[Top 10] Dead Island Best Weapons (Ranked)

Dead Island Best Weapons
Bash some heads in!

Howdy guys, today I’ll let you know about the best weapons that you can find via quests or just by pure luck. Dead Island is full of weapons, some of them suck, some of them are OP, they can be common, uncommon, rare, unique, exceptional, or even legendary.

This Top 10 will consist of cutting/blunt melee weapons, ranged weapons(firearms, etc), and other special weapons. Anyways, let’s get started with the weapons:

10. Mounted Machine Gun

Become a Rambo today!

What is this exactly? It’s an MMG, a beast that can unfortunately only be stationary. This thing can be found in a few places on Banoi Island - I’ve stumbled upon MMG’s in the city and in the swamp.

So why is this bloody thing on the list - it 1-shots zombies and they disintegrate when hit. It is satisfying and if this beast could be carried, well, good riddance zambwies!

Item details:

  • Pretty average fire rate
  • Can be found in a few locations on Banoi Island
  • 1-shots everything

9. Pick of Destiny

Trotsky’s best friend!

You can get this odd, legendary pickaxe by finishing a quest called “Fallen Angel” given by Chris in the jungle. It’s a pretty good item, requires a relatively low level, and offers great durability mixed with very high force.

For a level 32 weapon, it’s pretty awesome and get’s the job done, especially if you’re playing as Sam B. I’d also like to mention the mods for this weapon:

  • Heavy Mod
  • Impact Mod
  • Lighting Mod
  • Magic Wand Mod
  • Piranha Mod
  • Item details:
  • High durability
  • High force
  • High damage

Found via finishing a quest

8. Tijuana Machete

There goes your arm!

Another legendary item that you can acquire by finishing a quest called “Where is my pineapple” given out by Dr. Nguyen in the laboratory.

This lovely machete doesn’t look too different from other machetes that you’ve stumbled upon in Banoi Island, the only difference being is that this one is a bit polished.

It’s a pretty strong weapon useful for players that specialize in cutting damage, so if you want to cut someone’s arms off, feel free to get this shiny, overgrown kitchen knife!

Item details:

  • High Damage
  • Medium Force
  • Takes medium or low amounts of stamina
  • High/Medium Durability

7. Bushmaster

G’day, m8.

Before the outbreak, this thing was only useful for cutting down bushes. Now it’s useful for cutting off heads, arms, and legs. This thing is pretty savage and above all, it’s an extremely rare drop, you can find it in weapon chests or just as a random drop.

Finding this thing as a 12-year-old kiddo was pretty shocking at first, considering it was my first legendary. I was playing as Sam B, but I didn’t care, I used it anyways till I found something more OP. And yeah kids, that’s the story of the good ol’ Bushmaster!

Item details:

  • High damage
  • Medium Force
  • Uses low/medium stamina
  • Durability is high/medium

6. Military Machete


Very similar to the Tijuana Machete, perhaps it’s less shiny but a lot easier to find and that’s why this type of machete gets the 6th spot on this list.

So what’s the deal with this thing? It’s awesome because it’s pretty easy to find and has pretty decent stats. You can find it as a drop, in weapon chests, and even can be awarded to you by Monica Goldberg after finishing a quest called “Nighthawk”. This machete can be combined with the following mods:

  • Deathstalker mod
  • High Voltage Mod
  • Hot Rod Mod
  • Old Smoky Mod
  • Paralyzing Strike Mod
  • Red Hot Blade Mod
  • Shock Mod
  • Short-Circuit Mod
  • Toxic Mod
  • Venom Mod
  • A pretty goddamn long list if you ask me!

Item details:

  • High Damage
  • Medium Force
  • Medium/Low Stamina
  • High/Medium Durability

5. Assassin’s Greed

Get shanked, m8!

Wait a sec, this thing’s damage is pretty wack, why did you even put it here, you imbecile? Well, this is a tiny dagger that for its size deals pretty high DPS and takes little stamina consumption. 

You can find this small, but deadly dagger inspired from the Assassin’s Creed series in weapon chests and as a random drop from zombies(both cases are very rare). The only annoying thing about this weapon is that it breaks pretty fast and requires constant repair. 

Item details:

  • High Damage
  • Small Force
  • Low Durability
  • Very low stamina consumption

4. Viking of the South


One of the strongest weapons that you can find in Dead Island, extremely difficult to find in weapon crates and even harder to find as a drop from zombies.

This thing will most definitely send zombies flying across the map and beyond, 1-shot THUGS, that’s right, THUGS - this beast of an axe matches the damage of the Zed’s Demise and even the Eviscerator. Unfortunately, one of its biggest cons is its stamina consumption, which forces you to take out zombies one by one, but with Xian Mei’s perk that restores 30% of your stamina per kill, makes this weapon extremely powerful.

Item details:

  • High/Very High Damage
  • Very High Force
  • High/Very High consumption of stamina
  • High/Very High Durability

3. Defender of the Motherland

Great weapon for defending your motherland.

This is the Purna’s wild dream, an automatic rifle that deals relatively high damage per bullet. I have also noticed the lack of firearms on this Top 10 and I obviously couldn’t allow that, so here’s a kick-ass rifle that will annihilate swarms of zombies in no time.

It’s quite unclear where you can find this weapon, some people found it in the last section of the game(aka in prison), some say it’s random loot, I couldn’t find this bloody thing anywhere. *sniff, sniff*. So in summary, this is a pretty darn good gun, but at the same time near impossible to find(don’t lose hope though).

Item details:

  • Damage: 529+231
  • Accuracy: 86
  • Rate of Fire: 600
  • Reload Speed; 32
  • Capacity: 30

2. Crowd Pleaser

Buckshots are a zombie’s best friend!

In my opinion, this is the best firearm that you can acquire in Dead Island. With this cannon of a gun, you can just easily walk up to a zombie and effortlessly blast his/her head off. It’s a unique, legendary weapon that can be found in weapon chests and as a random drop.

This weapon’s damage is pretty high even if you’re not playing as Purna, it’s pretty hard to get as well, I found it myself in a level 3 weapon chest somewhere in the prison part of the game, didn’t care that much cuz I was playing as Xian, but still, a pretty rare and awesome drop!

Item details:

  • Damage: 716+313
  • Accuracy: 32
  • Fire rate: 120
  • Can load up to 8 shells
  • Reloading speed: 60

1. Eviscerator

>Me when I found it back in 2012

Holy Jesus indeed. This thing can deal from around 2000-5000 damage per hit, which is a guaranteed death upon impact. Of course, this is possibly the most difficult weapon to find in Dead Island, but for some reason, your odds of finding this weapon in the jungle are slightly higher than in different zones - very low drop chance from zombies and a low chance of getting it from a weapon chest. 


  • Highest weapon damage in the game
  • Looks badass
  • Medium consumption of stamina
  • Useful for clearing swarms of zombies and most special infected


  • Breaks easily, still deals high damage when it’s broken lol
  • High and often repair cost
  • Item details:
  • Very High Damage
  • Low Force
  • Medium Stamina consumption
  • Very Low Durability


So pretty much yep, Eviscerator is the best melee weapon that you can get in Dead Island, good luck with that though, this goddamn cut machine is harder to find than anything else in this game. 

There are also other great weapons such as the ranged variants, such as the Defender of the Motherland or the Crowd Pleaser, or just the good old Military Machete that can be found anywhere. I think that’s pretty much it for today, folks. I know that there could have been better weapons to include, but I wanted to make my Top 10 a bit more diverse this time. So, take care ya’ll and love ya!

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