[Top 5] Dead By Daylight: Best Ways To Get Bloodpoints

Dead By Daylight: Best Ways To Get Bloodpoints
Ever wanted to get rich quick? Splash out on that in-game currency? No, this isn't Bitcoin. This is bloodpoints.

Bloodpoints; effectively an in-game currency for add-ons, perks and offerings. You want them, but fixing generators, evading the killers, and escaping unharmed is not as easy as it looks, right? Read on, fellow gamers, to learn the simple secrets for farming bloodpoints and staying one ultra-rare item ahead of the competition.

1. Killer Categories

HOW TO FARM BLOODPOINTS - Killer and Survivor Tutorial - Dead by Daylight

Four categories capped at 8,000 bloodpoints each; that creates the potential to gain 32,000 bloodpoints per match for maxing out each sub-category. You might think that the main purpose of a killer is to... well... kill. 

To some extent, you would be absolutely right, but there is an art to hunting survivors that many players overlook. Introducing: the Killer Categories. Brutality, Deviousness, Hunter, Sacrifice.

  • Each category has its own sub-categories. Simply put, there are specific tasks that a killer needs to complete in order to “please the entity” and in turn be rewarded with, you guessed it, bloodpoints. 
  • Brutality refers to acts of violence; injuring survivors, breaking pallets, and damaging generators. 
  • Deviousness refers to maximizing assets; using unique killer powers and killing all survivors. 
  • Hunter refers to tracking ability; finding and pursuing survivors and following marks. 
  • Sacrifice is hooking survivors at all opportunities and specifically hooking all survivors three times each to attain the most bloodpoints available.

The Doctor and The Legion are proven to be the best all-around killers for nailing these categories easier; although The Doctor is harder to grasp in terms of controls, but his deviousness and brutality sky-rockets when shocking and hitting survivors. The Doctor is a perfect choice if you also want to annoy the survivors. No, seriously. He’s really annoying.

The Legion is agile and quick, which increases the hunter and sacrifice scores as pursuing, catching and hooking are all consecutive actions. Master these killers and bountiful bloodpoints will be yours.

Each killer offers unique perks and abilities that influence bloodpoint earning.

 2.  Killer Perks & Offerings

HOW TO FARM BLOODPOINTS - Killer and Survivor Tutorial - Dead by Daylight

Perks are limited to four per character, unlockable via the bloodweb, and can be interchangeable when players reach level 30; teachable perks are abilities belonging to other characters that can be added to the primary character slots so long as both are at least level 30. 

Teachable perks spawn in the bloodweb of other characters to turn a unique perk into a general perk available to all. Some perks have the feature to increase bloodpoints up to 100% and doubling the earnings when the match ends.


  • Each time that a survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a 25% stackable bonus to all bloodpoints gains up to a maximum of 100%. The bonus points are only awarded post-trial.
  • Hook all four survivors at least once and be awarded double the bloodpoints earned when the match ends.
  • Couple this with maximum scores in killer categories and potentially earn as much as 64,000 bloodpoints in just one match.


  • Grants 100% bonus bloodpoints for all players this trial. (Stacks)
  • If all players (seldom seen, but possible!) equipt this offering, there is the potential for a 500% increase in bloodpoints since the offering is stackable, making the totals as high as 200,000 or more per player when combining other gameplay enhancements.


  • Grants 100% bonus bloodpoints in all categories. (Personal & Stacks)
  • Similarly to above, this offering doubles the total bloodpoints earned post-trial, but only applies to yourself, not all players.

3. Survivor Categories

HOW TO FARM BLOODPOINTS - Killer and Survivor Tutorial - Dead by Daylight

Without making too many assumptions, the survivor’s main purpose is to… you guessed it, survive. However, similarly to killers, survivors have four essential sub-categories that bloodpoint earnings are dependent on. Ladies and Gentlegamers, the survivor categories. Objective, Altruism, Survival and Boldness.

The same principle applies, 8,000 bloodpoints per category and 32,000 bloodpoints up for grabs per match. As aforementioned, the categories speak for themselves, so rather than bore you with another explanation, here are the sub-categories that earn bloodpoints:

Objective is precisely what you assume it would be. Fixing generators. Opening the gates. Escaping. The more generators you fix, the more bloodpoints you earn.

  • Each generator fixed by yourself is worth 1,250 points; bonus points are added for successful skill checks. 50 points for good skill checks and 300 points for great skill checks. Opening chests also provides a handful of bloodpoints.
  • As well as generators, chests and gates, if you find yourself unable to earn points through any of the above methods, then finding the hatch is your best bet. Escaping through the hatch awards 2,500 points.

Altruism is basically helping other survivors as much as possible throughout the trial. Unhooking, healing, saving the survivor from the killer, etc. Any action that involves teamwork falls under this category. For each survivor unhooked, 1,000 points are awarded. 1,500 for unhooking after the endgame collapse is triggered.

  • Safe hook rescues are performed when a survivor is unhooked and not put into the dying state within 10 seconds. Those earn an extra 500 points.
  • Every healed survivor also gives you 500 points.

Survival leaves little to the imagination; avoid being sacrificed and survive the trial. Pretty easy, right? Wrong. This is the hardest of all, given that longer trials award more bloodpoints. If you die within the first two minutes of the trial, you lose out on all the bloodpoints you could have earned had you stayed alive.

  • If you happen to be the obsession during the trial, you earn 1,500 more points for surviving until the end. If you die, this amount is reduced to 1,000. 
  • Other than the obvious, healing yourself also awards 300 points per successful full heal. 

Boldness accumulates bloodpoints based on evading the killer; the longer you get chased, the more points you earn. If you hide successfully, so long as you hear the terror radius heartbeat, you continue earning points in this category.

  • Stunning the killer by any means earns an additional 1,000 points per stun and blinding the killer with a flashlight also tallies 500 points each time.
  • If chase sequences are too tricky to handle, the only other option for increasing the boldness score is to cleanse totems. 1,000 points for dull totems and 1,500 for hex totems.

Each survivor offers unique perks and abilities that influence bloodpoint earning.

These categories apply to any and all survivors and each character is evenly matched, but individual perks will apply an advantage for certain categories. For example, Claudette Morel possesses the unique perk: self-care

As the name suggests, she has an infinite use for this ability to heal herself throughout the trial, thus increasing the survival points that players would earn when choosing her. Now, if you want to pick an annoying survivor, Claudette is unbeatable.

4. Survivor Perks & Offerings

HOW TO FARM BLOODPOINTS - Killer and Survivor Tutorial - Dead by Daylight

The same rules apply. Four perks each, but choose them wisely. Given the game mechanics, ensuring the characters are evenly matched, the perks are fairly on-par with one another. Whichever perks the killers have, the survivors have their own alternative.


  • Reliant on earning tokens, this perk has similar properties to “Barbecue & Chili” in that it gives a 25% stackable bonus per token. Again, this can be as much as 100% more, doubling the bloodpoints post-trial. 
  • Tokens are earnt differently for survivors than for killers, but you knew that already. That would make sense, since one survives and the other kills. Clearly Behaviour Interactive wanted to make that distinction significantly clear. 
  • You want bloodpoints. Tokens equal bloodpoints. To earn those, you have to be an exceptional team player and we rarely see those nowadays, so you can be an unsung hero for those of us that get stranded on hooks and left for dead. If you want rewards, you have to show some compassion. Tit for tat, see?
  • Performing safe hook rescues, taking hits to protect survivors, and rescuing survivors by stunning killers with pallets and flashlights will make you a good samaritan and earn you those bloodpoints. Bonuses are on offer if you follow the guidelines for the survival-based sub-categories.


  • Survivors you unhooked gain the endurance status effect for 12 seconds. Endurance protects survivors from the next attack during this timeframe. 
  • Keeping your teammates healthy, especially when unhooking, presents the opportunity for altruism points as it ensures safe hook rescues and hits taken.


  • After performing a safe hook rescue, deliverance activates. You gain a 100% chance of unhooking yourself during an escape attempt. Unhooking yourself earns 1,500 in the survival category, which is the hardest to earn points in. 
  • If you escape the trail and use deliverance therein, you can earn 6,500 points in the survival category.


  • Gain a 15% repair speed bonus and 100% more bloodpoints for co-op actions.
  • Repairing generators with teammates helps to max out the points earned in the objective category. Although the total bloodpoints do not double, this method is effective to quickly gain those 8,000 points in the designated sub-category.

Evading killers awards a generous amount of bloodpoints.

Bloody party streamers and survivor pudding are still nominated for the best offerings for all characters to get the most bloodpoints possible and coincide with action earnings throughout the trial. Taking these offerings boosts points for any and all actions that fall under the above-mentioned categories.

5. Events

HOW TO FARM BLOODPOINTS - Killer and Survivor Tutorial - Dead by Daylight

Here we are, the final hurdle. Now that all that very specific Dead By Daylight jargon has fried your brain, let me keep this last one straightforward. Behaviour Interactive can be generous when the mood takes them; community events keep the content fresh and engaging, as well as giving some love back to the players that continue to support the game in its entirety. 

These are limited-time offers, so stay updated with current news and check the developers’ social media platforms for announcements. When the global COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, the developers introduced an event known as blood rush to its platforms during March and April in 2020.

Developers release events periodically throughout the year.

As many gamers were housebound, the event encouraged positive and lifted spirits. During the event, bloodpoints earned were multiplied by 1.5 after the trial was completed. Many other events have occurred since and the reprisal of blood rush is highly likely, so prepare for similar events in the future. 

Regardless of whether you kill or survive, bloodpoints are there for the taking - so take them.



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