Mount & Blade 2 Multiplayer -How it Works

Mount & Blade 2 Multiplayer
How does it work?

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord came out a few weeks back in early access and it has a relatively solid multiplayer. There’s not a lot to it just yet, but what there is really fun. If you were wondering about the multiplayer side of Bannerlord, or maybe didn’t even realize it had one, stay tuned. I’m going to go through its four game modes and what they entail. 

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is pretty much what you’d expect. You choose one of two teams, that as far as I can see are randomly selected from the list of cultures in the game. The side you pick will influence what soldiers you have to choose from to play, though ultimately they all mostly balance out. 

You then pick the soldier you want to play. They will basically break down into cavalry, infantry, and ranged troops. You will also be able to choose from an option to choose two bonuses to apply to your character. These will either give you a different weapon than your soldier’s default, change how much ammunition you can carry, or impact something like how heavily armored you are. 

Then you are released into the map to fight it out until one of the two teams hits the score limit. It’s a chaotic mess, even among deathmatch style game modes across other games, but it’s a good kind of mess. The chaos of it keeps you on your toes, and it also makes it feel more like an actual small battle than just a team-based game. 

Siege Mode

Siege Mode Gameplay

This is a fun spin on your typical base-defense game mode, that you see in a lot of multiplayer games. One team has to defend their castle, which is complete with siege weapons and heavy gates. They will be able to utilize strategy and teamwork to try and prevent the other team from breaching the castle. Meanwhile the attacking team will be able to make use of siege towers and battering rams to try and breach the defenses of the castle. They can also scale the walls with ladders, though this makes them very exposed to defending archers. 

This is almost exactly like the castle sieges in the game, except that of course, you aren’t in charge of the entire army and are just a lone soldier instead. 

Skirmish Mode

Skirmish Gameplay

In Skirmish, two teams compete to take over three objective points to erode the opposing teams’ morale. If the team runs out of morale, they lose the round. The other way to win is to kill all of the enemy team. Taking out enemy players and taking objectives earns you gold which is used to purchase soldiers. Each time you are killed you have to pay gold to respawn, and when you run out you are out of the round for the remainder. 

This is a generally fast-paced game mode that can be a really fun way to try various soldier classes out. 

Captain Mode

Captain Mode Gameplay

Captain mode is the most unique game mode that Bannerlord has to offer. Captain Mode is a 6v6 match where you take control of a group of soldiers of a type, and you have to cooperate to take objective points and erode the other team’s morale bar, or simply kill all enemy troops. The cool thing with this mode is that not only can you issue all the commands you can in the single-player campaign to your small group of soldiers, but if you die you can take control of any other soldier in your group (provided there are any still alive). 

When you have a team that works together this can be a really exhilarating game mode. Conversely, if you don’t it’s a chaotic mess that’s definitely still fun but also stressful. 

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