacker in the game, should prioritize offensive Soul to maximize her power. Tamamonomae, despite her best efforts, falls short of the multi-hit Shikigamis who can make full use of Seductress. Seductress's damage output is truly unrivaled, owing to her high HP for Bosses. Tamamonomae is a great teammate even if you don't have enough multi-hit attackers. Tamamonomae's powerful attack can make Double Pull work in a high-level duel to some extent. She has primary advantage is undoubtedly her powerful attacks. Even in high-level duels, she should have no trouble taking out the more fragile control or DPS. 

What makes Tamamonomae a Great Mage:

  • She is the best attacker in Onmyoji. She is essentially an enhanced Ibaraki Doji. She has four S rank stats, including a higher Crit% and Crit DMG than Ibaraki. This would make equipping Crit DMG souls a little bit easier.
  • She possesses extraordinary power. She'll be your most powerful weapon in the game right now, thanks to her high skill and powerful Soul. She will eventually become obsolete in PvP, but she remains the queen of many PvE contents.

For further details about Tamamonomae, click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Tamamo_no_Mae


2. Shiranui

“Look at the flames as they light up the sky. May this moment last forever.”

She is used in both PvP and PvE, so building her is not a waste. She is such a common Shikigami in PvP that the team's composition would be significantly altered if she were to be banned under Celebrity. She is the most banned in the rank so good luck on picking her.

The normal attack should not be maxed, but the other two should. In PvE, her primary team should consist of two SSRs such as Shuten, Kujira, and others. She should always keep her original form. In PvP, she should try to stay in her first form as long as possible because it gives the team a significant advantage. Her second form is a last-ditch effort.

What makes Shiranui a Great Mage: 

  • A wide variety of souls that both support and attack. Offensive souls include Kyoukotsu or Seductress, for instance. She has respectable offensive stats to utilize these souls effectively.
  • She is a DPS Shikigami in the Sorrowful state. Because Sorrowful's Crit% is increased by 30%, it is very easy to build Crit Dmg against her. She only needs 70% crit to become wholly sorrowful. I would suggest using HP% in one of the main stats to keep her from entering Sorrowful too soon.

For further details about Shiranui, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Shiranui


1. Maestro

“Fool, come on back now.”

Maestro, a Mage with excellent mobility, useful self-buffs, and a kit that allows him to easily nuke and melt enemies, is widely regarded as the game's best mid. Again, his only flaw is that this shikigami is difficult to use correctly. Aside from his vulnerability, this is his only other flaw. He did not get the most banned shikigami for anything!

What makes Maestro a Great Mage:

  • With its buff, Maestro is a versatile shikigami. Demonic Tune is one of the game's most potent counters. The irritating melody aids in the activation of Maestro's effect and controls the troublesome Shikigami. Its buff makes him incredibly powerful.

For further details about Maestro, click the link: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Youkinshi

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