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Have you ever played Onmyoji Arena? Maybe this is the sign when you explore the game itself! Onmyoji Arena has the so-called “shikigami” or heroes in the MOBA world. And these shikigamis have their distinct lane and role in the game. Of course, for starters, you wanted to know who are the shikigamis that are powerful and easy to use. Lucky for you, I will guide you to choose who are the best heroes to use! I have enlisted all types of shikigami so you do not need to worry.

And now, here are the top 10 best beginner heroes that are powerful in Onmyoji Arena!


10. Yamausagi

Yamausagi is a very affordable shikigami that you may obtain by merely using your coin. She's just 888 gold, but she's one of the most irritating support shikigami ever. She can offer someone a shield, increase their movement speed, slow opponents, and even render them useless.

You have no idea how much I despise this silly Frog rider as an enemy, but as a team, she is a really easy shikigami to utilize even for a beginner and can deliver a major pain in the ass to the opponents. Yamausagi has all the qualities you look for in a supporter—slow, speed buff, and one of the most frustrating crowd control abilities ever—thanks to her second skill, Slow Spit, and her passive ability to increase the movement speed of friends within a certain radius each time she uses a skill.

Yamausagi will typically be in the bottom lane in the early stages of the game, aiding her team's marksman, mage, or samurai in gaining weight. In the beginning, that is what you must do. Allow your DPS to gain weight before saving them if they are being pursued.

Your goal in the late game is to frustrate your adversaries beyond belief. Follow your obese team members around while getting the kill and an assist by sticking with them. Your objective is to use your ultimate to slow the adversaries down and turn them into puppets. Give your companions a shield so they can enjoy the tasty movement speed boost, and they won't even object when you succeed in killing the target.

What makes Yamausagi Great for Beginners:

  • One of the greatest shikis for beginners. Any team should have this shikigami. If you give her fast souls, your team will almost always get their turn before the adversary. Yamausagi assists in the form of shields and command. There are several methods to obtain an R Shikigami, therefore obtaining Yamausagi is not difficult. Her supporting ability is quite potent, since her thruster talent may improve her teammates' possibilities to act while relieving them of the burden of carrying their own SPD souls.
  • Yamausagi can easily fit into any squad that concentrates on making the initial move. Yamausagi is a well-known Shikigami in Onmyoji. Her strategy is straightforward: be the first on the battlefield to launch an attack for the squad. At the start of the game, I would recommend awakening her as soon as possible and giving her excellent Souls to make her speedy.

See Yamausagi In action: 


9. Aoandon

Aoandon is a mage shikigami. She excels in simple assaults rather than the conventional mage shikigami who uses talent to target and strike others. Because of her passives, she can attack using her magic power, making her a mage-type marksman. It is also beneficial because the majority of her abilities revolve around debuffing and stunning enemies, making her rather valuable in a team battle when combined with her high damage. She will definitely kill the game.

She is one of the most dreadful mage-type attackers on the market. She is an excellent damage dealer and support. She is one of the effective shikigami that beginners may use.

What makes Aoandon Great for Beginners:

  • Regardless of the lane, she is in, she is useful. Depending on the situation, you may need to go around the middle to the top and bottom. When the lane (creep farming) is finished, look around to see if anyone else needs assistance. often the bottom lane. It is a result of the bottom lane receiving both support and marksmen. They will make more money if you help them eat more enemies' shikigami, and you might even make more money if you assist them in poking enemies.
  • She is particularly helpful when ganking. When combined with her ultimate, which damages foes and stuns them if they remain in the circle for a while, she is one of the finest damage dealers in the game. Use her second skill to slow them down by using it in front of where the enemies would be traveling because it will slow them down twice.

See Aoandon In action: 


8. Itsumade

Itsumade is a Ninja Shikigami who excels in burst damage. In early games, she employs passive assaults, basic attacks, and a combo of talents to effortlessly destroy adversaries. Depending on how you utilize her. Itsumade may be a tremendous pain in the neck for your adversaries' shikigami, especially Mage and Marksman.

She has the capacity for damage, therefore I anticipate seeing several lethal Itsumades in PvP. An Itsumade with full skill can withstand up to four regular assaults at 100% damage each. AOE deals 80% damage twice and then bursts every feather for 50% ATKD per feather. Debuff now causes 27% more damage and gives healing when completely piled. According to the statistics, she is capable of managing practically everything. She has an 8.3 out of 10 rating in farming, duel, boss bouts, and souls.

What makes Itsumade Great for Beginners: 

  • She is the early game queen; just remember to roam to the mid-lane and assist your teammates whenever possible.
  • She is terrific, a great combination of Ubume and Ootengu, however, I say combination since she only assists on regular attacks, but she has incredibly strong damage and basic stats that are ideal for beginners.

See Itsumade In action: 


7. Chin

Chin is a shikigami of the marksman kind. With her passive powers, she is a highly swift attacker. She is one of the game's most powerful marksmen. Her low HP and limited movement speed keep her in check. So, if you get ganked, you're out.

But that doesn't make Chin a horrible Shikigami. If she's played well, with a competent support tanker, she'll be a nightmare to deal with. 

Chin is seen as a counter-argument to defensive teams. Her DOT damage efficiently applies pressure to the enemy's HP total while keeping the healers occupied. Chin was formerly known as the DOT's queen because of her absolute poison damage and the prevalence of many Chin teams.

What makes Chin Great for Beginners:

  • With one of the most straightforward and straightforward kits, Chin is our top option for hard carry in this category. Her special strikes combine deadly poisons with her basic attacks to continuously cause real damage to the target while simultaneously slowing them and depleting their armor.
  • Queen of the Poisons. She was able to reclaim her title as the top Poison damage dealer by increasing her talent to deliver twice as much indirect damage


See Chin In action:


6. Momo

Apart from Yamausagi, Momo is also one of the greatest support shikigami to play for beginners. Momo offers unparalleled help, harassment, potential, and healing. She is now ranked among the top healers in the game. She is extremely difficult to kill because the bulk of players will equip her with HP. Momo is also a skilled Group Healer who uses Crit. A soul that improves her speed and allows her to heal quicker would be a nice addition.

She can even resurrect the dead, allowing them to battle even while the opponent is focusing on them. She also possesses a plethora of abilities that allow her to stall the enemy and force them to move throughout the lane phase.

What makes Momo Great for Beginners: 

  • Killer-Healer of the group. She does this by deploying a Triple Duo Soul arrangement, one of which has a stat that can be upgraded called Crit Chance, given that her initial skill has a fantastic Crit. She is fantastic support as well as a great striker.
  • The team's Shiki-Savior. Her skills make her a valuable comrade since she can resurrect the dead so they can continue fighting or return to base. She is a wonderful choice for support because of her ability to work well in a team.

See Momo In action: 


5. Momiji

My go-to mage shikigami if I am crazy-mad in the game. Momiji is a Shikigami of the Mage class that is ideal for any newcomer to the Onmyoji Arena MOBA game. Shikigami can easily destroy adversaries because of her ranged skill sets, which include stuns, high DPS, and global ultimate. For a beginner, her ultimate is one of the easiest to master. 

Momiji's passives will trigger if your health drops to 50% or lower, purifying all stuns and debuffs, making her difficult to defeat. If you can't defend, use flash to flee and abandon your tower. Try to utilize your second skill to clear off minions and, if possible, target your adversary Shikigami.

What makes Momiji Great for Beginners: 

  • Momiji is an excellent farming unit. She may serve as a bridge unit till the players can gain a good DPS like Ubume.
  • Momiji excels at pressuring opponents early in the game. She is most suited to mid-laning or just helping your friends.

See Momiji In action: 


4. Karasu Tengu

Karasu Tengu is a shikigami of the samurai/tank type. In summary, he is a semi-tank capable of killing opponents. Because of his passive ability to reduce the incoming basic attack, he is the enemy of any marksman, fighter, or anything that primarily uses the basic attack to deliver damage. To be honest, he is an underrated hero, yet he may be effective if used correctly. He is capable of wreaking havoc. He is best suited for beginning players. Even a 10-year-old kid, plays him at the first game!

Karasu Tengu is a good farming Shikigami in the early game. In Onmyoji, he's another unit with collaborative attacks, somewhat like a little Ubume. He can join forces with Ubume to boost the likelihood of coordinated assaults.

What makes Karasu Tengu Great for Beginners: 

  • He is an expert in annoying your opponents, especially if your opponent is a marksman or a fighter who mostly relies on basic attacks for damage (Ex, Kanko, and Hakuro).
  • He's extremely tricky because of his slow and knockback stun effect, which allows him to kill any marksman early on depending on how you play him.

See Karasu Tengu In action: 


3. Ibaraki Doji

I usually enjoy playing Ibaraki Doji since he can operate as a Ninja, Tank, or Samurai depending on his build, and even as a tank, he can do a lot of damage to the enemy. The majority of his abilities are stunning, which are required to disable any sort of enemy. He excels in the early and mid-game, and if employed correctly, he can overcome anything. He is best suited for beginners!

His unique ability, "Infernal Hand," deals a maximum level of 283% damage to a single victim. Because it causes the highest damage of any talent in the game, his odds of successfully killing a victim with this skill are quite high. His passive ability [Rage Outlet] nicely complements this by inflicting 50% extra damage to the remaining enemies.

What makes Ibaraki Doji Great for Beginners:

  • He's the best farming DPS in the game. I advise you to play him as a jungler as a result. He can accomplish so considerably more swiftly than other DPSs, speeding up the process in addition to allowing for the carrying of lesser fodders. Surprisingly, his Rage Outlet now amplifies his damage if he fails to kill an adversary. At a harder level, it might be difficult to kill enemies in one blow, therefore this 100% more damage is really useful.

See Ibaraki Doji In action: 

2. Hakuro

Hakuro is one of the Shikigami that you may obtain for free as soon as you start playing Onmyoji Arena. If you select the first talent, she becomes a marksman Shikigami with a strong attack, critical rate, and roaming ability. She is one of the most powerful Shikigami, capable of altering the game's flow if used correctly. Hakuro is ideal for beginners.

Hakuro is a shikigami of the marksman kind who focuses on critical hits and wandering. Hakuro excels at roaming, making it effective for ganking.

What makes Hakuro Great for Beginners: 

  • Hakuro is unquestionably the finest ST DPS for F2P. She's all about causing havoc, so utilizing her should be simple.
  • Hakuro isn't the best choice in PvP or PvE, but she may be useful with the appropriate plan. Because of her skill sets, she may be the easiest to create with Crit damage. All you need for success is a 70% probability of hitting critically.

See Hakuro In action: 


1. Ootengu

Ootengu is a shikigami of the mage type with high area burst damage, an auto stunner, and a low cool down, making him one of the most difficult heroes to deal with. He is one of the most often utilized shikigami in the talent quest, and his passives allow him to effortlessly slay any tank. He is incredibly simple to operate and is ideal for beginners.

This character is ideally suited for mid-lanes, where he may assist your teammates in ganking any adversaries. After killing the creeps and assisting your friends in taking the kill, a good Otengu will roam to either the top or bottom lane.

What makes Ootengu Great for Beginners:

  • Ootengu is a versatile all-around DPS. There is no work he cannot perform, and no environment he does not fit into. His PvE abilities are undeniable. Ootengu's abilities aren't confined to causing damage.
  • He's a versatile shikigami with a range of builds. Seductress is a great pick due to his 4-hit AOE strike; stack him with Crit%. Indeed, Temptress/Mimic Ootengu's 120% effective hit may destroy the other squad.

See Ootengu In action: 


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