[Top 10] MHW Best Food and How To Get Them

MHW Food
Better Listen When Meowscular Chef Tells You to Eat Your Greens

You’ve checked all your gear and upgraded it as much as possible. You’ve gone over your item pouch to make sure all your numbers and inventory checks out and you’ve even gone over to your garden to make sure your plants are properly fertilized. What else is there for a hunter to do? You’re definitely going to want to check out the canteen and learn what best foods to order and even start making some of your own custom platters as well. Some of the buffs and bonuses are really worth it and the priceless eating and cooking animations just look so good.


10. Felyne Groomer 

Blights are very common in Monster Hunter World and a build with some blight resistance is great for comfort and survivability. You will be getting hit constantly with blight from fighting most end game monsters so when you do eat for Felyne Groomer which speeds up blight recovery when you do get blight so your nulberry stash won’t take such a hit.

Food Stats:

  • Halves the effect duration of Defense Down and Speeds Up Blight Recovery

What Makes Felyne Groomer Awesome:

  • Reduces the Time of Your Blight
  • Comfort and Survivability
  • Use Less Nulberries

How to Get Felyne Groomer (Custom Recipe):

  • 2 of Any “Purple” (Accumen) Ingredients 

9. Felyne Black Belt

And for some good comfort in maneuverability we have the Felyne Skill Felyne Black Belt which reduces stamina depletion from evadin, blocking or doing certain other actions. This will keep you moving and combines with other skills that use less ingredients such as Sharpshooter.

Food Stats:

Reduces Stamina Depletion From Evading, Blocking or Doing Certain Other Actions.

  • What Makes Felyne Black Belt Awesome:
  • Grants the Stamina Use Reduced Status Effect
  • Reduces Stamina Use By 20%
  • Costs 4 Vigor Ingredients

How to Get Felyne Black Belt (Custom Recipe):

  • Any 4 of the “Orange” (Vigor) Ingredients

8. Felyne Sharpshooter

Another of the few Felyne Skills to be eating for is Felyne Sharpshooter which increases the power of normal ammo and normal arrows. It only takes two of the Artillery ingredients to make so it’s a skill that easily activates. Increasing the capacity of how many Normal Ammo and Bows is a good way to get more DPS when using this skill.

Food Stats:

  • Increase Normal Ammo and Arrow Shot Dmg

What Makes Sharpshooter Awesome:

  • Increases Dmg for Normal and Arrow Shots
  • Only Takes 2 Artillery Ingredients to Activate
  • Don’t Need to Use a Voucher to Activate it

How to Get Felyne Sharpshooter (Custom Recipe):

  • Any 2 of the “Yellow” (Artillery) Ingredients

7. Felyne Bombardier

Not to be confused with the actual build skill Bombardier, Felyne Bombardier increases ballista, sticky ammo, gunlance shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial damage. This is one of the few ways to really improve explosive damage attacks when skills like Peak Performance and Attack Up don’t improve the damage nearly as much.

Food Stats:

  • Increases Dmg for Sticky Ammo, Gunlance Shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial
  • What Makes Felyne Bombardier Awesome:
  • 10% Dmg Increase for Explosive Attacks
  • One of Few Ways to Boost Explosive Attack Dmg Significantly 
  • One of the Few Felyne Skills Really Worth Activating

How to Get Felyne Bombardier (Custom Recipe):

  • 4 of any “Yellow” Artillery Ingredients

6. Felyne Moxie

Also providing relief for difficult hunts where everyone is carting is Felyne Moxie which also prevents fainting but under slightly different circumstances; when damage taken exceeds your remaining health. How they measure that out exactly is odd but a free cart in Monster Hunter World is very valuable and of all the Felyne Skills the ones that give you an extra cart seem to be the most valuable. Also stackable with the build skill Guts which has a similar cart avoiding bonus like Felyne Moxie.

Food Stats:

  • Prevents Fainting one Time 
  • What Makes Felyne Moxie Awesome:
  • Great When Everyone on Team Uses it
  • Procs When Damage Taken Has to Exceed Your Remaining Health
  • Stacks with Build Skill Guts

How to Get Felyne Moxie (Custom Recipe):

  • 6 of any “Blue” (Resilience) Ingredients

5. Unpredictable Platter

The felyne daily skills from eating are one of the most neglected skills in the game but are very important and really should be looked over and stuffed into your already overwhelming preparation for each of what most hunts entail. But they are daily skills so knowing which one to proc is important (Felyne Insurance) and the Unpredictable Platter makes the skill you see in the changing list of skills more likely to activate. 

Food Stats:

  • Activates Daily Food Skills
  • What Makes Unpredictable Platter Awesome:
  • Activate Felyne Insurance Everytime (Once Daily)
  • Activates Daily Food Skills

How to Get Unpredictable Platter:

  • Order From Canteen

4. Veggie Platter

Sometimes a monster’s elemental weakness can seamlessly be defended by simply eating a veggie platter and getting all those great elemental defense buffs. It covers all the elemental bases and frees up some of your build for more attack or comfort tweaks. Just enjoy your Veggie Platter with a gigantic hunk of porkish looking monster meat that they grow outback.

Food Stats:

  • Elemental Res Up (L) 
  • Health +20
  • Stamina +25
  • Palico Health +8 

What Makes Veggie Platter Awesome:

  • Huge Resistance to All Elements
  • Don’t Have to Build as Much Elemental Defense in Your Actual Build
  • How to Get Veggie Platter:
  • Order From Canteen (Pre-made)

3. Meat Platter

The good old Attack Up (L) skill the Meat Platter gives from the canteen to add to your dps when you really want to dig into your target. Combined with Attack buffing Demondrug, Demon Powder and Might Seed it really improves your attack but probably means it will cost your survivability some when compared to other food options. But for situations where survivability is not much of a concern than blast away with your belly full of felyne cooked monster meat.

Food Stats:

  • Attack Up (L)
  • Health +20
  • Stamina +25
  • +8 Palico Health
  • What Makes Meat Platter Awesome:
  • Attack Up (L)
  • Order Right From Canteen

Procs Every TIme You Eat

  • How to Get Meat Platter:
  • Order From Canteen (Pre-made)

2. Chefs Choice Platter

The cats are everywhere and they are busy and running around the barracks in an urgent manner taking care of and feeding you and the rest of the hunter and accompanying staff of the prestigious Astera and Seliana bases. Well let it ride because if a cat ever dishes me out something like this I’m down on one knee saying you make me feel like I can do anything, lord your Felyne Skill giving ways over me Chef Meowscular. Chef’s Choice Platter always uses fresh ingredients and maxes your Health and can be ordered right off the canteen’s menu.

Food Stats:

  • Health +50
  • Stamina +25
  • Health +16 for Palico
  • Attack Up, Defense Up or Elemental Res Up Usually (S) Level Sometime (M)

What makes Chef’s Choice Platter Awesome:

  • Always get Max Health
  • Uses Fresh Ingredients as Possible
  • Fresh Ingredients Increases Chance for Activation of Food Skills 

How to Get Chef’s Choice Platter:

  • Order from Canteen (Pre-Made)

1. Felyne Safeguard

At least Capcom came up with a cute and politically correct way of saying you died in Monster Hunter World. Instead of dying you “faint” and it comes with a cute animation after you faint of you getting dumped from a cart or cloth bamboo makeshift gurney looking thingy manned by palicoes at the nearest camp. It really is quite humbling. Do this a certain amount of times (usually 3) as a team and you fail the quest and get sent home with no rewards. Felyne Safeguard works like Felyne Insurance and prevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints.

Food Stats:

  • Prevents Group From Penalty the First Time a Member Faints
  • What makes Safeguard Meal Awesome:
  • Get One Free Faint
  • Procs Every Time You Eat
  • Stacks With Felyne Insurance/Moxie Giving Two Free Faints
  • Good for SOS Responding

How to Get Felyne Safeguard (Custom Recipe):

  • Greathorn’s Gulp
  • Auspicious Ale
  • Butterbrew
  • Fortified Honeywine
  • Entrancing Alebic
  • Tequila Del Locos

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