[Top 5] Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Best Governor

Mount & Blade 2 Best Governor, bannerlord Best Governor
Do you want to live forever? Charge!

The peasants are revolting.  You're going to need somoneone to put them back in line and get your house in order.

You just conquered a city in Mount and Blade, and your king gave it to you as a fief. Now you’re having loyalty issues, and this gift is starting to look like a major headache.

Luckily, you’ve been collecting and training up companions for a while now. Those companions will now be the lords and ladies under you, the first nobles of your growing kingdom. 

5. Heroic Leader

Yes, that will do nicely for my throne.

Companions spawn with random abilities, but you’re going to want to level them for a while before you go very far with fiefs. There are Governor/Captain perks spread out amongst several skill trees, notably in the leadership tree.

Like everything, it takes time and effort to raise skill trees in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. To learn leadership, lead parties or fiefs as either a governor or captain. So, we’re going to need to give your companions some experience.

To give a companion experience as a captain, you need to create a party and have a companion lead it for you. Go to the clan menu and click on the parties tab. Select Create New Party; select a new party leader and give them some troops to lead.

Heroic Leader is an excellent perk to shoot for in the leadership skill tree. Loyalty is a big issue for fiefs, and 75 isn’t a hellish skill level to achieve. 

4. Garrison Troops

It always helps to have a pile of mates at your back.

Your governor can’t do it all alone. Managing your garrison troops is one of the easiest ways to micromanage your fief’s numbers.

Troops are helpful during sieges, but they’re also beneficial for security and loyalty. Unfortunately, they eat a lot and drag down your food and prosperity ratings. Balancing your needs by moving troops in and out of the garrison will help keep all of your numbers green.

My favorite part of Garrisoning troops is to use it as part of my recruiting and retention arsenal. I keep lower-level troops in my army as I run around and fight small battles. Then I raid the garrison before a big fight.

.3. Fairgrounds

Bread and circuses for everyone!

Managing a fief can be a real pain in the neck. As soon as you feel powerful and start taking down castles and cities, you suddenly have this ball and chain that constantly wants to rebel and isn’t making enough money to support its garrison.

Building projects are an excellent knob to turn on long-term growth for your fief. Projects give you some hope, a light at the end of the tunnel for your ball and chain. Build them as fast as you can.

Fully built out fairgrounds give a great bonus to loyalty. Loyalty can be a problem, especially if your fief is from a different culture. Some loyalty issues go away with time, but your first fief will probably be a conquered territory, and the people might not be happy about that.

To build projects faster, consider putting some money in the fief’s building fund. You can donate up to 10,000 denars at a time, enough for a significant speed increase.

2. Festivals and Games

My lord, the peasants are not happy.  We need to distract them.

Daily projects are a great way to fine-tune growth. If you don’t need loyalty, then improve prosperity. But if you’re watching your loyalty dip dangerously into the imminent rebellion category, Festivals and Games is your go-to daily.

Loyalty is critical because if your fief ever rebels, it’s a significant problem. You lose your whole garrison, your governor gets captured, and now you have to fight a new siege to take the fief back. 

Don’t let this be you! Keep the loyalty green and above 50 if at all possible. If necessary, you might need to personally sit in the city for a while to get the fief under control. 

1. Empire Culture

Empire privilage is a thing in Bannerlord.

Every culture in Mount and Blade Bannerlord is viable and fun, but the Empire has a unique advantage. Because three kingdoms with the Empire culture occupy the middle of the map, most of the mid-game fiefs available to you will be Empire fiefs. 

If your culture is different from the fief’s culture, you will take a 3-point loss to loyalty. If your governor is a different culture from the fief, add another point. Ouch.

If you don’t play Empire yourself, you might want to choose Empire culture companions. It’s not the end of the world if you play another culture, but the loss of loyalty is a massive pain in the neck.

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