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Hollow Knight is a labyrinthian maze of a game where everything is trying to kill you. And while you may cross the occasional friendly NPC in the depths, you spend most of your time killing anything near you or getting killed by it. As such, anything to give you an advantage in this bug eat bug world is welcomed.

This is where charms come into play. These magic badges offer various powers, buffs, and occasionally nerfs to customize the game for each player. Therefore, your charm build will depend on your play style, but there are definitely some charms that are more useful than others.

So to help you on your dangerous cave diving, here’s a list of the 10 Best Charms in Hollow Knight.

10. Wayward Compass

To quote the ingame description, the Wayward Compass “whispers its location to the bearer whenever a map is open.” In game play, this translates into showing your location on the map (which is so helpful, we’re not going to question how an inanimate object “whispers.”)

  • Only costs one notch
  • Necessary for Exploration
  • Absolute must for a first playthrough
  • Helps you know where to put your pin in an uncharted area
  • Has been dubbed the T-Pose of Hollow Knight

How to Get It

You can technically get the Wayward Compass as soon as you meet Cornifer, if you have the geo. After you meet him in the Forgotten Crossroads, head back up to Dirtmouth and buy this charm from Iselda in the map shop for 220 geo.

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9. Fragile/Unbreakable Greed

Greed is good… Well, at least in this case. As almost every charm and some items needed for progression cost a good chunk of geo, using this charm in the early game can help you unlock things much more quickly. If you’re worried about it breaking on you, the Grimm Troupe expansion allows you to upgrade to its unbreakable version. It does cost a small fortune which is rather appropriate, if you think about it.

  • Helps unlock things faster in early game
  • Helps get enough geo for the other unbreakable charms
  • Ideal for a Steel Soul run
  • Combine with gathering swarm to see the money roll in

How to Get It

It can be bought from Leg Eater in the Fungal Wastes for 250 geo. If you have the defender’s crest (which makes you reek like a dung beetle), Leg Eater will lower the price to 200 because he likes the smell. Something not to think too much about…

You can upgrade it to its unbreakable form by giving Divine (a member of the Grimm Troupe) 9,000 geo.

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8. Flukenest

Ah, the joys of childbirth. This isn’t the only charm to make our knight a (highly questionable) parent, but it is the most useful. Turning your Vengeful Spirit blast into a horde of explosive fluke babies, this charm more than doubles vengeful spirit’s attack power if all the flukes hit, making it ideal for large and/or stationary foes.

  • Can do a hefty 36 damage replacing Vengeful Spirit
  • Double that for Shade Soul
  • Can kill a Great Husk Sentry in three hits
  • Combine with Defender’s Crest to make it one giant fluke that explodes
  • Very situational, or else it would be higher

How to Get It

This charm works on The Santa Clause rules: You want to be the mother, you have to kill the mother. Make your way down to the Royal Waterways and kill the Flukemarm, and she’ll drop this charm.

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7. Fragile/Unbreakable Strength

Another Fragile charm on the list, this one increases your nail damage output by 50%. This can cut down your time with that annoying boss significantly. It is the most expensive fragile charm to both buy and upgrade, but it is definitely worth it.

  • 50% damage output buff
  • Can be used without breaking on all dream bosses
  • Perfect for Steel Soul
  • Another chance to talk to Leg Eater… yay.

How to Get It

Just like Fragile Greed, you can buy this from Leg Eater. It is 600 geo, or 480 with the dung discount.

Talk to Divine again to upgrade it to its unbreakable form for 15,000 geo

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6. Spell Twister

Having a hard time balancing soul energy between spells and focusing? Then this charm is for you reduces the amount of soul needed for a spell, meaning you’ll have more available for healing back up.

  • Lets you use your more powerful spells more often
  • A must for a spell based loadout
  • One of the few times it’s okay to “get it twisted”

How to Get It

You’ll find this charm in a secret room in the Soul Sanctum. In the room right before the soul master arena, there is an opening in the ceiling. Fight through the deformed failed experiments, and it is on the far right.

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5. Quick Slash

Is it better to land one strong blow, or a hundred smaller ones in the same time period? Why not both? Quick Slash allows you to speed up your attack rate, letting you do more damage in the exact same timespan.

  • Can strike more quickly
  • Can strike again sooner
  • Does not break

How to Get It

After meeting Oro is the Kingdom’s End, break through the floor in the next room to your right. Weave your way down and back left, and this charm will be in a cave near the top.

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4. Shaman Stone

Much like Fragile Strength, this charm increases the power of your spells. Unlike Fragile Strength, it doesn’t break and it increases the size of the spells you cast.

  • Powers up all your spells
  • Increases spell’s size/range
  • Combine with other charms for increased effectiveness

How to Get It

This is available in Salubra’s shop for 220 geo.

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3. Nailmaster’s Glory

Every second counts in Hollow Knight, and charging your nail arts takes to many. That’s where this charm comes in. Lets you charge your powerful attacks faster to let you rip through enemies.

  • Allows you to recharge your (free of charge) nail master attacks
  • Only takes one notch
  • Combine with any of the above nail based charms for a powerful combo

How to Get It

Learn all three nail arts and go back to Sly in Dirtmouth. He will be in a secret backroom and will give you this charm free of charge.

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2. Quick Focus

Not only does this charm allow you to charge focus, it allows you to focus twice in the same span it usually takes to focus once. And in a boss fight, every second counts! Don’t get too cocky, though! Fast is not invincible.

  • Allows you two heal twice as much
  • You can heal in shorter attack gaps
  • Has some very useful charm interactions
  • Got to focus fast!

How to get it

This is available in Salubra’s shop for 800 geo. It is her most expensive charm, but if you took our advice on fragile greed, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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1. Soul Catcher

For a hollow vessel, the Knight consumes a lot of soul. That’s what makes this the swiss army knife of charms. It increases your soul collections from hitting enemies, which is useful for spell casting, focusing, and other soul based badges.

  • Useful for any load out
  • Gives more options for healing and spell casting
  • While Soul Eater gives more soul, this is more economical on notches
  • Best badge for the cost

How to Get It

You will find this after beating the first boss in the game. After you make your way through the ancestral mound and take out the elder baldur, jump over the gap your supposed to fall down and it will be sitting there waiting for you.

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