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MHW Longsword Armor
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Get your Affinity and Attack levels all straightened out and decide if you’re gonna go for max dps, full blown survivability or maybe a blend of comfort and survivability balanced well with attack power and check out these priceless Longsword meta armor pieces to be snagging up right away on your Longsword meta building journey. You should notice your life getting a little easier when you play Monster Hunter World.

5. Frostfang Helm beta+

The high MR armor level base defense, the slots, the high ice resistance, the sick Power Rangeresque aesthetic (please deliver me some trashy anime garage heavy metal as I slay these beasts Penguin (my palico)) and the built in Crit Eye II skill are all some of the sweet specs for the Frostbang Helm beta. Crafted from parts of a newer monster, Frostfang Barrioth, the helm also activates the armor bonus Frostfang Absolute Art I with just one armor piece equipped which is very rare. 

The 1pc set bonus is what separates the Frostbang Helm beta from other armor as well as previous Punishing Draw armor making it the best Punishing Draw armor now available. Punishing Draw also gives an attack boost edge for the Frostfang armor’s 3pc set bonus Slugger Secret which gives upway more KO’s during your hunt.

Why Frostfang Helm is Great:

  • 1pc Set Bonus Punishing Draw
  • Built In Crit Eye II
  • Great Gem Slots
  • High MR Level Base Defense
  • High Ice Resistance
  • Works Well With Same Armor 3pc Bonus Slugger Secret

4. Challenger Charm V

When some monsters go enraged I tend to tense up a bit. No really, my buttcheeks become very firm and my sense of awareness really jumps or tries to anyway depending on how long the hunt has been and the condition of my attention span. But the Agitator skill will meet your target’s spiked aggression and erratic mobility with an increase of attack power depending on what your skill level is, and cause some flinching and KO’s that will interrupt your target’s temper tantrum while giving you the advantage for high dps.

Challenger Charm V will bring your Agitator level to 5 which is maxxed and a very high and rare skill level number for charms altogether. Combined with Agitator Secret which raises the max level for the skill to 7 can be very deadly and for me is very nice just hanging back and relying on my agitator damage spike to stagger the monster with flinches when it is at its most dangerous.

Why Challenger Charm V is Great for Longsword:

  • Gives Lv5 Agitator
  • Boosts Attack When Monster Is Enraged
  • Stagger and KO More When Monster is Enraged
  • Great for Agitator Secret Build

3. Kaiser Vambraces beta+

Using the special armor set bonus skill Teostra Techniques unlocks Master’s Touch which is one of the Longswords most important and useful skill to reduce losing sharpness during critical hits and stopping to sharpen. The MR rank armor pairs great with Critical Eye and hit anywhere anytime 100% Affinity building as the more crit hits you connect the less your weapon loses sharpness always getting crit hits being the goal to keep procking Master’s Touch.

With one Lv4 and one Lv3 gem slottage, built in Weakness Exploit and high Fire resistance, the Kaiser Vambraces are also a good pick from the armor of the one out of three pieces needed to activate Teostra Technique.  

Why Kaiser Vambraces is Great forLongsword:

  • Good Piece for Master’s Touch Build
  • One Lv4 and One Lv3 Gem Slots
  • Built In Weakness Exploit and Heat Guard
  • High MR Defense
  • Good Fire Resistance

2. Kaiser Mail beta+

Again for the right build and for the right set bonus certain pieces are more beneficial when choosing which one to use for any 3pc or 2pc set bonus. For the Greatsword and most other weapons that need to sharpen, Master’s Touch is very valuable so going for its 3pc set bonus the Kaiser Mail beta is typical meta with its great gem slots and built in Latent Power Skill.

Why Kaiser Mail is Great for Longsword:

  • Good for Master’s Touch Build
  • One Lv4, Two Lv1 Gem Slots
  • Built In Latent Power
  • High Fire Resistance and Defense 

1. Kulve Taroth Wrath alpha+

As eloquent and graceful as it may feel while wearing a dress (and yea dudes too get a dress even) and continuing your monster hunting career, Kulve Taroth’s Wrath apha (legs) boasts some of the most threatening specs that will collaborate well with any Master’s Touch build with it’s built in Critical Boost x2. 

Critical Boost increases the damage of critical hits which is a great bonus for a good Master’s Touch build that is consecutively crit hitting. So I guess it's ok for a dude to wear a dress in MHW. I will now think twice before not wearing the Kirin Legs Pony Boi Pants because they look gay.

Why Kulve Taroth Wrath alpha is Great for Longsword:

  • Get to Wear a Dress Even if You’re a Dude
  • One Lv4and two Lv1 Gem Slots
  • Built In Critical Boost x2 Skill
  • Very High Fire Res and Raw Defense
  • High Thunder Resistance

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