The 30 Best Lara Croft Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Sexy): Page 3 of 7

sexy lara croft
A very hot Lara Croft (cosplay by Ash Watt)

22. The Artful Dodger ​

Cosplay by The Artful Dodger
These pictures look like screenshots from the actual Tomb Raider game! What a fantastic job by The Artful Dodger! 

21. Meagan-Marie ​

Cosplay by Meagan Marie
When I saw these pictures I flipped out! The Tokyo dress from Tomb Raider Legends? Amazing! What a choice, and fantastic job, by Meagan-Marie! ​

20. Illyne 

Cosplay by Illyne
Not only do these photos look more like screenshots from the actual game but, Illyna really managed to capture that survivor mode look Lara Croft has! ​

19. Sbabby ​

Cosplay by Sbabby
Sbabby captures the Lara Croft look like a pro! That make-up, the hair, the poses. She certainly knows what she is doing! ​

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