Mount & Blade 2 Best Troops For Each Faction

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A great siege commences.

Mount & Blade 2 Best Troops For Each Faction

Vlandians assault a fort in a brutal fight.

Have you ever been plagued by an army of mixed troop types that seem like they would go together, but just won't mesh?  Have you struggled to acquire hero troops because your non-noble troops can't seem to get it together?  Let me help you.  Read this article to learn how to fix these problems and more!

This is a list of the top three best troops for each faction in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord.  There were some really tough picks in here, but you can rest assured that if you fill your armies with any of these troops, you’ll find high levels of success with them.  


A great force of Aserai cavalry charges against its foes.

Top Three Best Troops for The Aserai:

Aserai Master Archer

These are the premiere unit of the Aserai Sultanate, a country whose troop tree is almost completely composed of skirmishers and fast, light cavalry and infantry.  Master Archers are the top of the Calradian food tree in terms of non-noble archers, beaten only by the rare and expensive Battanian Fian Champions.  Aserai Master Archers are the backbone of any unstoppable Aserai army.

  • They exceed their competition in the Imperial Palantine Guards with two quivers of better armor-piercing arrows and a more accurate bow.
  • Their one-handed sword paired with their armor makes them quite viable in melee combat.
  • They have a fast rate of fire, even for archers.  

Aserai Vanguard Faris

There are a number of cavalry units in the Aserai troop tree, and the reason I pick this one over them is simple.  The Aserai are a faction of skirmishers, and this is the best light melee cavalry in the game.  They don't seem light though; with armor ratings up to par with Imperial infantry and 200 skill in polearms, they appear to have the same build as heavies like the Vlandian Champion, but they function much differently.  They are fast, deadly, and extremely capable of killing anything from a distance with their javelins.

  • They, like most Aserai troops, are tailor-made to deal with cavalry (especially horse archers, which I’m sure is no mistake because one of the Aserai’s neighbors are the Khuzait).
  • Their throwing weapons and high skill with them allows them to pick apart cavalry, but also even heavy line infantry, which is great for softening lines before a charge and forcing your opponent into circle formation.
  • Their horses are not heavily armored, which allows them to move incredibly fast.
  • The riders are heavily armored, so enemies have to deal with a jack-of-all-trades cavalry troop that is super fast and super hard to kill, even if you do hit them.

Mameluke Palace Guard

Here we run into the fix for the Aserai’s issue of having what is almost certainly the worst infantry in the game.  Mameluke Palace Guards are hulking armored beasts, wielding a giant executioner’s axe that can kill multiple enemies in one swing.  They are not hard to level into either, as their previous two levels are also axemen.  There is almost no point in using Aserai line infantry that aren't these guys.

  • Heavily armored, more than making up for their lack of shields.
  • They look extremely badass.
  • They move very fast for a foot troop.  
  • Their axe allows them to eviscerate cavalry as well as anything else unfortunate enough to step in their path.
  • As if everything else wasn’t enough, they have throwing axes to boot.  


Imperial troops prepared for battle, waiting on the command from their mounted leader.

Top Three Best Troops for The Imperials:

Imperial Elite Menavliaton

Imperial Elite Menavliatons are heavily armored, giant glaive-wielding shock troops.  They swing very fast, kill anything they touch, and are a must have for armies using Imperial troops.  They also have pilas, long throwing spears, in case those pesky horse archers are fighting them.  They, like the Palace Guards, are easy to level to because all the troop levels before them are infantrymen or lesser Menavliatons.  

  • Huge stick with what is basically a sword blade on the end, usable as a spear or slashing weapon that can one-hit kill even good tier 5 line infantry. 
  • They are the last thing on earth melee cavalry wants to run into, as their weapons will very easily kill the horse and the rider.  
  • They are so heavily armored that even ranged attacks will have to be pretty intense to kill them, especially in large numbers.
  • They are quite fast.
  • If they get caught in close melee combat where their glaives cannot be used, they have an excellent one-handed sword they will use to great effect.

Imperial Legionary

This is the best line infantry the Imperials have to offer.  They are high armor troops with a big shield and a one-handed sword.  If you are using a shield wall strategy, you’d be wise to take a lot of these guys along with you.  There is no more defensively useful unit in the game. Stack up some archers behind a line of these guys, and watch your foes melt before you.

  • Literally a brick wall with a sword that moves quickly.
  • They have pilas like their two-handed counterparts, which gives them an answer to cavalry attacks.
  • As far as vanilla Bannerlord goes, this is the closest you’ll get to having a Roman shield wall, which is pretty cool.  

Imperial Sergeant Crossbowman

This was a hard toss up between the Sergeant Crossbows and the Palatine Guards.  The reasons I say these are better than the Imperial tier 5 archers are that crossbows have greater range and damage then bows, and these guys pack a shield as well as a sword and armor.  These are impressively versatile troops that operate well in the field and incredibly in a siege.  Say line infantry gets up on the walls where a group of these crossbowmen are stationed.  These troops have 130 skill in one-handed, as well as an excellent sword and shield, which makes it easy for them to compete with even the best line infantry.

  • Some of the best troops to have when defending a settlement.
  • They fire more accurately and from further away than archers, giving them a distinct advantage in field battles.  
  • They are heavily armored and have a shield, which makes them good if they have to get caught up in a melee fight.  
  • The armor piercing properties of crossbows make them a great choice when dealing with cavalry of any kind.  


A Battanian army bravely holding the line against a barrage of arrows.

Top Three Best Troops for The Battanians:

Battanian Fian Champion

It would not be a stretch to say that these are the best troops in all of Bannerlord, and it is a fact that they are the best foot archers.  With a staggering Bow skill of 260, they almost never miss, shoot from insanely long distances, and tear apart anything they hit.  If they are engaged in melee combat, they have the best two-handed sword in the game along with a two-handed skill of 220.  Their biggest weakness is in their rarity; to have even 5 or 10 in your army is an expensive and time consuming feat without the Leadership perk Veteran’s Respect, which allows you to convert Forest Bandits to Fians.

  • They are insanely accurate and deal high damage for an archer.
  • They have a much longer range than archers typically do.
  • If engaged in melee combat, they can kill any unit with ease.
  • They have a lot of armor.  
  • They are one of the fastest foot troops in the game, allowing them to position quickly and skirt around unwelcome melee conflict.  

Battanian Veteran Falxman

Here we have another two-handed berserker on the list.  They are currently the foot troop meta of Bannerlord, what can I say?  Falxmen separate themselves out with the highest damage polearm in the game and the Throwing skill to use their ranged axes to incredible effect.  A serious weakness of the Battanian Veteran Falxman is their armor, however, making them very easy to kill by arrows and bolts.  Support them with good line infantry though, and you will see your enemy's infantry fall under their giant and swift strikes.

  • Extremely high damage with both their polearm and throwing axes.
  • If supported by shields, can devastate melee lines even in small numbers. 
  • When defending in a siege, a great way to minimize casualties on your side and win sieges that they are outnumbered in.

Battanian Wildling

Wildlings are the Battanians' only good line infantry, and they are probably the most versatile line infantry in the game.  They are excellent skirmishers, each wielding 5 deadly javelins with a Throwing skill of 130, a good shield and a solid one-handed axe and spear.  If you have a Battanian army, these are your only choice for a viable frontline.

  • Javelins that will kill cavalry and infantry with ease.
  • One of the only frontline infantry troops in the game that wield one-handed axes, which are great for getting around shields.
  • Truly the most versatile infantry in the game, a unit that holds many hats.


Khuzait horse archers charging with their commander.

Top Three Best Troops for The Khuzait:

Khuzait Khan’s Guard

The Khuzait are a faction of horse archers, and their absolute best is the Khan’s Guard.  With a Bow skill of 260 and a Polearm skill of 220, they do massive damage against anything they engage, no matter how they choose to go about it.  They are heavily armored and very fast, making them almost unkillable while firing at range.  Their melee weapon, a true glaive, makes them superior cavalry to most melee cavalry at close range, as well as enabling them to cut through multiple enemies at once on the ground.  Their big weakness is in siege battles, where they are slow and clunky when attacking.  

  • In field battles, they can circle around enemy lines, raining highly accurate arrows from all sides.
  • Once they run out of their (many) arrows, they are better melee cavalry than most actual melee cavalry in the game.
  • Their glaive enables them to cut through huge swathes of opponents at once, making them ideal candidates for charges into archers and light infantry.  

Khuzait Heavy Horse Archer

These horse archers are much more accessible in large numbers than Khan’s Guard, and serve roughly the same purpose.  It is very difficult to defend against horse archers, and these guys are well equipped to capitalize on that.  With 130 Bow skill and a fair bit of armor, once they begin circling footmen, a list of casualties is sure to ensue.  The big weakness of the Khuzait faction in general applies to this troop type as well: without smart thinking, you will find it difficult to besiege enemy settlements with a lot of these guys in your army.

  • These are the best non-noble horse archers in the game, and horse archers are insanely powerful in field battles.
  • Once they run out of arrows, they can double as melee cavalry with a powerful one-handed sword and decent armor.  
  • Because of their Riding skill being at 130, and the quality of the war horse they ride, the only way to stop them is with very high level cavalry of your own or to wait out their arrows and hope you have enough men to deal with a charge.  
  • They pair extraordinarily well with Khuzait footmen, who tend to charge while you are scrambling to keep your men from falling to the steel hailstorm that is raining down on you from all sides, courtesy of the Heavy Horse Archers.

Khuzait Darkhan

Personally, I think these are the most badass and frightening looking line infantry troops in the game.  If only they were all bark and no bite.  These foot troops are quite impressive considering how excellent Khuzait horse archers are, pairing large shields with heavy armor and the ability to deal with cavalry and infantry the same.  The joy of fighting against the Khuzait is lining your men up for battle only to effectively create a firing line for their horse archers, all the while watching these helmeted crusaders descend upon your position with startling speed.

  • The game devs hate when people don’t play as the Khuzait, so they gave them these guys as line infantry to punish foolish players and show them the light.
  • They pair as shock troops with horse archers like a fine red wine with steak, continually advancing as their unfortunate prey form a fearful circle to deal with the horses, not realizing they’ve fallen right into the trap intended for them.
  • They can throw their spears as well as obliterate your cavalry with them, were you to think of charging them with your horsemen in a move of spite for their continual bullying.
  • This faction is so unbalanced it’s frustrating, and Darkhans are why.  Need I say more?  Oh right, death to the Khuzaits!


A unique Sturgian shield wall holds the line.

Top Three Best Troops for Sturgia:

Heroic Line Breakers

Welcome to Sturgia, the land of Vikings-wait what?  We can’t say that?  Ahem, Northerners who brandish axes, look suspiciously Nordic and have troops that were once literally called berserkers.  Heroic Line Breakers are those units, and they are not to be played with.  Wielding throwing axes and giant two-handed axes that will most certainly one-hit kill anything in the game, they are the fastest two-handers in the game.  They are also technically the most skilled, with 150 Two-Handed skill as opposed to most shock two-handers’ 130 in Polearms or Two-Handed.  They’re fast, clothed in armor, and are the Anti-Infantry.  

  • Currently Sturgia’s best option against other tier 5 troops, you could conquer the entire world map (maybe minus the Khuzaits) with an army composed entirely of Heroic Line Breakers.
  • Their throwing axes are great for killing weak line infantry before they get into the melee.
  • With an Athletics skill of 150 instead of the usual 130 for troops of their stature, they are great at rushing and great in a siege (on either side).

Sturgian Druzhinnik Champion

Druzhinnik (boy, that’s a mouthful) Champions are surprisingly great cavalry for it being Sturgian.  They are armed with lances, swords and shields, as well as being one of the most heavily armored units in the entire game.  They are great against cavalry and heavy infantry alike, which is good because the Sturgians have very little answer to horse archers and even melee cavalry at times.  The thing that sets these noble troops apart from the rest, however, is their ability to function on and off of horseback.  They have 140 Athletics skill along with 200 one-handed, which makes them better than most tier 5 line infantry once dismounted.  

  • Versatile troop, with the ability to function at a high level whether mounted or not (which makes them very good for siege battles).
  • Great option for cavalry if you are playing as the Sturgians, as they are exactly the shock troop style the Sturgians thrive off of.
  • They are nearly unkillable due to their incredibly heavy armor.

Sturgian Heavy Axemen

These are the best line infantry the Sturgians have to offer.  Possessing a fantastic one-handed axe, great javelins and a shield, they do exceptionally well when fighting other melee infantry.  To boot, they are super heavily armored, allowing for unbreakable shield walls and devastating charges.  They are probably the best troop in the game for besieging enemies due to those two things alone, but they also have 130 Skill in throwing.  All in all, this troop embodies everything that Sturgia is in a soldier: resilient, strong and deadly.

  • The ability to form the strongest shield wall in the game if you have enough of them.
  • One of the best units for attacking enemy towns and castles.
  • Javelins that will soften up even the strongest melee infantry.


A Vlandian General stands tall despite harrowing circumstances.

Top Three Best Troops for Vlandia:

Vlandian Sharpshooter

As we come to the last faction on this list, we get into some fan favorites.  The Vlandian Sharpshooter is the best crossbowman in the game, capable of firing from long distances and piercing even the heaviest armor with precision.  They are fast troops, equipped with medium armor, a large shield and a good one-handed sword.  They, like the Sergeant Crossbowmen, are great for defending settlements due to their melee capacity, armor piercing properties and range advantage.

  • They look like fast red turtles, which probably makes their enemy underestimate them and consequently get bolts to their unsuspecting heads.
  • They outrange all non-noble ranged troops and also out damage them.  
  • They can kick it with melee infantry once they run out of bolts.
  • It is very easy to get a lot of them, as every troop level beneath them are crossbows as well.

Vlandian Voulgier

The Voulgier is a unique unit to the shieldless melee genre.  They have a polearm like the Menavliaton, but it is one-handed.  They work as a shock troop: high damage, low defense and fast moving.  Their polearm the Voulge allows them to swing faster than their counterparts for nearly the same damage, as well as stab at cavalry.  On top of this, they have a powerful two-handed bastard sword and, oddly, a one-handed sword as backup in case of close encounters.  They are more lightly armored than other troops of their class, but they more than make up for it with their deadly main weapon.  They are also the only troop in Vlandia with a throwing weapon.

  • They are unique, with a one-handed spear-axe that devastates their opponents, no matter if they are foot infantry or cavalry.  
  • Like all other shock troops, they are fast movers.
  • They have a versatile range of melee weapons at their disposal.
  • Their throwing axes are useful in taking down both heavy and light line infantry.
  • Voulgiers have 130 skill in both Polearms and Two-Handed, making them exceptionally skilled in the high damage weapons they carry.

Vlandian Banner Knight

Banner Knights are the best heavy cavalry in the game.  They come armed with lances, one-handed swords and shields.  They are very heavily armored, and have an impressive skill set with 260 Polearm skill, 220 One-Handed, and 200 Riding.  Get a regiment of these, and you’ll see your opponents line infantry fall back quickly.

  • They have great armor ratings, for them and their horses.
  • If they charge into enemy infantry, they will knock them over due to the weight and likely kill several due to their couchable lances.\
  • Their kite shields make them very hard for ranged units and spears to kill.
  • They outskill and out armor every other heavy cavalry unit in the game.

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