[Top 5] Batman Arkham Origins Best Upgrades (And How To Get Them)

Arkham Origins Best Upgrades
Batman will teach you not to mess with him!

Arkham Origins is one of the most underrated Batman Arkham games of the series. Personally, I think it’s an amazing game with tons of amazing gadgets and upgrades. If you work smartly with your upgrade points in the beginning of the game, the whole experience will go much smoother.

Batman games have amazing gadget upgrades for Batman, but Arkham Origins set the benchmark for awesome gear that only Arkham Knight could surpass.

Here are some upgrades that I consider to be the best in Arkham Origins.

The Disruptor:

The Disruptor is one gadget that you will obtain as you progress in the main story. You will have a mission to get this device from the GCPD lockup. This amazing gadget will help you a lot in your encounters specially with thugs with guns. The disruptor will jam their weapons and if you upgrade the gadget with upgrade points: It will electrocute the guy firing the gun. The disruptor will mainly help you with encrypted locks gaining you access to many doors and Riddler trophies in the game.

What Makes The Disruptor Great:

  • The Disruptor will help you get inside many jammed encrypted locks.
  • You can jam armed thugs’ guns.
  • You can sabotage weapon’s caches so that enemies you fight can’t get armed during the fight.

How To Get The Disruptor:

Shock Gloves Upgrade:

The Shock Gloves are the highlight of Arkham Origins. These are the gloves that will help you unlock many Riddler trophies and amazing combat styles too! To get the shock gloves, you will need to progress in the game and reach Joker’s hideout in the big hotel. A cutscene will be displayed and the Joker will throw one of his hired assassins from the top of the building. You can move towards that henchman; electrocutioner and take off his gloves to gain the shock gloves upgrade.

What Makes Shock Gloves Great:

  • Charge electronic shutters and gain access to places that weren’t accessible before.
  • Shock enemies and take them down with one hit.
  • Get cool animations when the gloves are charged.

How To Get Shock Gloves

Multiple Batarang:

The Batarang is one of the oldest Batman gadgets to exist, some might argue it’s origin came with the Batman character itself. In Arkham Origins you can earn the upgrade of throwing not only two… but three Batarangs at once. This will help you concuss three enemies at once or even disarm thugs with guns to make your ultimate surprise! The multiple Batarang upgrade will come plenty in handy!

What Makes Multiple Batarang Great:

  • Take out multiple enemies at once.
  • Press multiple buttons at once for Riddler Trophies.
  • Disarm three enemies with one throw.

How To Get Multiple Batarang

The Glue grenade is a gadget you can get by travelling to the Batcave and Alfred will notify you to check your desk for the prototype glue grenade before proceeding to the GCPD. Since Batman doesn’t like to mortally wound his enemies; the Glue grenade comes in handy to incapacitate them without harming them. You can further upgrade this gadget by upgrade points and unlock the glue cluster grenade, proximity mine glue grenade, etc.

What Makes Glue Grenade Great:

  • Incapacitate enemies with one grenade.
  • Upgrade it to cover more guys at once.
  • The glue grenade makes a pretty great mine to capture one or multiple enemies at once.

How To Get Glue Grenade:

Sonic Batarang

The Sonic Batarang might not seem like much of a useful gadget early on in the game but trust me… it will be extremely useful later on, when Joker attaches sonic collars to his henchmen. You can earn the Sonic Batarang by progressing to ‘Worst Nightmare’ level 3 in the dark knight system. While you can unlock the Sonic Shock Batarang by reaching level 10.
You can use the Sonic batarang to distract thugs and make them move to a specific place you want and take them down in the style of your choice!

What Makes Sonic Batarang Great:

  • Get the enemies to accumulate at one point.
  • Unlock the shock sonic batarang upgrade to incapacitate enemies.
  • Maneuver the thugs according to your will.

How To Get Sonic Batarang:


Batman Arkham Origins has some gadgets that are not even in the latest Arkham Knight. It is an amazing game in of itself and takes a pretty different turn in terms of story and gameplay from the rest of the Arkham Trilogy. Make sure to test out all of Batman’s gadgets before reaching to the end of the story. 

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