[Top 5] Batman Arkham Origins Best Boss Fights That Are Awesome

Batman Arkham Origins Boss Fight
Hands down, the best fight in gaming history!

Batman Arkham Origins is a class apart from other Arkham games. Not to say that the other Arkham games aren’t great. All are amazing games of the series and each one surpasses the next. Arkham origins adopts a different theme of an angry young Batman. This game starts as Joker hiring eight assassins to hunt down and kill the Bat! Eight assassins means eight badass boss fights! In this post I will highlight 5 of the best Arkham Origins Boss fights that are amazingly fun! 


The Electrocutioner fight comes on early in the game. You are looking for The Penguin on his ship when suddenly you find yourself at the centre of fights going on and the Electrocutioner is looking to pick a fight with you. He intriguingly smashes his shock gloves on the railing before jumping over it and telling Batman that he is going to kill him, restart his heart with his shock gloves and then kill him again!
Batman gives him a mean look and soon after the cutscene, gives him a one kick to the chin and the Electrocutioner is knocked out cold! Although it’s not an elaborate boss fight, it’s definitely the funniest!


Another one of Joker’s assassins; Firefly is causing trouble in the city to lure out Batman, kill him and get the prize money. Batman won’t let Firefly cause trouble so he goes on the search to defeat him. 

This boss fight requires a lot of skill and takes a different toll than hand to hand combat you’ll see in other boss fights since Firefly has the ability to fly and throw fire bombs! 

You have to avoid these bombs and follow Firefly when he’s flying around the city. Batman throws his glue grenade to stop Firefly from firing his flame thrower and beats the living ‘hell’ out of him (pun intended).


Bane has been a regular Batman nemesis and his reoccurring roles in Batman Arkham Series are second to the Joker only. There are two boss fights with Bane. One is when you go to confront the Joker. If you think this fight is hard? Wait for the second one, when you have to travel to Blackgate prison because the Joker is causing a riot in the prison.

That is when Bane is fully pumped with his venom and the only way to beat him is for Batman to kill him because if his heartbeat is not stopped; Commissioner Gordon will get electrocuted. Batman cleverly finds a way to not break his ‘no killing’ rule and save Commissioner Gordon in the process.

Killer Croc

The boss fight with Killer Croc comes in the first level of the game. Although the fight is not that difficult, yet the cinematics and gameplay makes you love the game instantly! Ever heard of, ‘first impression is the last impression’; it pretty much works here too! The killer croc fight is at the beginning of the game and it will give new players a challenge from the start.


Perhaps the most awesome boss fight in the history of gaming is the Batman vs. Deathstroke in Batman Arkham Origins! This fight is the peak of hand-to-hand combat. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is an assassin with an expertise in martial arts and is one of the few Batman villains who gives the Dark Knight a challenge. Players need to use a multitude of combos and gadgets to defeat Deathstroke and the satisfaction after defeating him is as priceless as catching the Joker.


Arkham Origins has amazing bosses that make the game even more fun! The amazing boss fights start early on in the game so you will get to experience some awesome boss fights as soon as you start. I hope this post was fun to read, do let me know if I missed out on any fun amazing Arkham Origins boss fights!

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