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Enhance your decision-making skills by playing these interactive games.

One of the enticing features that interactive games have is allowing the players to choose the next course of action in the storyline, which makes it more immersive and benefits the overall gameplay experience. It sets itself apart from traditional video games, which commonly have a linear plot, by providing multiple endings or outcomes for each decision the player makes.

Here are ten interactive games for PC that will surely keep the players engaged and on the edge of their seats: 


10. Death and Taxes (PC / Nintendo Switch)

Become a grim reaper and oversee the fate of the people living in Cosmopolis City subdivision 4 by simply doing paperwork in an office. “Death and Taxes” is a 2019 game by Placeholder Gameworks where players delve into the concept of bureaucracy and make choices about whether a person deserves another chance at life.

The desk job in the game will last for four weeks, and players have to review the profiles of various people before deciding who should live or die. Each day requires a different set of objectives and quotas, as outlined in letters from the boss, which become increasingly challenging as the game progresses. Players must think wisely before stamping, as lives are literally in their hands in this game!

An overview of Day 6 in the game, players use the Marker of Death to sign papers.


9. Killer Frequency (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series / Nintendo Switch / Meta Quest 2)

Escape the horrors of being slashed to death in the 2023 first-person adventure game “Killer Frequency,” developed by Team17. Set in the year 1987, players will see the story from the perspective of Forrest Nash, a late-night radio show host at 189.16 - The Scream. His typical duties of selecting records or songs, announcing advertisements, and engaging in simple conversations with callers will take a chilling turn as his station becomes the lifeline for 911 calls from several people in Gallows Creek whom a notorious serial killer is chasing.

The game effectively applied the retro and campy atmosphere through its graphics and dialogue, which helped establish the essential world-building. Players must carefully assess each situation, offering advice to people on the brink of death while trying to retrieve vital clues to solve and unmask the Whistling Man's mysterious identity and the town's dark history.

An appearance of the Whistling Man, the main antagonist of the game.


8. Little Misfortune (PC / Android / iOS / Nintendo Switch)

“Little Misfortune” is a 2019 interactive indie adventure game created by Killmonday Games. It centers on an endearing eight-year-old girl named Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez and her quest to find eternal happiness for her mother. Guided by her newfound friend Mr. Voice, Misfortune explores the outskirts of Openfields, Sweden, maintaining her positive and innocent view of the world. 

Despite its cutesy art style and the protagonist’s penchant for sprinkling glitter all over the place, the game attempts to address numerous sensitive societal issues that are happening. It spreads awareness and sheds light on real-world problems, which can be an eye-opener for players.

Misfortune is happy about getting a ride ticket to the amusement park, Phantasmagoria.


7. Not For Broadcast (PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series / Meta Quest 2)

Step into the world of the television industry and assess which news is appropriate for public broadcast in the 2020 simulation game, “Not for Broadcast,” developed by NotGames. Play as Alex Winston, a former janitor turned Vision Mixer operator, and curate relevant content for the National Nightly News. Manage camera feeds, select news that is worthy of headlines, censor any profanity, run advertisements, and add sound effects during live broadcasts to maintain the interest of audiences and earn high viewership. 

In addition, the game features some scenes of Alex’s life outside work; the decisions made during these non-broadcast days also affect his job performance. “Not for Broadcast” presents fresh, witty, and satirical narratives about politics, showbiz, or propaganda, ensuring that players are entertained throughout the game.

A view of the production control room where Alex Winston works. 


6. Florence (PC / Android / iOS / Nintendo Switch)

Experience falling in love all over again in this heartwarming game by Annapurna Interactive titled “Florence” (which was first released on Valentine’s Day in the year 2018). It follows the coming-of-age story of twenty-five-year-old Florence Yeoh, who didn’t feel happy about her monotonous routine of going to work and then spending her free time on social media. 

Consisting of twenty chapters, the game focuses on Florence’s self-discovery and growth while forming a connection with a cellist named Krish. Through the delightful and short mini-games, such as guiding Florence to follow the sound of a cello or tidying up her living space, the mechanics of the game highlight the beauty in simplicity. “Florence” is perfect for players who want a relaxing experience without the need to spend plenty of hours. 

The couple, Florence and Krish, and some snapshots of the memories they were able to create together.


5. Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery (PC / Android / iOS / Nintendo Switch)

“Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery” by Akupara Games is a 2021 captivating puzzle-driven game heavily inspired by the visual aesthetic found in the works of Studio Ghibli. Grab a paintbrush and join the passionate graphic artist in finishing a masterpiece that she desires to submit to a gallery. As she nears completing her work, her backstories will slowly unravel, explaining her artistry and inspirations as well. 

This first-person adventure game can be played at any pace, which can help players complete the game with ease. It is a peaceful game that is suitable for audiences who are art enthusiasts and appreciate the profound meaning behind the craft.

A feature where players can paint the artwork by themselves.


4. Before Your Eyes (PC / PS VR2 / Android / iOS)

In 2021, GoodbyeWorld Games released “Before Your Eyes”, a unique storytelling game that revolves around Benjamin ‘Benny’ Brynn, a recently deceased individual turned into a mute soul. He needs to recount his life before death to the Ferryman, who will guide him to the Gatekeeper of the Great City, the eternal paradise. The game stands out with its innovative gameplay mechanic since it is designed to be played using a webcam to detect blinking, which is also Benny’s sole means of communication with the Ferryman (though players still have the option to use the mouse).

Benny must relive all of his memories, both joyous and depressing, to persuade the Ferryman and Gatekeeper that he deserves a place in the realm of eternal happiness. If he fails, he’ll become one of the seagulls or ‘liar birds’ and suffer perpetual solitude in the dark sea. Players will learn about Benny’s tragic life in the first-person perspective within the twelve fulfilling chapters in the game.

The wolf-like ferryman is talking to Benny and wants to know more about his life before making a judgment.


3. Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk (PC / Nintendo Switch)

Helping a girl on her errand by going to the grocery store to buy milk, and heading back home, seems simple enough, right? However, this is not the case in the 2020 psychological visual novel developed by Nikita Kryukov called “Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk”. Players must choose the right dialogue in order to avoid triggering the main character to abruptly stop her journey in buying milk.

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes evident that the girl is grappling with severe psychosis, and the underlying reason for her traumas will be explained if the player is successful in completing the required task. With its short run time of twenty minutes, the game was able to convey the weight of suffering from a mental illness without any access to any form of help or support.

The unnamed protagonist (named Milk-chan by fans), has an inner monologue.


2. Needy Streamer Overload (PC/ Nintendo Switch)

“Needy Streamer Overload” is a management and raising simulation game by WSS Playground that was released in the year 2022. Players will become a manager for Ame, a live streamer with the alter-ego of ‘OMGkawaiiAngel-chan’. She has a goal of reaching one million followers within a month in order to be the best Internet Angel.  Every night, players (called ‘P-chan’ by Ame) will act as content moderators during live and are responsible for reviewing and deciding whether to delete or highlight comments from viewers.

Multiple endings are possible in the game so players should be wary of Ame-chan’s three crucial statuses which can greatly affect the route of the story: stress, affection, and mental darkness. It is also worth mentioning that this game can get into the depth of the problematic and dark aspects of idol culture, which may be sensitive for some individuals.

Sample image of the game's interface (similar to the design of Windows 95), tweets of Ame are seen from the feed.


1. Life is Strange (PC / PS3 / PS4 / Android / iOS / Xbox / Nintendo Switch)

The first episode of the “Life is Strange” series, developed by Square Enix and labeled as ‘Chrysalis,’ was released in 2015. This third-person graphic adventure game focuses on the narrative of Maxine ‘Max’ Caulfield, an eighteen-year-old photography student residing in Arcadia Bay. She possesses an ability to rewind time, though it comes with the consequence of the butterfly effect. 

The game features puzzle-solving scenarios, interacting with characters or objects, and making choices that influence the development of the story. Max’s time-rewinding ability would become a great asset in saving Arcadia Bay from various imminent threats, including an approaching tornado, ongoing cases of disappearance and harassment, and personal challenges within Max's social circle.

Max is together with her childhood friend, Chloe Price, who’s driving the truck. She then asks Chloe about Nathan Prescott.


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