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Walking around the wilderness of Albion Online is a death wish. By the time you get to the outer zones where PvP is enabled, you will need a mount in order to get around quickly, safely, and efficiently. Whether you are adventuring, looking for a fight, gathering, or transporting, there are mounts designed for every aspect of the game. The following is a list of 10 of the best mounts for each stage in the game starting with the early game all the way up to the late game. The stats of each mount are included and will all be (Normal) quality unless stated otherwise. 

10. Adept’s Riding Horse (early game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top TierThe first mount you will get is the worthless Novice’s Mule. You will need to upgrade this as soon as possible and your best option will be the Adept’s Riding Horse. After a little bit of adventuring, you should unlock the Tier 4 (Adept) Adventurer level. Once you attain Tier 4, you can buy and ride the Adept’s Riding Horse. This is the workhorse of Albion Online. Be prepared to purchase many of these mounts as they are cheap and super useful, especially in big ZvZ (Zerg vs Zerg) battles. 

Adept’s Riding Horse (Normal):

  • Tier: 4.0
  • Item Power: 700
  • Move Speed Bonus: 65%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 105%
  • Mount Hit Points: 752
  • Max Load: 94kg

How to get Adept’s Riding Horse: Albion Online | How To Get A Horse!


9. Adept’s Transport Ox (early game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

While the Adept’s Riding Horse is good for getting around town or traversing the wild, if you are planning on doing any kind of gathering you will quickly overload a horse’s carrying capacity. This is where the Transport Ox shines. Designed to carry big loads of goods including materials, weapons, armor or resources, the Transport Ox is one of the best mounts for handling your carrying capacity needs. With the increased max load comes the loss of speed, making the Transport Ox one of the slower mounts. Don’t let that deter you however as Transport Oxen have very high HP and it is pretty difficult to dismount a player riding a Transport Ox. 

Adept’s Transport Ox (Normal):

  • Tier: 4.0
  • Item Power: 700
  • Move Speed Bonus: 50%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 80%
  • Mount Hit Points: 1504
  • Max Load:

How to get Adept’s Transport Ox: How Do I Get a Horse or an Ox in Albion Online?


8. Expert’s Armored Horse (early game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The first mount you will most likely be able to attain with any sort of significant armor is the Tier 5, Expert’s Armored Horse. These mounts are great for ganking parties where you might be playing a role that doesn’t necessarily need speed, but you are one of the members of the party who really doesn’t want to get dismounted. Healers do well riding an Armored Horse. This mount won’t break the bank, and they look pretty cool too.

Expert’s Armored Horse (Normal):

  • Tier: 5.0
  • Item Power: 800
  • Move Speed Bonus: 65%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 110%
  • Mount Hit Points: 797
  • Bonus Armor: 101

How to get Expert’s Armored Horse: Black Zone Gathering on an Armored Horse!


7. Swiftclaw (early to mid-game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

Notorious for a reason. Swiftclaws or “Swiftys” as they are known, are some of the most useful mounts in the game. They are very fast and because of this, they can catch up to prey or outrun predators. They are extremely fun to ride, and they carry a certain aura about them that says “Don’t mess with me”. Just don’t get hit on them as they are very easy to be dismounted from. 

Swiftclaw (Normal):

Tier: 5.1

  • Item Power: 800
  • Move Speed Bonus: 75%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 120%
  • Mount Hit Points: 676
  • Max Load: 147kg

How to get Swiftclaw: Albion Online | Animal Breeding | Rare Mount Swiftclaw


6. Direwolf (mid-game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The Direwolf is like the scarier and more expensive version of the Swiftclaw. Expect to pay around double the price of the Swifty for a Direwolf. A fairly popular mount, the Direwolf works well in many PvP (Player vs Player) situations. Often you will see them as the mount of choice for shot-callers in big ZvZ battles. These are great mounts if you don’t plan on carrying much inventory and want something extremely fast that will give you an edge in PvP. 

Direwolf (Normal):

  • Tier: 6.0
  • Item Power: 900
  • Move Speed Bonus: 85%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 132%
  • Mount Hit Points: 681

How to get Direwolf: How To Farm Dire Wolf Pups Guide!


5. Pest Lizard (mid-game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The best anti-gank mount hands down is the Pest Lizard. It has special abilities that will poison and fear attackers and the mount has no difference between its movement speed and gallop move speed. This means, no matter what hits you, you won’t slow down. You might think, “but the Direwolf has 132% gallop speed! And, the Swiftys can go 120%!” You would be right, but you would also be forgetting that when you get hit by anything be it a mob or an enemy player, on a Direwolf and a Swiftclaw, your speed will be reduced to its base movement speed. 85% for the Direwolf and 75% for the Swiftclaw. Now compare that to the Pest Lizard which runs at 110% no matter what, add in the mount’s inherent resistance bonus against magic, relatively high HP, and some extra armor and I think it’s pretty clear why this mount is the best anti-gank mount in the game.

Pest Lizard (Normal):

  • Tier: 7.0
  • Item Power: 1000
  • Move Speed Bonus: 110%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 110%
  • Mount Hit Points: 1254
  • Armor: 54
  • Magical Resistance: 54

How to get Pest Lizard: Albion Online New Pest Lizard Mount Showcase Video


4. Grizzly Bear (mid to late game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The Grizzly Bear is an extremely useful mount but acquiring it will depend on your in-game financial situation. The price you pay will be worth it due to the incredible durability and carrying capacity this mount offers. Although it has no gallop speed bonus, the Grizzly Bear does come with an ability that procs upon being hit which will boost your speed 120% for 3s. Time it right, and the Grizzly Bear’s special ability could be your saving grace. Combine that with the Grizzly Bear’s high armor and resistances and it is a real force to be reckoned with. So, if you want to carry valuables, gather in dangerous zones, or just flex on the opposing faction, this is the mount for you.

Grizzly Bear (Normal)

Tier: 7.0

  • Item Power: 1000
  • Move Speed Bonus: 75%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 75%
  • Mount Hit Points: 3582
  • Bonus Armor: 323
  • Magical Resistance: 323
  • Crowd Control Resistance: 241
  • Max Load: 2249

How to get Grizzly Bear: Buy at the marketplace in any major city


3. Spectral Direboar (mid to late game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

Ahh, the Spectral Direboar. The master of the shadows, the sneaking little creeper. This mount has a very very very unique ability. Invisibility. Yes. INVISIBILITY! Talk about overpowered escape mechanisms, this takes the cake bar none. While Grizzly Bears and Transport Oxen rely on big health pools and high armor, the Spectral Direboar caters more to those who practice in the art of cunning and deception. Lead your gankers on a wild goose chase, flank enemies completely unsuspected, or just mess with people in the wild. The Spectral Direboar is a real treasure of a mount and certainly deserves a top spot.

Spectral Direboar (Normal):

  • Tier: 7.0
  • Item Power: 980
  • Move Speed Bonus: 60%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 115%
  • Mount Hit Points: 885
  • Special Ability: Glimpse of the Other Side

How to get Spectral Direboar: Mount Review: Spectral Direboard | Albion Online


2. Morgana Nightmare (late game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The Morgan Nightmare used to be the absolute best ganking mount in the game. It was so good, the developers had to nerf it which subsequently sent its market value tumbling by up to 50%. If you ask me, it is still worth it at this price as it is still a very good ganking mount and it just looks pretty badass to run with a trail of flames marking your path. Light enemies on fire, gank unsuspecting foes, burn the ground in interesting patterns, the Morgana Nightmare is still a top-tier mount but be ready to really shell out some serious silver for this one. 

Morgana Nightmare (Normal):

  • Tier: 8.1
  • Item Power: 1006
  • Move Speed Bonus: 65%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 126%
  • Mount Hit Points: 1006
  • Armor: 111
  • Magical Resistance: 111
  • Crowd Control Resistance: 105

How to get Morgana Nightmare: Ganking With Morgana's Nightmare


1. Elder’s Transport Mammoth (late game)

Albion Online MMORPG Gaming Mounts Top Tier

The big daddy. No, I mean big, massive, ginormous, gargantuan daddy. The Elder’s Transport Mammoth is a magnificent specimen to behold. The cost of one is more than many players will ever have in their character’s lifespan, but everyone can dream. This behemoth can carry extremely large quantities of items making it the go-to for large relocations, transports, and extended gathering journeys. Although the cost makes this mount unattainable to many players, in the event you can afford one, it is relatively easy and straightforward to start making your investment back and then some. This is the mount for those cut-throat capitalists who just want to stack silver and look down upon the common folk. 

Elder Transport Mammoth (Normal): 

  • Tier: 8.0
  • Item Power: 1100
  • Move Speed Bonus: 30%
  • Gallop Move Speed Bonus: 30%
  • Mount Hit Points: 3797
  • Max Load: 22,521kg

How to get Edler’s Transport Mammoth: Albion Online | Crafting My Own Mammoth

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