[Top 10] Batman Arkham Origins Best Mods That Are Fun

batman Arkham Origins Best Mods
As if the original Batsuit wasn't badass enough!

You ask anyone the perks of playing games on a PC and no doubt one of the first reasons you get will be ‘mods’. Although the PC has a hardware advantage over consoles and multiple graphic settings to choose from. No one can beat the level of fun you get after installing mods on a game.

Batman Arkham Origins is no different than any other game in terms of mods.

You can download mods in the game and get hours and hours of fun! Let’s check some of the most fun Batman Arkham Origins mods.

1. Real-Life Gotham

This environmental mod is the first on this list of amazing Batman Arkham Origins mods that make the game extremely fun. Get the Real-Life Gotham mod for Batman Arkham Origins and overhaul the environment in which the Bat will roam around. This mod enhances the textures of the billboards and the buildings, adding new content to give the city a real-life immersion.
Get the mod: Here

2. A Better Class Of NPCs

Bored of the villain NPCs of Batman Arkham Origins? Get the ‘A better class of NPCs’ mod and change the characters of classic Batman villains like Bane and the Joker to the movie versions of these characters. So, if you’re a Nolan fan of the Joker and Bane adaptation then opt for this mod.
Get the mod: Here

3. No Damage Armor

Have you noticed how the Batman default suit starts to get damaged as you proceed in the game? Some people love this attention to detail but some people just want a clean Batsuit. The No Damage Armor mod will tidy up your Batman and remove all the knife and bullet marks on the suit.
Get the mod: Here

4. XE Batman suit

The XE Batman suit skin is a great mod for robotic theme enthusiasts. Now you can play as Robot Batman in your armor and kick some henchmen butt! This skin mod for the Batman gives Batman a completely different view from other Batman suits.
Get the mod: Here

5. Iron-Bat-Man Armor Hulkbuster

Mix Batman with other characters and get yourself the Iron-Bat-Man Armor Hulkbuster mod. In this suit mod, Batman will be equipped with a classic Batsuit but with a twist. You can notice the gigantic armor that Iron man rocks in Marvel films to defeat the hulk. This mod gives you a combination that WB games could never.
Get the mod: Here

6. Arkham City Batman

Batman has different Batsuits in every Arkham series. You can notice this if you are a true Batman Arkham fan. Some people loved the Arkham City Batsuit and those people can download Arkham City Batman mod to get the Arkham City Batsuit back but with Arkham Origins gameplay and story!
Get the mod: Here

7. Batman Begins 

Remember Christopher Nolan’s first movie of the Batman trilogy? The Christian Bale Batman Begins suit made Batman a slim fit while in the Arkham games and in the later movies, you notice a bulkier Batman. A bulky Batman gives a great fight but will he look aesthetic gliding in the air? Only a slim Batman can pull the grappling and silent takedowns. Get yourself the Batman Begins Arkham Origins mod and get a slim skin for Batman with the original Batman Begins skin.
Get the mod: Here

8. Care Package

The Care Package mod enhances the shaders of the game to give it a more realistic look. It overhauls the game’s textures and shaders to give it a more polished look but disables god rays and other lightning effects for a more gloomy Batman approach. It is a great graphics mod and you should definitely give it a shot.

Get the mod: Here

9. Snyderverse Prime

Now that we got the Nolan fans covered, this mod is for the Snyder fanboys. In the Snyderverse Prime mod for Batman Arkham Origins, you get the dawn of justice Batsuit for Batman. It is a great mod for people who enjoyed Batman Vs. Superman movie and loved Batfleck.
Get the mod: Here

10. Black-Red Azbat

Taking a different toll from the regular black theme of Batman suits. Download and install the black-red Azbat suit to get a unique Batman suit for Batman Arkham Origins. As the name suggests, this Batsuit has a combination of black and red. The whole suit is black while the Bat emblem on Batman’s chest is Red in color. 

Get the mod: Here


Batman Arkham Origins is a game we all love… okay maybe not everyone. But, personally I think it’s one of the finest Batman games ever created. You can download amazing mods to make the game even more fun than it is already. The fact I love Batman Arkham Origins the most out of the Arkham Series is that the whole theme is a bit different from the other three Batman Arkham games and downloading mods to enhance graphics and unlocking different Batsuits is just cherry on top of a brilliant game and series.

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