[Top 15] Batman Arkham Origins Best Settings

Arkham Origins Best Settings
Watch out! It's the Bat!

Batman Arkham Origins is the third addition to the marvelous Batman Arkham Series and the graphics of this amazing game still holds up to this day! Batman Arkham Origins takes a different toll in the game’s theme from the rest of the games and you can clearly see that. Batman is angrier and the environment just seems darker. The graphics of Arkham Origins match up to the overall game’s dark theme. 

Low End Settings

Batman Arkham Origins is a fairly old game. Not to mention it was also ported for Xbox 360 and PS3 which means that you don’t need a beast of a gaming PC to run the game. However, some gamers own a budget gaming PC that can only support last gen games. The minimum requirements for Batman Arkham Origins are:

OS: 32-bit Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2, 2.8 GHz

Memory: 2GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

DirectX: 10

Hard Drive Space: 20 GB

These are the minimum requirements for a computer to make the game playable. If you lack in any of the following specs then it’s best to turn back now and get your PC the upgrade it deserves. If you tick every box with a PC component equal to or greater than the above requirements then continue reading on for the low end setting for Batman Arkham Origins.

•    Change the Resolution step by step to find the most stable and best quality resolution.

•    Turn V-sync Off

•    Texture Resolution, Shadow Quality and Level of Detail should be set to Low

•    Turn Anisotropic Filtering Off.

•    Texture Filtering should be set to minimum 

Medium End Settings

The medium end settings fit the people who have GDDR4 graphics cards and earlier gen processors. This category also includes people that bought gaming laptops in the earlier years and they are unable to upgrade the components to play the game on the highest settings. Such people can opt for medium end settings for Batman Arkham Origins and play in the most stable FPS.

Here are the settings that will be a perfect fit for you if you play every game on medium/high settings on your PC.

•    Set Display Mode to Windowed or Borderless Windowed

•    V-Sync should be turned off.

•    Turn off all background apps and provide Realtime priority to the game in Task Manager.

•    Texture Resolution, Shadow Quality and Level of Detail should be set to Medium

•    You can set Texture Resolution to High if your GPU is 4gb or more.

High End Settings

This setting is for the people who have decent gaming PCs that can run last gen games at Full HD in 60fps or above. Your PC specs must be above the Recommended system requirements provided by the game developer. Below are the Recommended system requirements for Batman Arkham Origins that will provide you the most amazing performance as well as game quality.

OS: 64-bit Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1

Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

DirectX: 11

Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
These settings are not that high, and any average gaming PC of 2021 is way above these requirements. If you have a decent gaming PC you can play Batman Arkham Origins on the high end settings! Which are:

  • Set Display Mode to Full Screen
  • Turn All Graphical and Texture Settings to High
  • Turn V-sync On or make the FPS limiter to No Limit
  • Turn Anisotropic to the Max


Batman Arkham Origins is one of the best Arkham series games in terms of graphics and gameplay. It has been optimized so well on the PC that even a low-end gaming computer can run it with ease on medium to high settings. While the high and 60 FPS settings are not high components-requiring either. I hope that this post will help you run Batman Arkham Origins in the best settings possible!

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