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Bannerlord Best Wife
How to Choose?

So, you’ve started building yourself a clan, and you’ve some territory; but what’s the point if you have no one to share it with? Maybe you just want the perfect partner in crime, or maybe you want to have children and really cement the future of your clan’s legacy. Either way, you’re going to need a significant other. This article is going to be focused specifically on the available bachelorettes across Calradia that are waiting for a gentleman (exclusively, sadly at this current point in time all marriages are heterosexual exclusive without mods)  to sweep them off their feet. So who should you choose? Well that’ll depend on what you are looking for in a wife, and I will go through what I consider to be the ten best options available to you. 

10. Abagai

A brave warrior from the Arkit clan of the Khuzait Khanate. She’s a very strong melee fighter with respectable archery and horse riding skills. 


  • Strong melee fighter
  • Brave, but not honorable; meaning she shouldn’t mind if you loot caravans and towns with her in the party
  • She’s a respectable archer as well as a melee fighter, allowing her to switch with the situation

Choose Abagai if:

  • You want a solid fighter wife that will not mind you looting villages 
  • Want a reasonably balanced wife, stat-wise


  • Khuzait
  • Brave
  • Strong Melee fighter and Archer

9. Svana 

Svana is a member of the Vagiroving family of Sturgia, and has a reputation for being brave and honorable. She has reasonable balance skills, though she is especially good at melee combat and horse riding.


  • Svana is brave and honorable, meaning that she is a perfect choice if you want to play that sort of character
  • She has strong melee skills, making her brilliant front line infantry
  • Her reasonable athletics skill also make her well suited for being foot infantry

Choose Svana if:

  • You prefer to fight on foot
  • You want to play a very honorable and brave character (don’t loot innocents or run from fights)


  • Sturgian
  • Strong melee skills
  • Ideal front line infantry
  • Brave and Honourable

8. Phaea

Phaea is a noblewoman from the Southern Empire with a reputation of being honorable. She has strong combat skills, with moderate stewardship, charm, and trade skills to still help bolster your own skills if you haven’t invested in those yourself.


  • Has strong archery, one-handed, and horse riding skills
  • Strong tactics skills, making her a good choice as a general
  • Moderate skills in charm, steward, and trade still allow her to be useful as a governor if you want to assign her as one

Choose Phaea if:

  • You want a warrior wife, and you plan to play as a relatively good character. If your playstyle involves a lot of raiding caravans and towns, she will not be a good choice.


  • Western Empire
  • Strong tactics
  • Decent Steward skills

7. Yana 

Yana is a member of the Khergit clan, one of the more powerful clans that make up the Khuzait Khanate. She’s a jack-of-all-trades with reasonably high tactics and stewardship.


  • has high tactics and stewardship
  • has high trade skills
  • One of the few strong Khuzait wife options

Choose Yana if:

  • You want to focus on embedding yourself with the Khuzaits
  • You want a Khuzait wife with decent stats and a fairly influential family


  • Khuzait
  • Jack-of-all-trades
  • Good tactics and steward skills
  • decent combat skills

6. Ira 

Ira is the heir of Rhagea, the Empress of the Southern Empire. She is the blood claimant of the Imperial throne, who likely would have inherited the throne if the civil war had not broken out. She's a jack-of-all-trades with a solid combat focus. 


  • If inheritance is implemented in the game, Ira could be a route to inheriting the leadership of the Southern Empire faction
  • She’s a strong warrior and tactician

Choose Ira if:

  • You want a warrior wife and have a preference for the Imperial Faction. Also if you want to get in good with Empress Rhagea.


  • Southern Empire
  • Heir to the Southern Empire
  • Good Tactics and Combat skills

5. Liena

Liena is a member of the dey Tihr family of the Kingdom of Vlandia, and has a reputation for being gallant. She’s a jack of all trades with a slight focus on combat skills over non-combat skills.


  • Is gifted in all forms of combat
  • Is a strong tactician and steward
  • Has a softer attitude than Silvind with similar stats

Choose Liena if:

  • You want a flexible jack-of-all-trades wife, but aren’t a fan of Silvind’s personality


  • Vlandian
  • Jack-of-all-trades

4. Silvind 

Silvind is a jack-of-all-trades from the Kingdom of Vlandia. She’s a member of the dey Arromanc family, and has a reputation for being fierce and cruel. Every rose has its thorns though, right? 


  • Jack-of-all-trades, she’s got reasonably strong skills in all skills with only her trade being below 100, at 80
  • Her family at the start of the game has no holdings, making them somewhat easier to sway away from Vlandia and to your own faction

Choose Silvind if:

  • You want a wife with a flexible skill set, that can be as useful as a governor as a general


  • Vlandian
  • Best Jack-of-all-trades wife in the game

3. Sora

Sora is a strongly moral noblewoman of the Northern Empire. She’s not got really any weapons skills, but she’s amazing at stewardship, trade, and charm. 


  • Has the strongest stewardship skill of any available wives
  • Has the highest trade skill of any available wives

Choose Sora if:

  • You want a wife that can serve as the perfect governor for a city you control. 


  • Northern Empire Noblewoman
  • Best governor wife. 

2. Siga 

Siga is your ideal choice for a warrior woman. She’s a tough as nails Sturgian noblewoman, and while she has no talent for politics, she’s the best option available if you want a wife to fight by your side, and hey the couple that sieges together stays together, right?


  • Has the strongest weapon skills of any wife
  • Has very strong tactics skills making her well suited for leading her own troops

Choose Siga if:

  • You are more interested in having a strong secondary army at your side whenever you need it, than having someone to take care of your capital/home. 


  • Sturgian
  • Best warrior wife available

1. Arwa 

Arwa has it all; she’s beautiful, skilled in all forms of combat and she’s got solid Stewardship skills. If you’re looking for the perfect woman, this might just be her. Whether it’s leading an army or managing a town, she will excel at just about anything you can set her to. 


  • Is talented with every kind of weapon available, as well as having high tactics and horse riding skill
  • Has a reasonably high stewardship skill, making her a strong leader outside of battle as well
  • Is part of one of the more powerful clans of the Aserai, which if inheritance is ever solidly implemented in the game might be a very useful advantage in your quest for power

Choose Arwa if:

  • Want a very powerful warrior to lead soldiers into battle at your side. She is skilled at statecraft, but the battlefield is where she excels the most. 


  • Aserai
  • Strongest warrior among the available bachelorettes of Calradia 
  • Member of the Banu Sarran Clan

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