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Sonya Blade Cosplays
Revenge is a dish best served sassy.

21- AmmieChan

Ammie Cosplay Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade Ammie Cosplay

Cosplay by Ammie Cosplay 

It’s funny how Sonya Blade spends most of her time in the Mortal Kombat tournaments rescuing one man or another. No wonder they made her General.

20- Heitha

Sonya Blade Heitha cosplay

Heitha cosplay Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Heitha 

There is nothing more important than saving Earthrealm and destroying the criminal organization known as the Black Dragon.

19- Oksana Orova

Oksana Orova Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat cosplay Oksana Orova

Cosplay by Oksana Orova 

Sonya Blade’s best line: I don't need an escort, and I'm sure as hell not your baby!

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