[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best Ways To Spend Bloodpoints

Escape “The Nightmare” of impulsive bloodweb purchases and “wake up” to smart bloodpoint spending.

Every day, thousands of hard-earned bloodpoints are wasted on useless items or consumed by the entity and lost forever. Ever had your eye on a game-changing perk, only for it to be cruelly snatched away? Rejoice, horror enthusiasts. Handy tips and tricks to preserve and efficiently spend bloodpoints lie ahead.

1. Two Items Guaranteed

Many players tend to get ahead of themselves, selecting items all willy-nilly without thinking too hard about the consequences; as a result, precious perks and ultra-rare items are taken by the entity, not to be seen for another ten cycles of the bloodweb. Even then, losing the same item twice is not unheard of. Spending bloodpoints is about progressive thinking, like playing chess - always stay two, three, four moves ahead.

Bloodweb items are categorized in tiers; cheaper and more common items are found in tier one, the center of the web. Uncommon items are tier two, the next outward circle, then rare and ultra-rare items and perks are found in the outer circle. These are the hardest to obtain, as the entity spawns to consume the outer items first. Purchasing the prerequisite items of the tier three item path first, it guarantees two “freebie” items.

Items can be crucial components for success and are consumed to repair, heal and escape.

Follow these steps to secure the items you seek without the entity consuming them:

  • Starting at the center, choose the requisite items in tier one. These are typically lower in cost, around 3,000 or 4,000 bloodpoints.
  • Following those chosen paths, select the tier two items. These are generally more expensive, around 5,000 or so bloodpoints.
  • Completing those choices in your first four turns guarantees the tier three (outer circle) items.

Stick to this method to secure valuable perks and ultra-rare items rather than relying on random selection and potentially losing those items along with thousands of bloodpoints. That means slow down on those selections, Usain Bolt. 

2. Consume Tier One Items First

Dead by Daylight - Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

​As this is smart spending and saving, efficient ways to spend bloodpoints are not always buying the best items; sometimes the bloodweb deals an awful hand, so you fold. Fairly self-explanatory, this method relies on choosing tier one items to save bloodpoints.

The Entity is the primary antagonist in Dead By Daylight.

  • Many tier two and tier three items are interconnecting, meaning that the entity will rapidly consume those items first. 
  • Avoid that portion of the bloodweb if the items that it contains are not to your liking and allow the entity to consume it. 
  • Save thousands of bloodpoints on useless and/or abundant items that you could do without.

3. The Entity Consumes Perks

Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

Perks must be the most worthwhile item to obtain on the bloodweb, especially if you want teachable perks for other characters. That Meg Thomas perk that you wanted for Dwight Fairfield? Get it in the bloodweb, but only if you keep in mind that the Entity loves to consume perks first and foremost.​

Perks are unlockable add-ons that grant characters special abilities in trials.

  • If there are two perks (theoretically, there could be more, but the standard amount for bloodweb perks is two) on the bloodweb and you could afford to lose the one, but really want the other, spend wisely.
  • When you buy one perk, the entity consumes the other. 
  • Picking and choosing perks is essential; greedy spending for both perks will always risk losing one or the other. 
  • Complete the item path of the perk you want, then take it. 
  • There will always be other opportunities for the consumed perk, but bloodpoints are wasted on unwanted items in the pursuit of both perks.
  • Predicting the behavior of the entity either saves bloodpoints or allows you to buy more of what you want.

4. Choose Offerings Over Items

Dead by Daylight - Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

Back to basics. Again, this is just smart purchasing. Not every bloodweb is going to be exactly what you wanted, so you may as well make the most of it. Whilst items can aid in bloodpoint earnings, they are far more frequent than offerings. Not just that, but burning offerings before matches multiplies the number of bloodpoints earned per trial.

Memento Mori is an offering that is unlocked after hooking a survivor and awards 1,700 bloodpoints.

  • If you happen to spawn a bloodweb that has throw-away items, use the bloodpoints to complete the web by buying offerings.
  • Allow the entity to consume the rest to spawn a new bloodweb with different items. 
  • Save bloodpoints and in turn gain offerings that excel the rate at which you earn even more.
  • Doing this will offset the number of bloodpoints you spend on offerings, which is a better alternative to buying items that never get used.

5. Buy Rainbow Maps

Dead by Daylight - Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

Although not directly related to the bloodweb, the Rainbow Map is a useful item to have for farming bloodpoints. It will always be worth buying for that reason alone, since it might be a necessary item to purchase to spawn a new bloodweb, but is not as useless as other items. 

Rainbow Maps are useful items to bring along for tracking key locations and outsmarting killers.

 Discovering items with a map grants extra bloodpoints for hardly any work. 

  • Rainbow Maps can reveal hex totems, which grant bloodpoints when cleaned without the hassle of scouring the trial map looking for them and wasting time or risking dying.
  • Hex totems grant almost as many points as repairing a full generator, simply for equipping the Rainbow Map and taking the extra time to clean it. Nothing too complicated. 
  • The Rainbow Map works similarly to offerings in that it can use up the bloodweb faster if the available items are of little use, but it gives back just as much as it takes. The cost balances out with the reward.



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