[Top 11] Divinity Original Sin 2 Best Weapons and How To Get Them

DOS2 Best Weapons
So many weapons to choose, so little time.

Having the right gear is one of the most important parts of any RPG, including this one.

Without proper weapons, your attacks probably won’t do much damage. So, which weapons should you use? Here’s a list of 11 awesome weapons in Divinity Original Sin 2 and how to find them.

11. Spear of Braccus Rex

This is one of the stranger puzzles in the game.

Braccus Rex may be a bloody rotten cur, but he’s got some decent gear. This is a spear that once belonged to our friend Braccus, who you may remember from the first Divinity Original Sin game. If you don’t, here’s a short explanation: he’s a powerful source user who used his magic to torture and kill. Anyway, Braccus stabbed the source hunter Lord Withermoore with this spear, and it remains inside of the now-undead knight to this day - until you come along, that is. 

Weapon stats

  • Deals 11 to 12 physical damage and 2-3 earth damage
  • +5% chance of critical hit and deals 150% damage when there’s a critical hit
  • Has a 10% chance to set petrify or slowed for one turn
  • Requires 10 finesse

What makes the spear of Braccus Rex awesome:

  • It’s an awesome early game weapon that deals decent damage and has great critical hits.
  • It can set not one, but two status ailments!
  • The earth damage it deals can be a nice bonus.

How to get the spear of Braccus Rex:

Here (4:11)

10. The Viper's Tongue

A sword with a mysterious history.

This nicely-named one-handed sword (formerly called the ancient sword) doesn’t have as much lore as the last weapon, but its description implies that it was crafted by the ancient empire. You find it lying among a few long-decayed corpses in a hidden area near the beginning of the game. Though it seems to have been through quite a few battles, that doesn’t mean it’s too worn out to help you out of a bind. 

Weapon stats:

  • Deals 11-13 physical damage
  • 165% critical damage
  • Gives the wielder one strength point and one warfare point
  • Requires 11 strength

What makes the viper’s tongue awesome:

  • Massive critical hit damage early in the game!
  • It grants both strength and warfare, great for if you’re lacking in those skills.
  • Does decent damage for the point of the game it’s found in.

How to get the viper's tongue:

Here (7:07)

9. Houndmaster's Crossbow

With his knowledge of archery, Ifan might be a good choice to wield this crossbow.

According to its description, this crossbow smells really bad. Apparently the houndmasters use it to fire raw meat for their dogs to eat, like some sick game of fetch. Still, there’s a reason the houndmasters use it - aside from being used to give dogs treats, it’s a good weapon in its own right.

Weapon stats:

  • 17-18 physical damage
  • 155% critical damage
  • -1 movement but adds 5% accuracy
  • Requires 11 finesse

What makes the houndmaster’s crossbow awesome:

  • Great damage for this point in the game.
  • 155% critical hit damage means that your hits can pack even more of a punch!
  • That extra 5% accuracy means less missed attacks!

How to get the houndmaster's crossbow:

Here (8:02)

8. Abstinence

With her knowledge of knives and backstabbing, Sebille would know what to do with this weapon.

Even just the names of his daggers tell you that Kniles the Flenser had some problems. To make a long story short, he’s a violent and insane magister that enjoys mutilating sourcerors, and this was one of his daggers. You get this, along with its sister Chastity, when you defeat him. The two are meant to be used together.

Weapon stats:

  • 9-10 physical damage
  • 155% critical damage
  • Has a 10% chance of silence for one turn 
  • Can backstab
  • Requires 11 finesse

What makes abstinence awesome:

  • When paired with its sister Chastity, it can do a great amount of damage.
  • That 10% silence chance is great for when you’re fighting enemies that specialize in magic.
  • The 155% critical damage combined with backstab is a great combo.

How to get abstinence:

Here (11:59)

7. Chastity

A rogue would surely know what to do with this pair of knives.

As mentioned before, this dagger is meant to be paired with Abstinence. Fun fact: Kniles the Flenser’s mother has an interesting line in the game that probably explains the names of these knives. Apparently, she thought that abstinence and chastity were the only way to have a good life. Like its sister, Chastity is found when you defeat Kniles the Flenser. 

Weapon stats:

  • 9-10 physical damage
  • 155% critical damage
  • 10% chance of causing bleeding for one turn
  • Can backstab
  • Requires 11 finesse

What makes Chastity awesome:

  • When paired with abstinence, this dagger can do great damage.
  • The 10% bleeding chance combined with abstinence’s silencing chance can be a great combo.
  • Not only can you backstab someone, you can make them bleed in the same attack!

How to get Chastity:

Here (11:59)

6. The Illuminator/the Torch of Braccus Rex

Burn the battlefield into ash with this weapon!

Here’s another one from the no-good Braccus Rex. Formerly known as the torch of Braccus Rex, this torch once hung on the walls of his dungeon, where it witnessed unspeakable horrors. Once you find it, you can use it as a flaming one-handed mace! Burn your enemies to the ground!

Weapon stats:

  • 2-3 fire damage and 11-12 physical damage
  • Adds 10% critical and 155% critical damage
  • Adds one pyrokinetic point 
  • Has a 50% chance to set necrofire for one turn
  • Has a 10% chance to set burning for one turn
  • Requires 11 strength
  • Has a range of 1.2m

What makes The Illuminator awesome:

  • Working on your pyro points? This weapon gives you one point extra!
  • It can cause both necrofire and regular burning! 
  • That 50% necrofire chance is awesome for this point in the game. It allows you to set a fire that’s really hard to put out!

How to get The Illuminator:

Here (17:16)

5. The Reckoning

Dallis the Hammer, a major enemy of yours throughout the game.

Do you like Dallis’s hammer? Ever wanted it for yourself? I have good news for you: once you defeat Dallis the Hammer in Fort Joy, it’s all yours. When you wield this two-handed mace and use it to smash your enemies, you’ll see why they call her The Hammer. You can probably see why she’s well-feared… Besides her discovery of source collars and purging wands.

Weapon stats:

  • Deals physical damage
  • 150% critical hit damage
  • Adds two points in strength, intelligence, and necromancy
  • Requires 11 strength

What makes the reckoning awesome:

  • Boosts quite a few of your points!
  • More strength = more firepower!
  • Does great damage for this point in the game, easily one of the best weapons in the first act.

How to get the reckoning:


4. Vord Emver

Ifan is once again a good choice for this ranged weapon.

Here’s another crossbow, but this time with more hydrosophist skills involved. This heavy-hitter not only deals good damage, it also helps you learn the cryotherapy skill, which converts ice into magic armor. You get it in the Past Mistakes quest in Arx, by picking it up off of one of Karon’s minions. 

Weapon stats:

  • 125-131 water damage and 208-218 physical damage
  • 5% critical chance, 155% critical damage
  • +3 finesse, +2 huntsman, +1 ranged, -1 movement
  • 20% chance to set frozen
  • +5% accuracy, +20% life steal
  • Requires 14 finesse, 1 hydrosophist, and 1 huntsman
  • 13m range
  • Grants the cryotherapy skill, which converts frozen surfaces into magic armor 

What makes Vord Emver awesome:

  • You get quite a few point boosts, especially in finesse!
  • 20% chance of freezing means a chance of stopping your enemies in their tracks.
  • The cryotherapy skill can really come in handy if you’re a hydrosophist, or if you have one on your team.

How to get Vord Emver:


3. Lucian's Divine Staff

Want to wield a legendary staff? It's surprisingly easy to get.

Ah, Lucian - an important character throughout the entire Divinity series. In DOS2, however, he’s worshipped as though he’s a god… Probably because he’s, you know, Lucian the Divine. At any rate, this was his staff, which gives you a massive stat boost and a healing skill. Fitting for the Divine, right? Oddly enough, you find it in a surprisingly out-in-the-open place - in a chest inside Arhu’s living room in Arx.

Weapon stats:

  • 219-267 water damage 
  • 155% critical damage
  • +3 intelligence, +2 constitution, +2 wits, +2 hydrosophist, +6 initiative
  • Requires 14 intelligence and 2 hydrosophist 
  • 1.5m range
  • Teaches the healing ritual skill, which shoots a bolt of energy that heals nearby allies

What makes Lucian’s divine staff awesome:

  • An amazing point boost to several different stats!
  • Healing ritual is a great healing skill in its own right, and it comes with this staff.
  • Does awesome water damage to foes.

How to get Lucian's divine staff:


2. Swornbreaker

The swornbreaker, one of the most well-known weapons in the game.

Wouldn’t you love to have a powerful two-handed scythe to mow down your enemies with? Not only is this a powerful weapon in its own right, it’s also involved in the plot! With the Swornbreaker, you gain the ability to sever a character’s ties with the God King. For this reason, it’s involved in some in-game quests, so this weapon is worth getting for both the story and gameplay benefits.

Weapon stats:

  • 207-240 physical damage
  • 20% critical chance
  • 159% critical damage
  • +3 strength, +3 intelligence, +2 necromancer, +20% accuracy
  • Requires 14 strength
  • 1.5m range
  • Grants the Swornbreaker skill, which severs a character’s ties with the God King (plot relevant only, this action breaks the Swornbreaker)

What makes the Swornbreaker awesome:

  • Does a great amount of physical damage for the point of the game it’s found in
  • 20% critical chance + 159% critical damage = massive damage!
  • Gives characters a huge point boost, and a boost in accuracy!

How to get the Swornbreaker:


1. Falone Scythe

The way you get this weapon might seem mean, but it's worth it.

This is probably the most powerful two-handed weapon in the game, and you have to steal it from a statue in a church. As bad as that sounds, it’s totally worth it! This scythe’s crazy amount of damage and ability to set decay make it a very valuable weapon towards the end of the game. What are you waiting for? Put points in sneaking and thievery so you can go get it!

Weapon stats:

  • 259-301 physical damage
  • 20% critical chance, 210% critical damage
  • +3 strength, +2 intelligence, +2 warfare, and +1 two-handed skills
  • 25% chance of setting decayed for two turns
  • +50% cleave damage
  • Requires 14 strength
  • 1.5m range
  • Grants the skill living on the edge, which makes the target character unable to die for two turns.

What makes the Falone Scythe awesome:

  • This is an incredibly powerful weapon that you can get towards the end of the game. Maybe bring it with you for the final boss?
  • The skill living on the edge is awesome for when you’re near death, and it comes with this scythe! No slots needed!
  • This weapon isn’t just powerful, it gives you a critical hit boost, which means even more power!

How to get the Falone Scythe:


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