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That's a nice shiny new weapon you got there... it would be a shame if I... took it!

Albion Online is a ruthless and unforgiving MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). With its infamous full-loot PVP (Player vs. Player) combat system, you can lose all of the gear you worked so hard to acquire in a matter of seconds. Imagine this: You have just made a hefty chunk of silver after gathering resources for hours and selling them on the market. You buy an interesting-looking sword and armor. You feel powerful, you know you look badass. You think to yourself “This sword is going to vanquish anyone who gets in my way.” Then, you step out into the open world where full-loot PVP is enabled, and within 20 seconds of spawning into the zone, you get jumped by an enemy player who kills you before you even know what happened. After you die, every piece of gear and every item in your inventory is gone, looted by the player who killed you. You are returned to the city looking like a naked level 1, with absolutely nothing. That is Albion Online and if you aren’t prepared, you won’t stand a chance. For a leg up on your competition, here are 5 of the best weapons in Albion Online that will make mincemeat of your enemies, allowing you to be the one who loots the spoils of a kill!

5. Black Hands 

Albion PVP Weapon MMORPG Dagger Black HandsNow you see me, now you don't, and now you're dead!

With the high damage of daggers and the speed of fist weapons, the Black Hands are one of the most lethal weapons in the game. It should come as no surprise that they have been one of the most popular for quite some time, and good reason. The Black Hands are capable of delivering devastating combos in a short period of time by chaining together several abilities. Your opponent will have to endure extremely high burst damage, and if they aren’t prepared with a defensive counter it will be a very easy kill for you. Like many aspects of Albion Online, however, the Black Hands come with a high-risk/high-reward playstyle. Able to kill a single foe quicker than any other weapon in the game comes at the cost of being heavily reliant on executing your combo accurately. Miss the combo, and you will probably die. It’s not that hard though, and the Black Hands are a great weapon of choice for the harsh environment of Albion. 

Why Black Hands are a great choice:

Pros :

  • Extremely high burst damage
  • Low difficulty of use
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Success relies solely on landing certain combos
  • Not great against multiple enemies

4. Hallowfall

Albion MMORPG PVP Weapons GamingCatch me if you can!

Ok, hear me out. Yes, the Hallowfall is a healing staff, but it is such a powerful PVP weapon when used correctly that the devs have decided to nerf it to oblivion. But... did they? While they did remove much of its offensive capabilities by reworking the way the weapon deals damage, the Hallowfall is still a very strong weapon in terms of effectiveness in PVP. The goal of any Hallowfall player is to essentially win via opponent exhaustion. Similar to how in a boxing match, a skilled defensive fighter will dip and bob, hang on the ropes, and roll off punches for many rounds until their opponent is so tired he has nothing left in the tank and becomes an easy victim for a knockout. In Albion, the Hallowfell is played similarly. Kiting the opponent and occasionally knocking them into traps while healing yourself is the general strategy and it works really well if done the right way. Don’t believe me? Just look at its 80% winrate in 1v1 Corrupted Dungeons.

Why Hallowfall is a great choice:


  • Very high survivability and kiting ability
  • Can beat almost any opponent if used correctly


  • Fairly expensive item for a newer player
  • Playstyle is somewhat tricky

3. 1-Hand Mace

The face smasher, limb basher, cold iron skull cracker

Do you want your attacks to carry a weight so massive you can feel the ground under your desk tremble after every in-game smash? If yes, then say hello to the 1-Hand Mace. Rather small and innocuous at first glance, the 1-Hand Mace actually carries a very powerful punch. The playstyle is very reliant on landing skill shots. Unlike “point-target” abilities, “skill shots” are abilities that require the player to aim them at an enemy. As a close-range melee weapon, that means you need to be right on top of your opponent in order to land the big damage shots and killing blows. The 1-Hand Mace is an extremely fun and satisfying weapon to play. Despite its short attack range, it comes equipped with several abilities that allow you to jump over a substantial distance and close the gap, even stunning enemies at the point of impact.  You won’t be one-shotting enemies like you would with Black Hands or other daggers, but if anyone stands in range and tries to hulk it out going blow for blow, you will most likely come out on top as it is very hard to out damage the constant smashing and stunning abilities of the 1-Hand Mace. 

Why 1-Hand Mace is a great choice:


  • Cheap and reliable, consistent DPS (Damage Per Second), and multiple stuns
  • extremely satisfying feeling of “oomph” behind each attack


  • Requires accurate skill shots
  • Can suffer against kiting opponents

2. Bow

Bow MMORPG Combat PVP Gaming Albion OnlinePew, pew, pew...? Nope, more like BBBBRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTT!!!

The Bow is a staple of any fantasy RPG. In Albion, as with all weapons, you are given the choice of the regular bow or any one of 6 other variants of bows. For a new player, the regular bow is one of the most cost-effective choices you can make. Don’t be fooled by its low price tag and subjectively boring aesthetic, the bow is a freakishly strong weapon that essentially turns you into a rapid-fire stationary turret that bombards foes with explosive projectiles. Played correctly, you won’t even take 1 HP point worth of damage while your enemies get mowed down like allied troops storming the beaches of Normandy. If you prefer to be mobile, other bow variants like the Warbow or Bow of Badon are excellent choices for a kiting-oriented playstyle. Regardless of choice, the Bow will always be one of the best weapons in the game.

Why Bows are a great choice:


  • Regular Bow is dirt cheap, powerful, and easy to play
  • Variants of the Bow offer the option to be exceptional kiters and killing machines
  • Good against single targets and in group settings


  • Requires accurate skill shots
  • Can suffer against kiting opponents

1. Broadsword

PVP Albion Online MMORPG Broadsword Combat Swordplay GameplayLive by the Broadsword, die by the Broadsword.

The Broadsword is like that old reliable friend you know you can count on in any given situation no matter what. Iconic for its importance to every fantasy and medieval game, story, or movie, the Broadsword in Albion Online does not disappoint. It's just… good. What else can I really say? The Broadsword has excellent mobility, great sustain, above-average damage, and some of the most visually pleasing abilities in the game. You can chase down enemies, you can stand and fight blow for blow, you can execute a killing blow with grace and power. It’s one of the most satisfying weapons to play, and I cannot recommend it enough. Seriously, just go out there and give it a shot. You can’t not like it. It’s a freakin’ Broadsword!

Why Broadsword is a great choice:


  • Good in every situation and against every type of opponent
  • Great damage, mobility, sustain and killing potential
  • Iconic in its design and super fun play style


  • The armor and other equipment required for the build which take advantage of the Broadsword’s true potential tends to be a little pricey

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