[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Ways To Wiggle

Thanks to Dead By Daylight, we know that 16 seconds is a lot longer than we thought.

Picture it, the perfect match; you stayed hidden, healed and unhooked, fixed enough generators to bid farewell to the noob that only killed one survivor because they camped like their life depended on it. 

When those exit gates are powered, adrenaline activates. You sprint towards the exit, your teammates well ahead and freedom in sight, then a surprise hit knocks you down. In the dying state, your teammates make a valiant effort to free you, but the killer marches towards the nearest hook, determined to increase his kill count. All you can do is wiggle and pray. 

It takes 16 seconds base time to wiggle off the killer’s shoulder, which is a lot longer than it sounds, especially when the sacrificial hooks are scattered everywhere around the map. It never seems to take too long for a killer to find one, which gives survivors only a short timeframe to free themselves, but there are ways to accelerate the process and perks to bring along that can play a part in lessening that base time. Here are some neat tips to help you wiggle free in dire moments.

1. Joystick Rotation


For PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch gamers, perhaps the most agreed upon wiggling method is to rotate the joystick in a circular motion with the palm of your hand. By testing all other alternatives (pinching the joystick, rotating back and forth or side to side), this seems to be the most effective in terms of quickening wiggle time and making it more difficult for the killer to walk unhindered; bonus points for also considerably slowing the killer down. 

  • When hoisted onto the killer’s shoulder, immediately start wiggling. If you delay the wiggle, it gives the killer a head start. 
  • Place your palm over the joystick and rotate clockwise as fast as possible. 
  • This is the most comfortable and most time-effective method that decreases the chance of fingers cramping. 

It has yet to be discovered if the faster you rotate the joystick equals the speed at which you wiggle. Since the game mechanics might be based on the pure motion of it as opposed to the speed, but the key points to take away are reliability and comfort. As this method only applies to consoles, keyboard warriors can breathe easy.

2. The Breakout Perk

Fastest Wiggle in Dead By Daylight

Breakout is a teachable perk that increases movement speed in situations where either yourself or another survivor is being carried by the killer, otherwise known as the Haste Status Effect.

The Breakout perk is unique to Yui Kimura.

Kimura is available to purchase, which makes it harder to get the perk unless you have the desire to buy the character or her associated perks, but the reward is well worth the sacrifice and this option is accessible on all platforms. 

  • Select the Breakout perk for either Yui or any other character that this perk can be applied to. 
  • When in-game and carried by the killer, wiggle speed increases by 20% which gives the survivor an extra 3 seconds (again, this seems short, but in comparison to survivors without the perk, 13 seconds is better than 16).
  • This is the only perk that directly speeds up the progression bar from its base speed whilst wiggling.

3. The Flip-Flop Perk

Fastest Wiggle in Dead By Daylight

Flip-Flop allows survivors to convert recovery progression (whilst in the dying state) into wiggle progression when picked up by the killer; the percentage increase solely depends on how much recovery progression has been made but can range from 40% to 50% or 60%.

The Flip-Flop perk is unique to Ash Williams.

When featured with the perk Unbreakable (unique to William “Bill” Overbeck) which increases recovery speed permanently, good synergy multiplies the overall chances of escaping the killer. 

  • Include the Flip-Flop perk (and couple it with the Unbreakable perk if possible) in your survivor layout.
  • When in-game, immediately begin recovering if you are knocked down (and pray that the killer chases someone else to buy you more time) to generate the maximum possible advantage to transfer into wiggle speed if and when the killer picks you up.

4. The Power Struggle Perk

Fastest Wiggle in Dead By Daylight

Power Struggle is another teachable perk that gives survivors who wiggle to 25% progression whilst being carried the opportunity to drop a nearby pallet, stun the killer and escape their grasp.

Again, this does not influence wiggle time, but essentially offers an instant escape upon activation so long as the killer passes a pallet. Feature this perk with Flip-Flop and the activation becomes instant. Breakout is after 3.3 seconds. 

  • Add the Power Struggle perk to your survivor layout.
  • When the killer picks you up, the rest is down to pure luck; killers that bare this perk in mind will make a point to avoid pallets, but not all killers are so cautious. 
  • Wait for the opportunity when the pallet drops and make a hasty escape.

5. The Boil Over Perk

Fastest Wiggle in Dead By Daylight

The final perk to impact the wiggle mechanic is Boil Over. When in the killer’s grasp, the effects of struggling cause the killer to strafe sideways by 75% and obscures the hook auras within a 14-metre radius of your pick-up location, thus making it more difficult for the killer to control his directions and hook you.

The Boil Over perk is unique to Kate Denson.

Whilst this does not change wiggle speed, it drastically increases your chance to escape and if used alongside the Power Struggle perk, can even steer the killer towards a pallet and guarantee an immediate escape.

  • Add Boil Over to your perk selection (and add any of the above perks to maximize the odds of wiggling free). 
  • When the killer lifts you, wiggle aggressively to disorient them, then hope that the distraction makes it harder to find a nearby hook. 

Should any of these methods be of use to you, the most important thing to remember is that when you get free, run and hide. Some of these perks only offer a one-time use and deactivate afterwards. Decisive Strike is another perk that grants an instant escape given that the skill check is successful, but can only be used once. Whether you run or hide, never take your escape for granted.



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