[Top 15] Best Military Strategy Games We Love

Cold, fear, silence ... How does it feel in a war?
"War solves everything."

How big is your will to victory to stand out in front of the enemy and keep your friends safe?

And the main question to ask: How far is your body frozen from the cold, or the strength that comes from your muscles, available to keep you alive?


Hey guys, Frankenstein here in the area to bring you all an insane top 15 about the best military strategy games that we all love, with a bloody touch, full of scenes with a lot of tension, unique moments of grinding your teeth and a lot of emotion to all of you, who just found where? On the battlefields!

Have you ever wondered what victory tastes like? No? So find out here, on the battlefields.


15- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A shot defines who lives or dies.

Coldzera Absolutely Insane AWP 4k Against Liquid


About CS: GO

In 1999, Counter-Strike was released as a modification of the Half-Life game. As Counter-Strike progressed from a Beta to a full commercially released game, classic gameplay has been improved to something that defined competitive shooting games and ended up creating a community of dedicated players who have been following the game for more than a decade.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the continuation of the action-packed team game that pioneered when it launched 12 years ago.

Basically, we are facing one of the classic, best and most complete shooting and war games, CS: GO has a lot of update content compared to its previous games.

The game continues to follow constant and incredible updates, always highlighting the improved gameplay, graphics, maps, game modes, the darling Skins and much more.

In December 2018, CS: GO, in one of its updates, introduced the so-called “Battle Royale” style of play, making the game remain extremely complete ever since.


14 – Supreme Commander

The human mind works in conjunction with the strategies

Supreme Commander Trailer HD


About Supreme Commander:

Serving as a spiritual successor to Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander has the merit of delivering something that few war strategy games can do: put us in the middle of a battle of colossal proportions, with each army having hundreds of units that can occupy as much the land, the sky and the sea.

The interesting thing, however, is that we will start the games with only one unit, the “Supreme Commander”, who must be protected at all costs and who will soon be surrounded by an absurd number of subordinates. Believe me, the juggling we need to do to control everything is impressive and quite challenging.

At the time the Supreme Commander was launched it was considered a resource hog and an interesting detail is that it already had support for a second monitor, which could be used to have a broader view of the battlefield and perhaps thus some advantage about our opponents.


13 – Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

In war there will be no peace.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Gameplay (Xbox One X HD) [1080p60FPS]


About Dawn of War II:

Although it has somewhat different gameplay from its predecessor and is therefore considered inferior by some people, Dawn of War II is in my opinion another pearl of Relic Entertainment. In it we didn't have the construction of bases and having to protect the units behind objects was essential to prevent further damage, making it very different from what we had at the time.

Also with some RPG elements, a nice feature of this game is the possibility of playing your campaign with the help of a friend, something unusual when it comes to war strategy games. For me, just the idea of having to coordinate the actions with another person should already make the game catch the attention of many people.


12 – Total War: Shogun 2

Which clan is the most macabre?

Total War: Shogun 2 Review | Should you play in 2020?


About Total War:

Like the Supreme Commander, the Total War series has always attracted attention because it has immense battles, but if we had futuristic combat in that game, here the focus has often been on the past. In the case of Shogun 2, as the name suggests, the attempt was to recreate the conflicts in 16th century Japan.

In the game we will have to choose one of the eight clans available to try to control the territories, each of which will have specific characteristics, such as special units, starting place and political differences. The game may have lost some of the grandeur seen in predecessors like Empire: Total War, but it is often praised precisely for being more accessible to new players and for offering the old and good strategy experience characteristic of the series.


11 - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

Brutal, insane, bloodthirsty. These are the wars here.

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos – GAMEPLAY


About Warcraft III:

As much as it delivers a good dose of strategy in real time, Warcraft 3 really shone by bringing some elements of the RPG into the genre and by having a much more interesting and profound storyline than one used to see in titles like this.

In addition to having influenced many other games of the style, it was a map created for him, Defense of the Ancients, which served as inspiration for the rise of MOBAs.

It is worth mentioning that even with the game remaining extremely fun even after 16 years, with the launch of the remastering, which will be called Warcraft III: Reforged and that will most likely make it a fever again.


10 - Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

From the past to the future, war always persists.


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]


About Sid Meier´s:

Sid Meier’s Civilization has the most ambitious, if not the best strategy games for PC and most platforms. The goal is to develop a civilization from the dawn of humanity to world conquest.

There are several conditions and scenarios for victory, from military conquest, technological superiority, or cultural influence. The game's mechanics consists of turn-based action and allows the player to relive several eras, from Antiquity to the Space Age.

The infinite possibilities make it one of the best strategy games today. We also recommend the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions to increase gameplay with an emphasis on macro management and history.


9 – Company of Heroes

Madness, battles, honor.

Company of Heroes: Invasion of Normandy Campaign Playthrough Part 1 (Omaha Beach, No Commentary)


About Company Heroes:

Critically acclaimed (Metacritic) as the best strategy game for PC, Company of Heroes was launched in 2006 and is a real gem. If you like World War II games, CoH is a must.

You have two "sides" to choose from, with a focus on the actions of the US army. The Allies struggle to free France from German rule and restore balance after battle. It is one of the best strategy games for weak PC.


8 - Hearts of Iron IV

The army marches, the earth trembles, blood spills.

Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance | Release Trailer


About Hearts of Iron IV:

The fourth chapter of Hearts of Iron is one of the best games about World War II for PC. Epic and historically influenced, the player can choose any nation with the action starting in 1936/1939 and ending in 1948.

Commanding the army of the chosen nation, the player has total freedom of management (macro and micro) of the three branches of the armed forces. Production, consumer goods and trade with other nations must be taken care of, in addition to diplomatic relations.

It features an extremely detailed game map, with immensely detailed game mechanics. It is one of the best strategy and pure planning games, with several packs of extras and DLCs to further deepen the management!


7 - Imperator: Rome

Which nation will you prevail with?


[I:R] My Sparta is Evolving into Ancient Prussia in imperator Rome 2.0


About Rome:

One of the latest strategy games for PC set in the Classic period was well received and has improved considerably with each update. Press for great strategy and planning, with decisions in real time.

We are now in charge of the fate of Rome, or another of the 400 nations that you can choose from, starting in the year 304 BC on a map that goes from the Iberian Peninsula to India, with very deep gameplay.

We can control battle tactics, traditions and customs of the population, types of government and administration, in addition to dealing with revolts and invasions. It is a challenging game, with new content that will arrive in the updates and some free on Steam.


6 - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Several species, and what is the ultimate goal of both? War.

StarCraft: Brood War - 1 Terran vs 7 Protoss (vs 7 computers ) Map: Big Game Hunters


About StarCraft:

Critically acclaimed as one of the best RTS games of the past decade, StarCraft II combines science fiction with fantasy to give us an incredible game of military strategy. The action takes place around 3 species, Terrans (humans), Protoss and Zerg.

With intense battles in real time with the character Jim Raynor being the protagonist. You'll have to fight the other species, in addition to human intrigue in this epic production that portrays a belligerent and frightening future.

The main narrative is divided into three titles, the Wings of Liberty, the expansion, Heart of the Swarm and the standalone Legacy of the Void. More recently, in 2016, a pack with new content, StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, was launched.


5 - Age of Empires

A classic with incredible wars

Age of Empires Online 2020 Gameplay!


About Age of Empires:

It is one of the best old strategy games in real time, putting us in two game scenarios, the campaign and the random map. There, the player is in charge of a civilization from the Stone Age to Classical Antiquity.

It was the precursor of strategy games for PC with historical recreations, command of military units, memorable sound effects and inspiring soundtracks, in addition to the original expansion "The Rise of Rome".

The undisputed popularity remains until today with the launch of the definitive version (Definitive Edition) with graphics optimized for 4K and improvements in game mechanics and AI. With history, battles and micro management, you'll love AoE.


4 - XCOM 2

How far will you fight for your nation?

XCOM 2 - Gameplay (PC/UHD)


About XCOM 2:

XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy game in which you control soldiers from a military organization in the fight against aliens that have invaded the earth.

With the perspective in top-down style (from top to bottom), the player needs to manage each of the units to complete missions in the best way. Some even have a limit on shifts in which they must be completed and the scenarios are always generated randomly.

Excellent audio voices in the game.


3 – Stellaris

The future will not bring hope. The future will always bring more pain.

Stellaris - A space battle to win a war - 600K vs 500K


About Stellaris:

Stellaris is a game very similar to most of that list, but with a futuristic and spatial theme. The story takes place in 2200, when spaceships already exist faster than light.

The objectives of the game are very varied and it is possible to choose to conquer the entire galaxy through force or to seek peace between civilizations. As required, of course, they happen between spaceships and in real time.

Preparation, in turn, takes place in shifts where a lot of strategy is involved. In addition to the most violent means, players can propose alliances and economic reduction for their goals.


2 - Mount and Blade: Warband

Make your own way, spilling blood or not.



About Mount and Blade:

Another member of famous franchises, Mount and Blade: Warband is a medieval-themed RPG and strategy sandbox.

The gameplay occurs at different times and the player needs to create and customize his character, move around the map and, if he encounters enemies, participate or not in combat. When fighting, real-time strategy comes into play, but outside of them decision-making is crucial.

In that sense, you can choose to create your own feud, work for feudal lords, get married, attack cities, etc.


1 - Plague Inc.

What strategy to take to contain a deadly virus?

Plague Inc. Evolved - Necroa Virus Walkthrough (Mega Brutal)


About Plague Inc:

One of the most original strategy games out there.

 In Plague Inc. you take complete control of a disease with the aim of exterminating the human race. For this, you will need to develop the characteristics and attributes of the disease, choosing ways of transmission, symptoms, “talents”, etc.

During the matches, you need to be aware of events around the world such as floods, earthquakes and border closures to adapt and keep your disease evolving.

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