[Top 15] Onmyoji Arena Best Heroes That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

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These heroes will definitely shake your arena!

Each MOBA game differs in its hero lineup, but they all share the same features, or at least the same common goal, to take out the enemy team's central tower. In Onmyoji Arena, heroes called shikigami, or the playable heroes needed to be matched up. It is not like League of Legends or any MOBA game on the market. The game has its unique gameplay. There are three lanes in the game like any kind of MOBA has and the jungle. The Shikigamis are classified into six different categories. Each category has its statistics, talents, passive abilities, and traits. And strategically speaking, each shikigami is best suited for a certain lane. 

When you choose Samurai and Ninjas, they go into the jungle to fight the bosses and monsters as well as to get buffs to rank or power up. Tanks are advised to take the top lane if you pick them since it is the most secluded area and they are tasked with spotting and neutralizing the enemy during team fights. If you choose Mage, Mages are for the middle lane because they provide burst damage and can help the bottom and top lanes. Lastly, there are two shikigami on the bottom lane: Marksmen and Support. This lane is also known as a Duo lane since it requires the strongest DPS as well as support who assists the Marksmen.

To dominate every game, you’ll find the list of the top 15 best Shikigami that are powerful in their respective lanes helpful.


15. Chin

Chin Shikigami

“Give up already! There's no point in running!”

Chin is our top pick for hard carry in this category, with one of the most simple and direct kits. She uses lethal poisons as her basic attacks to deal damage to the enemy continuously while also slowing them and reducing their armor. 

Soul taker would come to your mind as one of the Souls that will give her more opportunity for a  Marksman role. Given her ability to act quickly, she can stack Poison Feathers much faster and begin dealing ATK damage. Furthermore, a Soul taker can aid in the removal of control effects.

To increase the damage from her poison, Chin must move quickly. Since her damage is related to her maximum ATK, ATK is crucial. In higher-level PvP, effect RES is pretty necessary. HP is less desirable if it means giving up ATK, but occasionally Chin may need to have enough toughness to keep fighting against turtle teams. Crit increases DOT damage, but Chin’s ATK limits total damage.

What makes Chin a Great:

  • Queen of Poison. With her skill adjustment, she regained her position as the top Poison damage dealer, dealing twice as much indirect damage as before.
  • Counter Attack of Defensive Team. Chin is considered a rebuttal to defensive teams. Her DOT damage effectively pressures the enemy's HP total and keeps the healers busy. The only issue is that because her damage is dependent on the DEF of the enemy, she frequently does not deal the damage you anticipate.  

For further details about Chin, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Chin


14. Mushishi

“There's no need to be afraid of my cocoon.”

Mushishi is also good support if you are great at timing and you build her godly. Fortune Cat is the perfect option for Mushishi to reduce some of the orb pressure since she must constantly use her 3-orb Protection of Mushi. Given a sufficient supply of orbs, Tree Spirit can increase healing. She will require some Effect RES for PvP, but in PvE, she can concentrate on HP.

What makes Mushishi a Great:

  • Support of Marksmen. She works well with a supportive team. You can't play her unless someone else is nearby. Because the B/C shield time is limited, you must time it carefully. While she is in moth form, try to communicate with whomever you're attached to about your attack.
  • Timed Player. This shikigami works well with the player who acts at the right time. When there are no opponents nearby, exit moth form and assist your teammates by attacking enemy minions or turrets. When she comes out of moth form, use her special to aim at enemies and then return to moth form for extra damage. 

For further details about Mushishi, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Mushishi


13. Higanbana

Higanbana Shikigami

“I will turn this battlefield into a sea of Lycoris!”

Higanbana, with her crimson flowers, is a strong opponent with a straightforward Soul build. She can either be built in two ways: DPS or Control. 

With a lot of control skills, a high rate of survivability, and a lot of area of effect, she is a great mid-lane contender and excels especially in team fights. As a DPS Higanbana, with Souls-like Shadow, Seductress, and Claw, she’ll be a very effective DPS. She would be constructed similarly to other DPS, with ATK and Crit%.

On the other hand, a control Higanbana would undoubtedly require Effect HIT. HP is important because enemies will try to kill Higanbana as soon as possible. It should be noted that Higanbana requires some ATK to break shields for the control effects to land.

What makes Higanbana a Great:

  • Queen of low-mid range PvP. To have a chance against her, your team must be at least G5 and have good souls. To defeat her, you must have a strong team dynamic and a well-planned strategy.
  • AOE DPS, but she moves too slowly to complete Soul 10 runs. She can carry fodders because she can solo Sougenbi with Nightwing. 
  • The silent killer in combat with DPS shikigami, she is advantageous in defeating bosses. In this regard, better DPS than Higanbana are available because bosses are typically not very quick. Because Totem, Secret, and even Sougenbi are reasonably quick, they can be used in this situation.

For further details about Higanbana, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Higanbana#:~:text=A%20beautiful%20and%20elusive%20spirit,seldom%20shares%20this%20with%20others


12. Momo

Momo Shikigami

“May peach blossoms fill the sky!”

Momo, a peach blossom spirit, provides unmatched assistance, harassment, and healing. She currently ranks among the game's top healers. Since the majority of players would equip her with HP, she is very difficult to kill. Momo is also a powerful Group Healer who employs Crit. The soul builds make increase her speed so she is higher on the turn order and can heal faster would be a bonus.

She can even raise the dead, keeping them in the fight even when the enemy focuses on them. She also has a ton of abilities to stall the opposition and make them move during the lane phase. 

What makes Momo a Great:

  • Group’s Killer-Healer. By utilizing a Triple Duo Soul setup, one of which is an upgradeable Crit Chance stat as she employs a great Crit with her first skill. She is a great support as well as a great attacker.
  • Shiki-Savior in Team. Her abilities are a favorable teammate as she raises the dead to keep them fighting or to go back to base. With that ability in a team, she is a good pick for support.

For further details about Momo, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Momo_no_Sei


11. Menreiki

Menreiki Shikigami

“Forget everything; become a blank slate.”

Menreiki is a special Shikigami with an exceptional mechanism. However, I would not recommend focusing your resources on her. To be a powerful puller, she'll need to max out her special attack. To use in Duel, her passive should also be maxed. She was once a core part of a buff deck that was so well-liked that it was nerfed. Compared to other blue units, she is comparatively well-suited to the combat zone thanks to her effects and stats. 

Her SSR Mask of Reincarnation form deals damage and grants buffs, but other decks are better able to consistently raise stats or get rid of opponents. This consumes too many resources when other Shikigamis are more worthwhile to level up. However, if you like her design or have an abundance of resources, she'll be a fun Shikigami to use, especially when others are still unfamiliar with what she can do.

What makes Menreiki a Great:

  • Deadly Fast Shikigami. In PVP, she's beneficial as a speed boost and finisher, especially since her indirect damage can bypass most, if not all, shields, including Seimei. If you give her a fortune cat and high-attack sub-stats, she can deal massive damage even if only one mask is stacked on each enemy.

For further details about Menreiki, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Menreiki#:~:text=Profile,They%20became%20Menreiki


10. Ibaraki Doji

Ibaraki Doji Shikigami

“Unlock the accessory Dark Snowball.”

With a demonic arm, he slashes your soul. At the maximum level, his special skill [Infernal Hand] deals 283% single target damage. This has the highest percentage of damage of any skill in the game, giving him a very good chance of killing a target with it. His passive skill [Rage Outlet] fully complements this by dealing 50% more damage to the remaining enemies. 

He's the best farming DPS in the game in my opinion. He can not only carry weaker fodders, but he can also do so much faster than other DPSs, making the process much faster. Most remarkably, his Rage Outlet now enhances his damage if he fails to kill an enemy. This 100% bonus damage is extremely useful in harder content where killing enemies in a single hit is impossible.

What makes Ibaraki Doji a Great: 

  • Wanted SSR Shikigami. In my opinion, he is one of the best farmers in the game, particularly when he has high Critical Damage and respectable Critical Chance. He can instantly gain fast EXP by using one skill to instantly eliminate all the enemies!

For further details about Ibaraki Doji, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Ibaraki_Douji#:~:text=As%20the%20Shikigami%20with%20the,the%20direction%20of%20his%20enemy


9. Puppeteer

Puppeteer Shikigami

"Step, turn, jump!”

The puppeteer is like a replica of a flying blade or just the definition of the ninja. Her stats are a bit underwhelming, but a recent upgrade has increased her output damage. This makes her more useful, though I'll have to test her to be sure. Her Seductress-like passiveness should not be underestimated on paper. Particularly when equipped with Seductress. I believe she is now a solid ST DPS with high HP for PvE bosses. PvP opponents have insufficient health for her to be useful.

For an attack build, Seductress is the best option. One of the reasons to pick this build is because of Puppeteer's 5-hit attack. Another effect of the Soul is that it reinforces Puppeteer's passive.

What makes Puppeteer a Great:

  • Ninja Shikigami. In PvE, you can deal a lot of damage. If you have two strong and reliable AoEs or are using an AoE + Yoto, this is an excellent finisher in Soul 10. If you want a pure single-target attacker for PvE, she's worth considering.

For further details about Puppeteer, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kairaishi


8. Shiranui

Shiranui Shikigami

“Look at the flames as they light up the sky. May this moment last forever.”

Shiranui is the shikigami to get in this latest patch! Building her is not a loss because she is utilized in both PvP and PvE. She is such a widespread Shikigami in PvP that if she is prohibited under Celebrity, the team's makeup will be greatly changed. The inside joke about her these days is that even if you get her, you will never use her. Yes, because she is most likely to be banned because opponents are shaking if she is the pick for mid-lane.

The normal attack doesn't need to be maxed, but the other two should be. Her primary team in PvE should consist of two SSRs, such as Shuten, Kujira, etc. She should always remain in her first form. In PvP, she should also try to stay in her first form for as long as possible because it gives the team a huge boost. Her second form is more of a last resort. 

What makes Shiranui a Great:

  • Shikagmi with a diverse set of supporting and attacking souls. Seductress or Kyoukotsu are examples of offensive souls. She has decent offensive stats to make good use of these souls.
  • DPS Shikigami in the Sorrowful state. Sorrowful is very simple to build Crit Dmg against because her Crit% is increased by 30%. All you need for her to be completely Sorrowful is 70% crit. To prevent her from entering Sorrowful too quickly, I would advise using HP% in one of the main stats.

For further details about Shiranui, please click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Shiranui


7. Takiyasha Hime

Takiyasha Hime Shikigami

“To the eternal storm, charge!”

Takiyashahime is currently the most powerful AOE DPS on the market. She should be used as the primary damage producer, so Seductress gets my support. We must guarantee 100% crit and move as quickly as we can for Seductress.

You will enjoy playing Takiyasha on fast attack teams, but she has no trouble fitting in on the slower mid-speed team. She can be used without maxing the other two skills, but Moon's Secret must be at its highest level. Maximum Shadowless Sun is highly advised for increased damage.

What makes Takiyasha Hime a Great: 

  • Meta of AOE DPS. Takiyashahime's AOE attacks have more functions, one of which grants her the same effect immunity as Ootengu. She is indeed the meta's AOE DPS with the added functionality.
  • Shikigami in both PvE and PvP. In PvE, she essentially replaces Ootengu and other AOE DPS for some of the more difficult content if you need a lot of damage in a long fight. In PvP, her ability to ignore critical hits, in the beginning, is a huge advantage for her survival. Furthermore, her ability to negate soul effects in her attacks means she can perform without the arch enemy of AOE DPSs.

For further details about Takiyasha Hime, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Takiyasha_Hime


6. Miketsu

Miketsu Shikigami

“I can see a crack in your armor!”

Miketsu will be mainstream in PvP for one simple reason: she has no heavy queues. Miketsu's attributes are outstanding as a control unit, so she can easily stack high Effect RES with Soul. This differs from other control units, which would be counter-controlled if the status effects did not land. Because she has a higher base chance of skill, she can have a lower Effect HIT than other control Shikigamis and still be effective. 

Miketsu can be just as tanky as Kaguya with an S rank HP and an A rank DEF. Due to this, it is very challenging to eliminate her in the first round. Not to mention the ongoing status effects that she has been applying to the opposition since the beginning of the battle.

What makes Miketsu a Great:

  • An attacker with medium-to-low speed. A light-armored foe should be destroyed by Miketsu with a critical damage soul set. more so with Kagura's assistance. The usual ATK/ATK/Crit Dmg maximizing Crit% stats would be the ones to pay attention to in this situation. 
  • Versatile to the Team. Miketsu can fit into a lot of teams because of her versatility. She is typically used as a control unit in mid- to slow-speed teams to prolong the battle so that they can gain enough ATK buff to make a dent.

For further details about Miketsu, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Miketsu


5. Itsumade

Itsumade Shikigami

“I will end all this!”

Primarily, a master of none and a jack of all trades. The fluidity of Itsumade is one of her greatest advantages. Her damage potential is undeniable, so I would anticipate seeing some lethal Itsumades in PvP, but she is not one of those Shikigamis you must G6 right away.

Itsumade, specifically Ubume, shares the same stat focus as many AOE DPSs. Crit% and AKT will be crucial. Once Crit% is maxed out, Crit DMG is a nice add-on. Effect HIT should be in position 4 if control Souls are being used. Itsumade could perform more tasks as a DPS than control, in my opinion.

What makes Itsumade a Great: 

  • Multi-attack Shikigami. A fully skilled Itsumade can deal with up to four normal attacks at 100% damage each. AOE hits twice for 80% damage and then explodes every feather for 50% ATKD per feather. Debuff now deals 27% more damage and, when fully stacked, offers to heal.
  • All-rounder Shikigami. If we look at the stats, she is capable of handling almost everything. She’s a great deal with a rating of 8.3 out of 10 in farming, duel, boss battles, and souls.

For further details about Itsumade, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Itsumade


4. Kainin

Kainin Shikigami

"My shadow is enough to beat you."

The best jungler in the game is undoubtedly Kainin, who has a ton of movement abilities and burst damage. Seductress and Scarlet are the most popular options because of the nature of their abilities. If Seductress is successful with her skills, she can cause a great deal of harm. Scarlet's skills have greater synergy and are more likely to activate when the soul procs.

To enter stealth mode as frequently as possible, she would require some SPD. Building damage should be calculated using the remaining stats. She should be able to survive with about 80% Critical, so if it's possible, position 6 could be Critical Damage.

What makes Kainin a Great:

  • Burst Damage Shikigami. She has two ways to approach her adversaries, which is seriously impressive. She also has an ultimate attack that knocks back all adversaries nearby and a first skill that slows down the enemy. 
  • Skill damage ninja builds that resemble Itsumade. She is not a basic attacker, so give her a grass-cutting blade and those two items increase ability damage. The rest of the damage she deals with can be dealt with by penetration.

For further details about Kainin, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kainin


3. Enma

Enma Shikigami

“Time to face death…”

Enma is a shikigami who combines strong magical attacks and burst damage with mobility and self-buffs. She is one of the most potent Marksmen and hard carriers available. She relies heavily on her abilities, though, unlike most hard carries, so the user needs to be adept to control her.

She currently has the highest speed after awakening; Soul Crush is designed for PVP and has 100% silence (though it can still be resisted), and Loot Soul is the ideal antidote to Revival Teams. Her most recent update solidifies her role in taking out a key enemy unit.

What makes Enma a Great:

  • Shikigami Killer in PvP. She is extremely useful in PVP due to her speed, which is the base speed when Evo is at its highest, and with more speed souls, she can be one of the game's fastest units. Her silence effectively counters those two units and has the potential to disrupt their squad flow/combo.
  • Silent death threat. If they pose a threat, you may also choose to silence their DPS. Her passive is also quite helpful; even though the damage is minimal, who cares about damage when you can effectively end the lives of anyone who employs Momo or another revive unit? It is also a good reason to taunt your adversary, and it is entertaining to watch the ghost explode.

For further details about Enma, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Enma


2. Maestro

Maestro Shikigami

“Fool, come on back now.”

Maestro, a Mage with great mobility, helpful self-buffs, and a kit that enables him to easily nuke and melt the enemy, is the Shikigami who is universally acknowledged as the best mid in the game. Again, his only flaw is that he's very challenging to use correctly. This is his only other flaw besides his fragility. He did not get the most banned shikigami for anything!

What makes Maestro a Great: 

  • Versatile shikigami with its buff. One of the most effective counters in the game is Demonic Tune. While also assisting in the activation of Maestro's effect, the annoying melody helps keep the problematic Shikigami down. With its buff, he is extremely strong.

For further details about Maestro, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Youkinshi


1. Kani Hime

Kani Hime Shikigami

“Still not convinced I see.”

Kani Hime is an undisputed champion of the top lane in Onmyoji Arena. She's a force in one-on-one battles and makes a great Shikigami target for taking out particular players, like the opposing team's hard carry. Her only disadvantage is that she can be kited and is difficult to use correctly.

Kanihime and SP Ibaraki are both highly damaging AOE DPS, and Kanihime's damage is comparable to SP Ibaraki for an SR. Kani Hime is also relatively easy to obtain as an SR.

What makes Kani Hime a Great:

  • SSR Master. She has good stats and the fact that it’s veiled makes it especially strong against spell-heavy decks. She also has a third skill that would make her a fantastic DPS shikigami.
  • Annoying Top Lane. With a decent heal ability, CC delay, dash disabler, long-range knockback, and crazy durability, she will annoy the other team’s top lane. Maybe that is the reason why she is mostly banned in ranked games.

For further details about Kani Hime, click here: https://onmyoji.fandom.com/wiki/Kani_Hime

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