Top 10 Games Like MapleStory 2

Games Like MapleStory 2
10 Games Like Maplestory 2 Where You Control The Combat

Looking for the best games like MapleStory 2?

MapleStory 2 takes all the great things about the original and supes them up into awesome open-world-3D. Quirky and lovable characters, big punchy damage numbers, and genuinely interesting questlines are all hallmarks of this stellar title.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were other titles that followed this winning equation to gaming goodness?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of games- some MMO, some side-scrolling combat, but ALL ACTION- with similar elements that you're sure to enjoy.

10. Peria Chronicles

Peria Chronicles Gameplay

In Peria Chronicles, the ultra-hyped MMOJRPG by Nexon games, players choose their skills by forming pacts with Kirana, mystical beings who grant a variety of powers. Utilize Kirana as weapons, as summons with devastating abilities, and even to facilitate crafting. Peria is being touted as an open-world sandbox game, with a badass anime storyline, and a unique housing system where players literally shape the terrain around them. Fans of this game wait with bated breath for it’s hopefully 2018 South Korean release, which should launchpad an English port within 1-2 years.

Everybody dance! Cute anime art styles are laid atop vivid and lush landscapes.

Kirana are more than just weapons. Ride them as majestic steeds or use them to terraform the world to your liking.

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